how to win a male aquarius Man - Aquarius - a man extremelyromantic, self-willed and inquisitive. This is an active, rather sociable idealist, living by his own laws. He is truthful, open, friendly, extremely sociable and does not tolerate lies and hypocrisy. And with all this while almost alone. Actually, the cause of loneliness lies in Aquarius itself. He is not in a position to maintain close relations with anyone for long. Love and friendship for men - Aquarius - abstract concepts. He loves everyone, and everyone around him is his friends. Aquarius is committed to the world, not to a particular person. However, the struggle for a just cause is not for him. This slightly strange man lives in his own dimension. He's not a fighter. He's an observer. That's why women are hard with representatives of this sign. It is difficult to understand what is happening in his soul, what he wants, what he dreams about. It seems to like. And like and no. And that's how to win a man-Aquarius, if he is mysterious and unpredictable? Well, well, look for the answer to this question.

How to Attract a Man - Aquarius

In general, love for men - Aquarius - the sourceunusual and somewhat uncomfortable experiences. He would gladly treat her as an interesting experiment, but his feelings do not allow him to think logically. This oppresses Aquarius. Falling in love, he darkens, becomes dull and tries to get rid of such an uncomfortable state with all his might. Once in a similar trap a couple of times, this catchy little guy tries with all his might to avoid it. Therefore, it does not attract either the spectacular view of the girl, nor her sex appeal, nor a wonderful character. No, he is not against short-term, non-binding ties with charming young ladies. But is next to them, while there is at least some interest. And then, without much bothering, part without regret. Of course, in order to initially attract the attention of Aquarius, you need to look good. Still, he is a normal man, not indifferent to female beauty. And he is unlikely to like the faceless clumsy creature with an awkward haircut and in ridiculous vestments. However, with regard to vestments, then to him the men of this sign have a special attitude. They are not bothered by stylish, fashionable, fashionable clothes on the girl. On the contrary. If she dressed in a costume of the last century or put on her hat with a feather, this for a male Aquarius will be more significant than the dress from the latest collection of Lagerfeld. Because it will intrigue. Aquarius is extremely curious and will certainly want to know from what reasons such a young lady was equipped in this way. In order to keep this elusive man next to him, it will be enough just to constantly warm his curiosity. That is, at each meeting, be new, unique, mysterious. To behave, too, will have to be in accordance with the image, contrary to the rules of behavior in society. You can flirt with you, pester you with tricky questions to strangers, try to sit where you do not usually sit, clap your hands ... In a word, do things that are not very common. Well, within the bounds of decency, of course. The main thing is to make a very strong impression on Aquarius with its shocking nature. If he is hit, he will not go anywhere until he finds out his girlfriend completely. Such is the nature. If the girl's imagination does not run out, and she becomes overwhelmed by Aquarius again and again, he will certainly try to subdue her. Just to understand what this strange bird is and how to handle it. That's where you should use all your female charm, being at the same time independent and unconstrained. It's not bad sometimes to disappear for a while, letting Aquarius know that he is not the whole world in the window yet. And while hinting that the feelings for this man still there. But not directly, but indirectly. Like, there are some they are, only what - sympathy, friendly disposition, love - is unclear. To conquer Aquarius, you need to become a challenge for him. He will certainly want to answer this challenge. The girl must always try to remain incomprehensible and inaccessible. Then the male Aquarius interest in her will grow with each passing day. But this is only an interest. In order for such a man to come to the conclusion that this unique person is his destiny, something else is needed. how to win an Aquarius man

How to achieve the love of a man - Aquarius

Even if a woman causes colossal in Aquariusinterest, his feelings can sleep a deep sleep. Representatives of this sign react to the real world rather logically than emotionally. So they are reflexively protected from shocks. No, man - Aquarius is not an unfeeling block. He is responsive and capable of compassion. As for love, it lurks somewhere in the most secluded corners of his soul. Although you can fall in love with Aquarius. And even more than once. But this is a passing, almost trailless state of his psyche. Deep feeling in Aquarius can wake up only when he sees a girlfriend in the girlfriend. A friend of Aquarius is equivalent to a comrade friend. Even occasionally, she should not allow herself whims, present unjustified claims to Aquarius, show some kind of intolerance. To any antics of his friend the young lady will have to treat with condescending calm. Otherwise, it will flash, and the relationship can deteriorate significantly. This does not mean that a woman needs to completely abandon her own desires and desires. To achieve one's need is friendliness, gentleness, tact. Then Aquarius will make concessions, and any question will be decided by the world. In general, Aquarius is very impressed by romantic, friendly girls with a sense of dignity. He is attracted to independence in everything - in judgments, in deeds, in relationships. Aquarians pay tribute to love of freedom in other people and sacredly protect their own freedom. The one that intends to become a companion of the life of such a man should initially let him know that she needs only a sincere and unselfish friendship. And behave as if he feels only comradely sympathy for Aquarius. And if suddenly it comes to sex, talk about it with slight disdain. It seems to her and it does not occur to admit intimacy with this man. Say, friendship and bed are incompatible! It is unlikely that this position of the girl will not affect Aquarius. He does not look like a temperamental hero of a love story, but a man is a man. I must say that sex for representatives of this sign is the fifth. Therefore, count on the fact that Aquarius can be driven mad by virtuosic intimacy, it is not worth it. No, he will not refuse him, of course. But especially bother to look for a partner will not. There will be sex with a pretty person - well, it will not happen - also not bad. Aquarius is quite satisfied with rare, non-binding ties. At the same time neither the temperament of the young lady, nor her experience of his man of this sign does not excite. He needs a woman as a person, and not as a sexual object. And if it does, why not? Physiology-c ... Let the partner enjoy. Well, and he with her. In general, Aquarius likes women's society, but he even treats the most seductive charmers in a friendly manner. So jealous of this man and roll him hysterics about this pointless. And it's not safe, to the same. Aquarius can take offense and jump up. It never enters his head with any of his friends to enter into a close relationship only because sexual instinct requires it. Aquarius needs spiritual contact first of all. Interesting communication, common hobbies, arguments and arguments on any topic for him is much more important than the coolest sex. If a girl so wants to hint at him that she would like something more than just friendship, one can bitterly say that none of the men could not make her happy. So, true love does not exist ... And you want it to be so! Aquarius - an idealist, and certainly want to convince her of the opposite. And here the main thing is not to blunder! The bird itself flies in a cage. Aquarians like a creative look at any questions, so you need to adhere to the image of a person free from traditional conventions. Of course, this does not mean that we must deny all moral dogmas and do whatever we want. It's enough just to express bold judgments, but to behave quite liberated. And to have for everything its own, different from the already existing point of view. And this point of view, which will not contradict the position of Aquarius too much. Otherwise, he will start to get irritated and argue over every trifle. And this is undesirable. In short, to win Aquarius, one must be an independent idealist with a rich and mobile emotional world. He does not need a house club or an over-loving little lady. Aquarius dreams of being first a friend for a companion of life, and then a lover. He is sincere and devoted to his woman. And waiting for the same from her. Being an outstanding person, Aquarius is looking for the same girl standing out from the crowd. Perhaps next to him it will not be so easy - this strange type is shrewd and likes to read morals. But he never betrays, does not humiliate and will not leave in a trouble. We advise you to read: