how to lighten the eyebrows Dense and black eyebrows go, unfortunately, not allrepresentatives of the fair sex, as they attach a more serious, adult and sometimes even vulgar appearance. Recently, many beauty salons have started to provide a new service - lightening the eyebrows for a few tones, so that the girls face looks natural and feminine. The cost of such pleasure sometimes depends directly on the popularity of the institution in which the master works, and not on quality. This procedure can also be carried out at home, which saves not only time, but also a significant part of the finances.

Who is the legislator of this fashion?

For the first time this method was used by the notoriousactress of world cinema - Brigitte Bordeaux, who was forced to change the color of her eyebrows after another melioration. For a long time this cunning was forgotten, but in two thousand and ten in one of the fashion shows the stylists lightened their brows to their models, which caused an incredible boom among many famous people. And yet, some five to ten years ago they did tattoos on this part of the face, they led each arc with a thick layer of black pencil and tried in every possible way to distinguish them.

Who needs clarification

First, this procedure in any caseit is necessary to perform dark-haired girls by nature, which were repainted in lighter and brighter colors or even became blondes. Otherwise, in addition to black overgrown roots, they will also be given dark brown, gray or brown eyebrows. It is desirable that their shade completely coincides with a shade of hair. Second, to lighten the eyebrows to look more tender, can those whose skin is pinkish or a little pale. After that, girls will be able to do any, even the brightest and flashiest make-up, without looking ridiculous and tasteless at the same time. Soft hairs after the procedure become more malleable, they are easier to lay, tint and tidy. how to lighten the eyebrows at home

To whom lightening of the eyebrows is contraindicated

In pursuit of fashion, the beautifulsex forget about their own individuality, because of what they become one gray mass, among which one can not discern who is who. Therefore, if you decide to change the style and want to lighten the eyebrows at home, first check to see if you will have this color to face. It is enough to put on them a corrector, a little powder on top and look after that in the mirror. If you really like the result, feel free to act. Otherwise, consult a specialist to find the right shade. However, remember that clarified eyebrows spoil the appearance of tanned girls, because after the procedure the face becomes one solid spot. Therefore, if you have a southern type of appearance, you will have to abandon this idea altogether. The same applies if you constantly visit the solarium, use a dark tonal base, or like to walk with black shadows and arrows in front of your eyes.

Clarification in the home: how is it done?

If you decide to experiment a little withcolor not in the cabin, but at home, you can choose one of the three main methods, how to lighten the eyebrows: lightening with peroxide, cream and herbs. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, so the final decision should be taken, weighed all the pros and cons. Also you can alternately test all these three tools (but not at once) to find the best option for yourself.

  • Hydrogen peroxide

To begin with, you should prepare everything you need: shampoo, petroleum jelly, a brush with wide teeth for the eyebrows (it should be for every self-respecting girl), an ordinary brush, which you impose makeup, warm water and peroxide. Before the procedure, rinse the eyebrows with shampoo to remove dust, skin fat, make-up remnants, then blot the moisture residues with a dry towel. Apply the cream around the hairline so that the peroxide does not come into contact with the skin, otherwise there may be white spots on the face or irritation may appear. The next step is to prepare the solution for clarification. Add the peroxide (half a teaspoon) to the glass of warm filtered water, then mix everything. Strictly observe the proportion, because instead of the expected result you can get a complete or partial baldness. Now you can proceed to the very procedure of clarification: gently move the brush on the eyebrow liquid, then distribute it with a special brush. After fifteen minutes, thoroughly wash with plenty of slightly warm water.

  • Whitening cream

Prepare your eyebrows for the procedure just likewhen bleaching with peroxide to remove dirt and protect the skin from the aggressive effects of the product. Apply on one (maximum two) minutes cream on eyebrows, then rinse with water. If you keep it even for one minute longer, you will get a serious burn of this site. It's unlikely that you want to paint the arcs in the next three weeks with an ordinary pencil or resemble an alien. After the procedure, be sure to apply on the treated part of the face nourishing cream to moisten the dried skin.

  • Herbs

Decoction of herbs, perhaps the most simple and sparinga way of lightening at home, which was used in ancient times. You can easily prepare a tincture of calendula or chamomile yourself, because all these plants are freely sold in any pharmacy in packages. To prepare this product, you have to spend about half an hour. Pour twenty grams of inflorescence (about two spoons) with a glass of water, then leave for about twenty minutes to cool the liquid to room temperature, then add a few drops of lemon juice. However, this option is suitable only for patient girls, since the drug can be applied no more than twice a day, while doing this will need to be done until you get a positive result. Someone might take two days, and someone will have to spend at least a week. Therefore, if you have very dark hairs and you want to do everything quickly and at once, choose for yourself a completely different, more effective method.

  • Disguise

If you do not want to perform the procedureindependently, and time to go to the salon or wait until a friend comes, you do not have, you can "hide" eyebrows masking means. Make them less visible on the dark skin is very easy with the usual shades of beige. If your skin is too light, take a shade of ivory. First, bring this area of ​​the face in order, comb the hair well, so that they lay flat. Blot the brush in the shadows, then lightly move it with the tip on the eyebrow. The last stage is feathering, so that the disguise was not so noticeable. For the same purposes, you can use a matting or ordinary compact powder that will make the eyebrow color less bright and saturated. But in this case, do not forget to do a full day or evening make-up, otherwise all your manipulations and tricks will be visible even with the naked eye. eyebrow lightening

We brighten the eyebrows at home: rules and precautions

If you want to not completely discolor youreyebrows, but you want to make them just a ton-two lighter, keep the paint much less in time than indicated on the package. If the color turned out too light, use specially processed henna, on the packaging of which it is indicated that it is intended for this purpose. Always pay attention to the expiration date of the creams for clarification, the appearance of the package and the brand of the manufacturer. Keep all funds in a dark, dry and cool place, otherwise they may deteriorate ahead of time. Do not buy products in the crossings and illegal points of sale, as its quality and safety in this case no one guarantees you.