how to win a man archer Men born under the sign of Sagittarius, asrule, restlessness, merry men and leaders. They like noisy companies, in which they tend to be leaders. They are very inquisitive people who are interested in almost all the world. Restless winds, Sagittarius are extremely charming and attract the attention of many individuals of the opposite sex. Therefore, the question of how to win a Sagittarius man is not so easily solved. But if we managed to fall in love with this sparkling and extraordinary type, what to do ... We'll have to try! To begin with, we will determine which main features of character distinguish Streltsov from representatives of other signs.

What kind of nature for men - Streltsov

Sagittarians can not stand monotonepredictability of events. They constantly seek to change their impressions, so they love to travel. If a guy born under this sign of the Zodiac does not have the opportunity to wander around the world, he will certainly find himself such a hobby that will fill his life with new emotions and bright events. I must say that Sagittarians do not accept the generally recognized moral framework. Norms of behavior they establish themselves, so sometimes their actions can shock others. But Streltsov does not care much. They do not want epatage. They just live as they want, and consider this to be quite a worthy affair. However, the men of this sign still know the measure and are unlikely to ever decide to move in their actions all permitted boundaries. They are too noble for this. All that Sagittarians are capable of - do not care about some rules of propriety established in this or that society. No, without his pants, he will not run along the street, of course! But to appear, completely without embarrassment, without a jacket and a tie for any solid reception can quite. In general, most of the men-Sagittarians have an extremely acute sense of justice. They rush to protect the weak often at the expense of their own calm, well-being or even health. And does this Sagittarius is not for the sake of a good attitude to yourself, self-interest or popularity. Just otherwise he can not. Of course, not all those who are born under this sign have similar qualities. There are also weak-willed, indecisive, unreliable people among whom there is nothing to rely on. There are Sagittarius-egoists, and Sagittarius-misanthropes. But, fortunately, there are not so many of them. And it is unlikely that a person with a character of this kind can cause some deep feelings. Therefore, we will not talk about how to win a Sagittarius man with a predominance of qualities of a negative type. Let's talk more about what can win the heart of a noble, funny and charming bachelor who was born under this sign. how to win a man's archer

How to like a man - Sagittarius

In general, the Sagittarius man in relation tothe opposite sex is not much different from other men. Just like everyone else, first of all he pays attention to bright, extraordinary, well-groomed individuals who are able to submit themselves correctly in any situation. But a girl who is interested in Sagittarius should, in addition to spectacular appearance, necessarily have a sense of humor and sociability. A fantasy, a naughty girl and an optimist would rather win his heart than a cold haughty beauty. Sagittarians adore ladies, with whom it is easy to communicate. However, they avoid escaping debaters and inclined to constant discussion of some problems ladies. Although unbearably bored and with those with whom there is nothing to talk about. Before thinking about how to build a serious relationship with Sagittarius, you should decide on the task, and are we ready for a troubled, full of surprises, life. A guy with this type of character will not sit still or roll for hours on the couch in front of the TV. He needs society and a change of impressions, that's why Sagittarius will run forever for some kind of events, somewhere to leave or go. And you need to be with him. Otherwise, "holy place" will not remain empty for a long time. If we agree to perpetual motion, then go ahead! It is advisable to take the initiative in your hands more often - to drag Sagittarius for a walk, camping, theater, club and so on. The main thing is not to insist on frequent and long seclusion in a quiet cozy place. A young man, born under this sign, will not endure a serene setting for a long time. But that is not all. In order to really really like Sagittarius, it is not enough to be the same kind of nazi as he is. In fact, this restless ptah can only get attached to a woman who is flirtatious, able to demonstrate her independence. If we let Sagittarius know that he is not the only one in this world, it will certainly catch him. Sagittarians are very proud and will not allow a girl to be taken from under their noses. Of course, do not go too far and twist the tail to the right and left. We need to make it clear to the hunter who was pulling the string that we are ready to go for the beloved to the fire and water. Otherwise, he decides that the one for whom he is chasing is frivolous and shallow. And eventually give his heart to someone else. How can we prevent this? Sagittarius man how to conquer

How to win the heart of a man - Sagittarius

In general, Sagittarians are ready for long-lasting seriousrelationships only with like-minded people, who can understand and deeply feel. Attempts to change the man of this sign, rejection of his habits, attempts to restrict freedom - a pledge that once Sagittarius disappears without even saying goodbye. We have at least the most eye-popping appearance in the world. In the wives Sagittarius takes only a girl close in spirit. And with long-legged and pompous beauties, who do not possess the inner qualities that impress him, he will only have fun. Therefore, whether we like it, whether we like what the beloved is passionate about, this enthusiasm will have to be accepted. He likes fishing? Learning to dig worms. Well, at least, do not frown, looking at them. Cavalier likes horses? Trying to learn horse riding or, at worst, sticking out next to him while he prances in the saddle. Can not our man without constant travel? We go with him, or resignedly leave for another journey. The main thing here is not to resist, not to criticize, not to object. The freedom-loving nature of Sagittarius will not accept this and will begin to resist. As for the initiative in the development of relations, the men belonging to this sign of the Zodiac need to feel that it is always in their hands. They will not tolerate any pressure from a woman, even if in principle they agree with her insistent proposal. Sagittarius is important internal comfort and a sense of warmth, which appears when communicating with a friend. They can not be bought only by refined lunches and dinners and sterile cleanliness in the house. More important, Sagittarius considers mutual understanding and separation of the lady of his interests. If they are available, he agrees to eat anything and do not notice the dirty dishes piling up in the sink for the third day. In order to keep the love of this peculiar man, you should remember - with him you can not be too picky and serious. Clarifying relations, jealousy, some demands, threats, criticism lead Streltsy to rabies. The result of this behavior with men of this sign will be deplorable. They are better perceived as big friendly children, trying to translate into a joke any, even seemingly boorish, trick. And then the relations will be established peace and harmony. By and large, the bachelor-Sagittarius needs a companion of life, supporting the strength of his inner fire. Pessimistic or overly modest young ladies are not able to meet this requirement. Next to them, Streltsy begin to rush, toil and sooner or later break free. Such people need to realize their outstanding potential, otherwise they can just break down and die. Sagittarians have no time to talk about the transience of the whole earthly and the tragic aspects of life. They rush forward, and the one that decided to be around, will have to learn to keep up. Otherwise, the chosen one and the trace will get cold. Therefore, we try to adhere to a philosophical and optimistic view of the world and kindle, when necessary, the flame of passion in oneself. Strong friendship and a violent romance with Sagittarius are provided in the presence of common with him hobbies and based on mutual understanding of spiritual connection. However, do not forget about the physical attraction. Sagittarius belong to the passionate type of men and are the ideal option for seduction. They are overly excited by independent women, capable of unexpected, unceremonious and cheerful acts and remarks. Too well-disposed people this sign is not to their liking. Therefore, do not try to attract Sagittarius with decency of behavior and good manners. This is not a pay-boy, who needs a well-bred girl. But he is not an arrogant hooligan with guilty manners. Sagittarius just needs a gushing life. He is looking for a natural girl, frank, active, capable of playful flirting. The surest way to conquer such a man is to be spontaneous, mobile, inquisitive, witty and ambitious enough. But here's a joke at the same time over it, by yourself or other people should not. Sagittarius may not like the attitude of the girl to others, and he fenced off from her impenetrable wall. It is better to find in the world around yourself something funny (wood, dog, cat, bird) and share what he saw with his companion. For Sagittarians it is very important that a woman accepts their friends and girlfriends. They are very kind to friendship and put it almost to the first place in human relations. And if we want to win the heart of Sagittarius, in no case should we allow negative remarks directed towards his loved ones. On the contrary, one must try to cultivate a good attitude towards each of them in every way. Because Sagittarius is more likely to part with a girl than with someone with whom he is bound by bonds of friendship. And, finally, the last moment. In order to tie a man of this sign of the Zodiac, the young lady needs to give him the opportunity to take care of himself. Sagittarians love to be patrons and guardians of a beloved woman and can not stand when she tries to play the role of mother. Therefore, they are completely free to ask for help in any matter. For Sagittarius there is no greater joy than gratitude in the eyes of the girl! She immediately becomes for him a native and perhaps the most charming in the whole world. And if we also begin to convince our Sagittarius that he can realize any of our dreams, then we will make him the most happy person and extremely devoted and reliable companion of life. We advise you to read: