how to win a man's scales A man born under the sign of Libra -extremely unbalanced and unpredictable person. His mood is changeable, like the weather. That bright sparkles the sweet sun, then suddenly a heavy wind will fly and everything will blow ... And then the sun shines again. And the very owner of such an extraordinary character, such sudden mood swings do not bother at all, He just finds an explanation for them, apologizes and behaves further, as if nothing had happened. So seriously think about how to win a man - Libra can, perhaps, only a fan of thrills. However, most of the representatives of this sign are guys who are not evil at all. They're just quick-tempered. Well, they will pause and calm down. So why not discuss the issue of conquest of one of them? Moreover, you can not order your heart. Let's start ...

What are the qualities of men - Libra

Despite its unstable nature, the man -Libra still seeks a relative equilibrium in life. It's a dreamer who wants to be surrounded by nice people and beautiful things. He wants to wish, but not always able to keep a number of these pleasant people. If a man, born under the sign of Libra, is dissatisfied with something, he is able to arrange an ugly scandal. And adjust it against yourself all those who have reached out to him. However, Libra is resourceful and knows how to admit the filthiness of his actions. Therefore, they are usually forgiven, realizing that the outburst of rage is due only to Libra's uncertainty about the reliability of the situation. In general, a man - Libra is not a leader by nature. He does not like responsibility and is inclined to shift the search for solutions to some problems on the shoulders of others. People of this sign of the Zodiac prefer to obey circumstances, and not fight them. At the same time they are reinsurers and try to lay straws wherever possible. The scales are extremely cautious in their actions, which, however, does not prevent them from losing their temper from time to time. But then they try to make everything right again. And they can even cross their own principles for this. In a word, with Libra women have a hard time. Nevertheless, the men of this sign always have enough fans. It's not surprising - Libra is elegant, eloquent and able to care. However, seducing the young lady, they do not always set a goal to have serious relations with her. Such a boyfriend will take a long time to look, weigh, reflect. And then he can decide that all this is of no use to him, and to distance himself from that which he called almost yesterday a deity. So how do you tame this eternally elusive flight bird? man scales how to conquer

How to conquer a man - Libra

Since Libra always has a lot in stockclose to the throne of the ladies, the one who seriously hopes to conquer the one born under this sign, will have a hard time. For success, it is necessary to become simply an irresistible person, whose attention is very expensive. Every detail of the wardrobe, every word, every gesture should be calibrated, outstanding and harmonious. The man of this sign will really be interested only in a girl who excels other women in everything. Libra needs a brilliant beauty, able to support the conversation on any topic. Otherwise, the young man not only on the novel, even on an easy affair with her not dare. As we have already noted, a man - Libra is not a leader or a conqueror. Therefore, it will have to conquer itself. But you do not have to act quickly, but delicately and carefully. It is best to begin with long and interesting conversations about art, politics, cinema, literature. The main thing is to show Libra its erudition, intellect and competence in these matters. And if even to the same and shine wit, the gentleman will simply come to delight! However, consider this his victory over him is not worth it. In order to make some final decision, Libra needs a lot of time. Use this time better, not celebrating your triumph, but looking at this uneasy person and picking up to him the key. Not that triumph can end up as a complete defeat. In general, a woman who intends to win the heart of a man born under the sign of Libra must know exactly all his preferences. You need to be aware of what books he likes, what music he listens to, where he likes to spend time, and so on. To find out such information it is necessary as though casually, like without showing the big interest. Libra can not stand to feel like a game that has been hunted. Then, after a while, it will be possible to hint at a special attitude to this man. It is likely that he will rush into the attack. And the plot will develop favorably. If the young lady does not allow any faux pas. In essence, if we find approach to Libra, next to such a man will be quite comfortable. His impulsiveness is easily regulated by a counter manifestation of calm and gentle sensuality. Of course, a girl who does not have much patience, with a representative of this sign, it is better not to mess with. He is not initiative, does not know how to make decisions, is predisposed to reflection and unexpected outbursts of anger. Intemperate, nervous ladies can not bear such a long time. Balanced, the same lady is quite capable of condescending attitude to such zakidonam favorite and be with a man - Libra happy. We advise you to read: