astrology of love and marriage What is the astrology of love? In the zodiac horoscopes Venus is responsible for the senses. The situation in which she was at the time of the birth of a person determines in the future the characteristics of his attachments and sympathies. The concrete complex of these attachments and its change under the influence of the position of the stars is called the astrology of love. In other words, the astrology of love and marriage is our love horoscope. In order to know what it is, it is necessary to determine the position of Venus at the moment of birth. Let's see how it affects the character and personal life of people.

Love and the Zodiac Signs

So, from where Venus was at the momentour birth, depend in the future on all our love relationships, our temperament, our behavior towards the opposite sex and our personal life. In this you can believe or not believe, but the centuries-old practice confirms: this formula of love in astrology really works. The influence of Venus's position on human life is as follows:

  • Venus in Aries. People with a similar arrangement of Venus are quite temperamental. In personal relationships, they prefer to take the initiative in their own hands and are often too assertive. Often those who have Venus in Aries, being carried away by some man, do not notice anyone, except the object of their love. However, their passionate feelings are easy and can quickly be supplanted by sympathy for another person. At the same time, representatives of Venus in Aries will not hide from their former partner that they have cooled to him, pretend, dodge, lie. They will simply inform him that love has passed;
  • Venus in Taurus. Representatives of this arrangement of Venus are usually accompanied by success in love affairs. In their personal lives, they seek a stable relationship. The disadvantage of those who have Venus in Taurus is excessive jealousy. These are proprietors who do not allow competition. In relationships, they most appreciate the harmony and physical manifestations of the senses. Then, when this is all right, the representatives of Venus in Taurus remain faithful to their chosen one or their chosen one until the end of the day;
  • Venus in Gemini. People with Venus in Gemini in feelings are somewhat unstable. They can quickly change their sympathies, while experiencing a light and not very deep feelings. In their partners, these flyers are appreciated, above all, by sociability and intelligence. Long and stable relations with the representatives of Venus in Gemini are formed only when the partner has many common interests. If these interests are not present, the partner quickly annoys them. A person with such an arrangement of Venus easily converges with someone and can just as easily break off relations with him. He likes beautiful words and gives a lot of meaning to the opinions of others about his partner;
  • Venus in Cancer. These are people who are able to experience deep feelings, but usually hide them. They are afraid to reveal themselves before someone to the end, for fear that they will not be understood. It can happen only with a long relationship, when representatives of Venus in Cancer begin to fully trust their partner. In this case, they become affectionate, caring, tender. Fall in love with this type of people seriously and for a long time experiencing a failure in love. Their love is even, domestic, family;
  • Venus in Leo. A man of this type loves beautiful courtship and expensive gifts. Men adore such gifts, and women accept them. Representatives of Venus in Leo are extraordinarily artistic and in relationships often try to look better than in reality. They do not hide their feelings either from the elect, or from those around them. By the astrology of love, they are intended not only to constantly give someone signs of attention, but also to demand the same from him. In love, a man with Venus in Leo is demanding and fairly selfish. However, with a close person, he is open, generous and, despite his propensity to flirt, is true to his partner or partner;
  • Venus in the Virgin. These are people who prefer only serious relationships. They are often very demanding and critical. Representatives of Venus in Virgo are very serious about choosing a life partner. They see the shortcomings of their partner and tend to exaggerate them, which often hinders the development of relations;
  • Venus in Libra. For people of this type in relationships, the most important thing is balance, harmony and equality. Representatives of Venus in Libra play a great role in love appearance of the chosen one. However, if a very beautiful person is spiritually poor, relations with him will not develop. In general, love for those who have Venus in Libra, is very important, and without a love relationship, they do not represent their lives. People of this kind are able to easily fall in love and idealize the object of their love, even despite its obvious shortcomings;
  • Venus in Scorpio. These are people who have been subjected to many temptations throughout their lives. Often they become sexually mature early and show increased interest in the sexual side of relationships with the opposite sex. Those who have Venus in Scorpio, early enter into intimate contacts. They are very passionate and can for the sake of this passion give up even very strong platonic feelings. Representatives of Venus in Scorpio do not imagine a love relationship without sex. Concerning sexual life, moral norms and taboos for them practically do not exist. At the same time they are jealous, suspicious and differ in complex character;
  • Venus in Sagittarius. A man of this type is needed in a relationship, in the first place, the spiritual side. They are drawn to people erudite and intelligent. In love, representatives of Venus in Sagittarius do not tolerate restrictions, so if the partner is too jealous, they will part with him. These are people who are constantly striving for adventure and new impressions. They love life and thereby attract the opposite sex to themselves;
  • Venus in Capricorn. People with such an arrangement of Venus are outwardly reserved and serious. However, often under such a mask lies passion and temperament. They, as a rule, are true to their partners and very seriously relate to love and intimate relationships. Sexuality of representatives of Venus in Capricorn usually is not revealed immediately and only with a more experienced partner. In partners, they value, above all, self-confidence and the ability to support. Therefore, they can marry or marry not for love, but by calculation. Those who have Venus in Capricorn are often attracted by people older than their age - they are more reliable, more experienced and more interesting than their peers;
  • Venus in Aquarius. Representatives of this arrangement of Venus prefer variety in relationships and are often supporters of free love. In their partners, they most appreciate the intellect and the opportunity to discuss with him one or another of his ideas. For those who have Venus in Aquarius, it is very important to understand the partner. They are friendly, friendly, but, even with very close relations with someone, they remain somewhat cold and detached. People with Venus in Aquarius are independent, unpredictable and often tend to idealize the model of relationships with the opposite sex;
  • Venus in Pisces. These are exalted people with strong feelings, striving, first of all, for spiritual love. For the sake of a loved one they are capable of self-sacrifice. The astrology of love and marriage prescribes sublime feelings, but the sexual side of relationships is as important as spirituality. Those who have Venus in Pisces, strive for unity with the partner and in sex, and in the interests. It is very important for them and spiritual kinship. If there is none of these factors in the relationship with a person, they can invent it and safely exist afterwards in their invented world.
  • The astrology of love and marriage humanityguided for centuries. She helped and helps determine the type of the chosen one and with her feelings and successfully build a family relationship. The stars, one way or another, affect the behavior of people. And love here is not an exception. On how to determine which of the signs of the zodiac is Venus, we will describe in the following articles. We advise you to read: