What to do to make hair grow faster Unsuccessful haircut, sharp nostalgia at a glanceon his old photo, meeting with a friend who has chic locks - but does not that make a woman wonder: "What can I do to make my hair grow faster?". The main thing is that this thought is already densely embedded in the head and does not let you sleep peacefully. With science, it's hard to argue ... And she claims that the speed with which hair grows is laid genetically. And this, of course, is so. But the fact is that the maximum speed is laid, and our hair, for various reasons, grows much slower than it. That's what we will fight with. The first thing that needs to be paid attention to those who want to know what to do, so that the hair grows quickly - is the choice of care products. Perhaps, there is already no woman who does not know that they need to choose according to the type of hair. But, unfortunately, even this is not a guarantee that shampoo or balm will suit you. Not all cosmetics work the same way - their composition is at least a bit different. Each firm-manufacturer tries to find some "zest" ... And where is the guarantee that this "dried fruit" will have to your hair "to taste"? This can only be determined by the "trial and error" method. What to do, so that hair grows quickly, how not to harm? It is necessary to observe the result for at least a couple of weeks. If after washing your hair shines, combs well, and they do not have static electricity - you can be congratulated. Your hair is happy! The next stage for those who wondered what to do, so that the hair grew faster - a scalp massage. This procedure improves blood circulation. Massage can be done on your own. And the result will be no worse than in the cabin - well, perhaps, the pleasure is slightly less. There are several ways to self-massage.

  • Method one. Place your thumbs on your temples, and the rest on your forehead. With pressing circular motions, massage the head with the fingertips, moving them from the forehead to the back of the head. Take your time - massage should take 10-15 minutes. Tilt your head forward and move your thumbs to the back of your head. The palms should cover the head from two sides. Tightly press the tips of your fingers to the head and make 20 circular movements with your fingers. Move your thumbs slightly higher and repeat the procedure - and so on until you reach the hairline.
  • Method two. Grab a small strand of hair right at the roots and gently pull it to the side. Just do not overdo it - you should not be hurt. "Walk" like this all over the head. Way the third. This is the "classic of the genre" for those who are looking for an answer to the question of what to do, so that the hair grows quickly. You will need a brush made of natural materials - for example, bristles or wood. Tilt your head down and comb your hair against their growth. Then repeat the procedure, brushing from the temples and forehead to the back of the head. Daily - not less than 200 strokes!

what to do to make hair grow faster

"Enhanced nutrition"

"Eat more, otherwise you will not grow up!""- remember the mother's words? Mom is always right. Well, almost always. What to do so that the hair grew quickly? That's right, feed them! Than? Special therapeutic and nutritious masks. There are two options. You can go to the store and buy everything there - good, now there is no problem with this. Or, if you are a fan of natural remedies, make it all yourself. Believe me, this method is no worse. There are many simple and very effective recipes. Castor Oil Perhaps most people who want to learn what to do to hair grow faster, sooner or later "stumble" on this recipe. And it's not accidental - it's really very effective. Pour a little oil in a glass and put it in hot water. Warm the warm oil in the scalp. Put on a shower cap, and wrap your head with a thick towel. Keep this mask for about 25-35 minutes. If you do it regularly, you will notice that your hair has grown strong and grows faster. "Banana in beer" Does not sound very appetizing ... However, this recipe is also quite popular with girls and women who want to understand what to do, so that the hair grows faster and what they need - hair - as a matter of fact, is not enough. The fact is that all the ingredients of the mask contain active substances, very useful for strengthening and rapid growth of hair. However, this procedure should not be abused - the mask is made no more often than once in 10 days. So, you need to take:

  • one egg
  • one banana
  • a spoonful of honey
  • half a glass of dark beer

Then it's easy - mix everything in a blender andapply on the hair. Keep it for 15-20 minutes. Then rinse thoroughly with water. Mask "Yeast" Do you know this expression "grows like a leap"? Well, and how do you think, what to do, so that your hair grows fast? That's right, yeast mask! You will need:

  • Brewer's yeast
  • egg yolks
  • Burr oil
  • cognac
  • honey
  • Castor oil

Take a little yeast - a piece must beabout the size of a grapes and add two yolks. Pour one large spoonful of castor and two - burdock oil. Put two tablespoons of honey. And, finally, cognac. There will be enough small spoon. All mix, apply but hair, warmly wrap your head. Keep this mask for about two hours. Repeat - twice a week. "Pepper" Burnt pepper enhances blood flow and, thereby, stimulates hair growth. Therefore, for those girls and women who want to learn what to do to make hair grow faster, this mask is just a find! Only treat it carefully, if it accidentally gets into your eyes, it will be very, very painful. This mask is done twice a week. Take four large spoons of honey and stir them with one tablespoon of hot red pepper. Apply to damp hair and cover first with a plastic wrap and then with a warm kerchief. Keep it for 40 minutes, but if it is too hot - wash off earlier. The main thing, after all, do not hurt. Answering the question what to do, so that the hair grew quickly, one can not help saying about several other important points. First - food. If the hair grows poorly or falls out, it is possible that they lack some important microelements or vitamins. Try to re-evaluate and balance your diet. If necessary, buy a vitamin complex. Secondly, try to treat your hair carefully. Forget - at least for a while - about hair dryer, curling iron, thermo-curlers and ironing. Do not use gels, foams and varnishes for styling. Do not make complex hairstyles that tighten your hair. Observing all these simple recommendations, you will very soon notice that your hair has become strong and sturdy, and - most importantly - grown. So, the goal is achieved and the question of what to do to make hair grow faster - it's settled! We advise you to read: