Is it possible to wash my head every day? Every woman wants to look well-groomed andattractive, and a man with dirty hair looks very repulsive. That is why the question - can I wash my head every day - so often worries the minds of our contemporaries. It is caused primarily by what most people have heard about the protective function of sebum, which is destroyed during washing. Of course, this may seem dangerous at first sight. After all, without a natural protective layer, the hair becomes vulnerable and can even begin to fall out. However, there is no need to worry about this, because the human organism is a true "adaptor". A new protective layer will immediately arrive at the place of the washed off sebum. This is sure to take care of the sebaceous glands. However, not only because of sebum and its protective function, the question arises whether it is possible to wash the head every day. Most often people are afraid of dandruff, rather than worry about protecting their hair. But dandruff and oily seborrhea are fungal diseases, which are easier to acquire after fitting someone else's headgear or using another person's comb. From frequent washing of a head these illnesses do not appear. Although it can cause some peeling of the skin. But only on the condition that you incorrectly choose the means for hair care.

What can I wash my head daily?

For those who choose a daily washing of the head,it is very important to understand what means should be used for this. Therefore, the most important task of every person, learn to read the packaging and label. On sparing shampoos that do not irritate the skin, it is always indicated that they are for daily use. In addition, these tools necessarily include various useful components. For example, it can be all sorts of nutritive oils (jojoba, tea tree and others) and vitamin supplements. Also for daily washing of the head children's shampoos that do not contain aggressive ingredients are perfect, and therefore can not negatively affect the condition of your scalp. In addition to selecting the right remedy for direct washing, you should also take care of moisturizing balms and hair masks. After all, every day they will have to face an aggressive environment of chlorinated tap water. Therefore, balm must be used every day, and a nourishing mask at least once a week. can I wash and dry my head every day

Dry or not to dry?

Daily washing of the head before work forceswomen very often use a hairdryer. However, everyone knows that this household appliance can dry hair and weaken its structure. Also, no one doubts that the daily use of a hair dryer can lead to peeling of the skin, which is often mistaken for dandruff. That is why the question of whether it is possible to wash and dry your head every day, there is almost every working woman. The answer to this question is very simple. Can! But only on condition that the distance during drying between the hair dryer and hair will be not less than 20-25 cm. In addition, it is desirable to use a gentle mode, that is, blowing your hair only with warm or cool air. Of course, if necessary, you can dry your head with a hot jet. But do not abuse! Especially if your hair is very thin by nature. Naturally, the final decision on whether you can wash your head every day, will have to take on your own. However, remember that there are times when this procedure should be abstained. In particular, this refers to the days when you feel a slight malaise. Even a slight rhinitis can develop into a serious illness due to mild hypothermia, which always accompanies washing and drying of hair. We advise you to read: