how to win a capricorn man A man born under the sign of Capricorn - manrestrained, serious, circumstantial. He is practical, hardworking and motivated. Many Capricorns give the impression of being closed, not inclined to powerful emotional outbursts of people. More often than not, this is just a mask that conceals a subtle sense of a vulnerable soul. In fact, the men of this sign of the Zodiac are capable of deep affection and strong feelings. But they do not intend to demonstrate their vulnerability. This closedness creates a lot of difficulties for girls who are thinking about how to win a Capricorn man. Even if he is carried away by some young lady in earnest, it is unlikely that this will be noticeable outside the coldness. So try and figure it out, what's what ... Whether they love you, or just spend time. How to behave to a girl who is in love with a Capricorn man? Patiently wait for the moment when he deigns to offer his hand and heart? Or most take the bull by the horns? And how to make sure that what you so desire happened?

How to Attract a Man - Capricorn

The most important thing for a young lady who fell in love withguy-Capricorn - not to impose himself on him. Just to make it clear that the young man is interested in his exceptionality and intelligence. And then have patience and wait. If Capricorn stayed close, it means that we attract him, too. However, you should not relax. Representatives of this sign are more exacting to the one they choose for life. Most of them seek to find a practical, self-confident person, capable of being both a beloved woman, and friend, and companion at the same time. Capricorn does not attract exalted exalted persons. He needs an efficient realist who does not fear everyday life and, if necessary, takes up any work. This man is irritated by tearful sentimental young ladies who need help everywhere and everywhere. Impulsive, overly emotional, unbalanced, dependent and overly candid ladies, he bypasses. On the heart of Capricorn can claim only a calm, sensitive, courageous woman. It is also desirable that she has already achieved success in life, but at the same time she does not boast of her achievements. As for the appearance of the girl, she should not be too flashy. The Capricorn man appreciates intellect and internal qualities much more. Spectacular sexy beauties, surrounded by a crowd of fans, he is repelled. It is only noble simplicity and modesty, coupled with a sense of dignity and intelligence, that can attract the attention of this cold, phlegmatic type. Therefore, if we are accustomed to flirtation, we abandon this habit. Frivolous poskakushki Capricorns are not needed. We learn restraint, softness, subtlety. It's not easy if nature is restless. But the goal is achievable if the desire to be with Capricorn is great. To interest a young man born under this sign, one must be a lady, in no way inferior to him, but also not superior. A condition for attracting the attention of the Capricorn man is the success in the professional field or the pursuit of them. He respects those who want to make a career, purposeful, self-valued women. If the young lady is ready to abandon herself and her goal for the sake of love, she loses all meaning for Capricorn. He sees only the one who can be independent and self-sufficient always, under any circumstances. These are such extraordinary demands that these men make to the one they want to see alongside them. Do we relate to this type of women or with all diligence created such an image and attracted the attention of Capricorn? Great! Now let's see how to behave in order to conquer it completely. how to win a male ibex

How to conquer the heart of Capricorn

In order to stay in the heart for a long timeCapricorn, it is necessary after acquaintance with him all the time to encourage the manifestation of his masculine qualities. Let him act as he sees fit. Do not challenge the decisions of this man and criticize his actions. It will not lead to anything good. It would be better to express the admiration for his choice in something more often and the ability to overcome any difficulties. Even if the choice is not very much like, and the difficulties sometimes introduce Capricorn into a stupor. Nothing wrong. The main thing is for him to feel that he is supported. This is one of the most important moments of the conquest of Capricorn. After all, as we have already said, he is looking for a woman who will become both a friend and companion. In this case, to praise Capricorn should always be sincere. They very well feel falsehood and pretense and hate them with all their heart. Therefore, if we do not consider any of their deeds worthy, it's better to remain silent. Because the lie Capricorn surely feels, but criticism can be mortally offended. And then to return his location will be very difficult. Well, in the end, we are all people, and people tend to be mistaken. And then, as is known, learn from mistakes. Capricorn - a man intelligent, he knows how to draw conclusions. If something does not go well, then it will fix it. These are sincere, truthful people, who even do not fit in their heads, that one can live by other rules. And if Capricorn notices that a woman says one thing, thinks differently, and does a third, he will immediately put a cross on it. He needs to completely trust his chosen one, in order to be able to fully reveal himself to someone. Capricorn does not know how to show their feelings. This gives him considerable internal discomfort, which can be eliminated only by a partner who allows them to be emotionally liberated. In fact, Capricorns are versatile people. Therefore it is desirable that we, too, are sufficiently developed in many respects a person. For interesting communication with a guy of this sign of the Zodiac, you need to know a lot and be able to. If this is not observed - learn, learn and learn again. We read all sorts of literature, learn some skills, try to comprehend some sciences ... In a word, we try to become more perfect and developed. Otherwise, Capricorn will quickly lose interest in us. In general, a man of this type needs a woman ambitious, economic, possessing business acumen. At the same time, it should be pretty sexy. I must say that you can not expect Capricorn to buy virtuosic sex. Yes, he will appreciate good intimacy, but only. Really excites these men only the one to which they feel deep feelings. Capricorns are not playboys that perceive the weak sex as a set of entertaining toys. They need a serious relationship. When dealing with Capricorn, you should not complain about any problems. A man born under this sign, does not tolerate whining and does not complain about any turmoil. He tries to overcome life's obstacles on his own and goes through failures silently. And he wants his life companion to behave the same way. Perhaps this is not quite the right approach to the weaker sex, - women need to be pronounced when it's hard on the soul. But these are Capricorns, what can you do! In the end, when it's really unbearable, you can complain to your girlfriend or relatives. And let him stay in ignorance. It will be better this way. In order to conquer Capricorn, you must have all the qualities described above. He will never offer a hand and heart to a girl, in some way they do not match. This picky type will analyze everything she says and evaluate everything that does. He will check both the financial situation of the young lady, her health status, and the social status of her relatives. Capricorn must make sure that the girl is moved by love, not mercantile considerations. He must be confident in his future with this woman in order to be able to make plans and implement them. And one moment. Capricorn marries only a girl whose intellectual abilities will suit him. It is not enough to show one's erudition in the first days of acquaintance, and then try to tie this man to himself solely with appearance and a specific manner of behavior. No, the appearance of the young lady for Capricorn, of course, also matters. However, it stands in the background after the intellect. To a beautiful, but not far-fetched lady, he will sooner or later grow cold. Therefore, trying to conquer Capricorn, will have to constantly work on their mental and spiritual development. This, by the way, is a wonderful option to outdo long-legged beauties for women who consider themselves not very cute! When communicating with the Capricorn, they will look much more attractive than any not very smart beauties, if they have a fairly high intelligence. Conclusion: Capricorn can be conquered by demonstrating to him that we are persistent, noble, ambitious, efficient and have good brains. Then he certainly wants to connect with us his fate and become a true companion of life for many years. We advise you to read: