what women like male Capricorns Capricorns - men are ambitious, principled,zealous and strong, appreciate stability. How to behave if your chosen one refers to this sign of the zodiac? How to understand what kind of girls they prefer and what qualities do they appreciate? Let's start by describing in more detail the portrait of the Capricorn man and understand what he likes in women and what they are - an ideal relationship with Capricorn.

Capricorn - modest and shy

Capricorns belong to the type of people whomit is very difficult to "figure out" - this is a treasure hidden in a chest. That's why many girls who tried to open this chest, made a lot of mistakes. Usually, Capricorns try to hide their feelings carefully behind equanimity, inaccessibility and coolness. This and introduces the stupor of women, to which the Capricorns themselves have tender feelings. In this case, it can be called one of the methods of self-defense - thus, Capricorns restrict themselves from unnecessary acquaintances and connections, which they simply do not need. Men of this sign are prudent and practical - feelings should not be an obstacle to achieving their original life goals. Only after Capricorn weighs all the pluses and minuses, he will be able to understand whether he needs this relationship, and, only if he makes a positive decision, he will be able to really open up before you. But not all women can become companions of a Capricorn man who needs only real feelings and sincere love and does not want to waste his time on intrigues and fleeting novels. Capricorns need a girl such that one and for the rest of her life, one that can share his life's aspirations and principles, will support him and at the same time create in the house an atmosphere of calm and comfort - however, this is liked by all men. It is in this way that real women are. Capricorns know how to love faithfully and know what passion and passion are. It is in their person you can find a caring father and husband, as well as a good lover - a great combination for a man, you must agree! Therefore, they want to see all the same in their chosen one - girls who like Capricorns must combine all the best traits of character. After reading all this, many women might think that a man born under the sign of Capricorn, for them simply unattainable. But this does not mean that you can not win his heart - you can always find the right way! Perhaps a man will feel your thoughts and intentions and set for you on this very path a sea of ​​pitfalls, while telling yourself that the girl who will be able to overcome them, will be his lover. Perhaps he will get carried away with you seriously, but at the same time he will continue to hide his feelings anyway. Do not let this frighten you girls, it will eventually wither away. what do men like Capricorns

How to tell Capricorn about feelings?

If you want to make it clear to your lover,that you are not indifferent to him and he is really interesting to you, do not try to pursue him with constant calls, endless SMS and, worse still, do not try to watch him from the institute / work / club, yes anywhere. Capricorn men like unobtrusive women who, with all their modesty, are confident and know their own worth - the features inherent in Capricorns themselves. By the way, you need to let the man know that you fully appreciated these features of him. Try to hint at him unobtrusively that you find him exactly unordinary and original; Just do not overdo it so that it does not look like an overtly sycophantic. Show that you are interested in what he says, in his hobbies, work and hobbies - Capricorns love to talk about it and they are always pleased when people are genuinely concerned about it. Let him close to you be a strong, brave man - let him show his qualities as much as possible. In conversation with Capricorn, one should remember tact, reason and reason. These men do not like empty chatter. Even just an intonation or gesture can play against you, if they do not please your man. What can you do - this is the whole Capricorn! One of the drawbacks of this sign is resentment. Capricorn can for weeks, or even more, sulk at you because of the real nonsense. It is important only to understand this and not to inflate an even bigger problem from trivia; try to avoid sharp angles with Capricorns. In addition, these men are very vulnerable, so in an interview with them, try to be sensitive. Do not touch sick or scrupulous topics that can cause him unease. Even if the face of the Capricorn man does not express any special emotions at the time of the conversation, a storm can rage in his soul that you never dreamed of - just he will try to hide it. By the way, it's pretty manly - Capricorns are not one of those who will constantly whine about their problems and experiences; they will try to overcome them on their own, and this is usually liked by all women.

Beloved Capricorn - what is it?

Earlier we already said that Capricornlike women, self-confident. Two other qualities that men appreciate in girls are calmness and practicality. They do not like hysterics who do not know how to cope with their emotions. In women, they appreciate not only the external qualities, but pay attention to her hobbies, interest in work and career. It is also important for them how the girl behaves in everyday life - whether she can create coziness, or she does not care much for domestic chores. All this for Capricorn is extremely important. Do not discuss with Capricorn gossip and news from the world of public people - they are of little interest. It is better to talk to him about the latest economic or political developments. If a man realizes that you are good at this and can support the conversation, this will be a big plus for you. If this is not yours, then you can just ask his opinion on any issue, because these people like to show their knowledge and long to reason on the topic of interest to them. A Capricorn man will never be interested in a moth-like girl who flutters through life, twisting novels with one or another man, fooling them for her own benefit. It is known that Capricorn does not represent life without stability. That's why he needs a suitable young lady who will share his views on the relationship. Capricorns appreciate initiative girls. He will certainly like it if you try to make the first step towards him. How to do it - you decide. The main thing - do not get lost next to such a man, as, alas, many women are lost. Try to outwit him. Become a mystery to him, you must have a feature, a highlight - something that can be all-powerful interest in the Capricorn man. After all, these people are very purposeful - they are pleased not only to reach new heights in their careers, but also in their personal lives. That's why it will be so interesting for them to solve the riddle of your personality. Nobody says that you must be perfect in everything, ideal and special. It does not matter what your eyes are - blue or green, and what color your hair is. Another thing is important. Try to inspire your Capricorn, let him try for you to perform unthinkable feats - believe me, they are able to do even the most incredible things! It's important to remember about your appearance - do not look screaming and unnecessarily challenging - dress yourself simply, but thoughtfully and stylishly, while doing a natural make-up that will advantageously emphasize your attractive features. And remember - the men of this sign like stylish young ladies. what girls like the Capricorn men

How to keep Capricorn?

If you finally managed to conquer Capricorn,then do not think that now you can relax, because it is your forever. It is important to know how to keep such a strong man next to you, because your relaxation can result in one day you will find your chosen one next to another woman. In general, to keep Capricorn is not so difficult, although not quite easy. The man of this sign will constantly need to have a purposeful and active girl next to him, and in the evening that she becomes a caring mother, a housewife and a keeper of the hearth. At night, Capricorn from a woman wants a passionate passion and ardor. If you know how to masterfully reincarnate and play different roles, then your man will probably be close to you and he will hardly allow himself to leave such a girl. And in his fidelity and at all you can in that case have no doubt. If he is more than confident in his wife, then he will not pay attention to other women at all. Capricorn inherent quality, such as prudence. And this applies not only to business life - prudence manifests itself in a love relationship. Capricorn will not waste time on that girl who can not be a support, an assistant and a vital support. You must be a strong rear for your man. You both must be an alliance, not two separate individuals who walk their own lives. Many people think that because of the practicality, prudence, some egoism and scrupulousness of Capricorn, life with him may not be enough saturated and too boring. This is an extremely erroneous opinion! The difference between Capricorn and other men is that his lover will never hear empty promises, unnecessary words or just meaningless conversations. Capricorn says he prefers acts that, as you know, have much more significance for him. Family is very important for them, so do not doubt that you will always be surrounded by love and care from your spouse. Of course, building relationships with Capricorn is not so easy - both of you will have to work hard on this. But if you accept your chosen one with all his shortcomings and will meet him, then very soon you will see how an absolutely different person begins to open before you: gentle, vulnerable and caring, needing support and feminine caresses and knowing how to appreciate them.