how to behave with a male twin According to numerous statisticalresearch, male Gemini are among the most attractive representatives of the strong half of humanity for most women, regardless of their zodiac sign. The fact is that such men, as a rule, have very effective external data and that surprising quality, which is usually called charisma. However, in order to get along with such a man, you need to learn how to behave with him, observing some simple rules, which you can not master any woman. So, let's take a closer look at what exactly you need to do to build a strong romantic relationship with Gemini or even successfully lead him to the crown. how to behave with a twin man

Provide him full freedom

One of the basic needsthe comfortable existence of any Gemini male is the feeling of complete freedom in your thoughts and actions. To ensure this freedom for a woman who wants to be close to Gemini, you need to learn not to pay too much attention to the various emotional antics of your partner that are inherent in any man born under such a controversial zodiac sign. You should behave respectfully in those cases when Gemini begins to pay too much attention to your hobby or any personal business, almost completely stopping paying attention to your beloved woman. Such men do so not because of a lack of feelings for their partner, but simply because their nature requires a periodic switch to other life values, and the more contrast it will be, the better. So it's worth just enduring such a period and try not to pay attention if the Gemini man behaves too detached or unusual. It is also very important to take into account the fact that any manifestation of jealousy is perceived by such a man too disapprovingly, because he simply does not understand the main reasons for this feeling. At the same time, Gemini himself can sometimes quite strongly be jealous of his woman, even if she does not give any reason for this. For those women who are not used to turning a blind eye to the constant disappearance of a man for several days without explaining the reasons and completely refusing to tell where he has been all this time, it remains only to repeat to himself that the Twins rarely change their constant friends, as it is seen it is completely inappropriate for them.

Be a good companion

All without exception Gemini - great mastersConduct a conversation and never give up the pleasure of talking with an interesting person. A woman who wants to become a constant companion of the life of a Gemini man, must necessarily be a good companion, able to support the conversation as an easy everyday, and on intellectual and philosophical topics. At the same time, it is not at all important to thoroughly understand the topic of the conversation, because Gemini does not value knowledge in itself, but rather the ability to quickly delve into the essence of the conversation, make up their own opinion and, without fear, express it. Of particular interest to Gemini are the conversations about all new and hitherto unexplored, as well as about all sorts of travel. Also for any Gemini male, the emotional intensity of the conversation is very important, as long boring conversations cast an irresistible boredom on them. If a woman during the conversation behaves at ease and at the same time will always be set for a positive wave, the Twins will surely see in her the ideal companion of life, with which one can not only meet, but also create a family. how to behave with a twin man correctly

To support his desire for external perfection

If you ever had to meet witha man dressed like "with a needle", then for sure he was a Gemini, because the representatives of this sign of the zodiac are paying a lot of attention to their appearance. Such a man always looks at the highest level, although often he can behave not quite gallantly and intelligently. However, such a contradiction, as a rule, is just another carefully thought out detail of the image. In addition, such a man often not only decorates himself in every way, but also strives to make everything that surrounds him as fully as possible. Such aspirations of the Gemini should be supported in every possible way, tirelessly praising him for a properly selected outfit or increased after a visit to the gym muscle. You yourself also will always have to look beautiful and behave in accordance with the principles that seem to your partner-Gemini the most correct. However, in no case should not break yourself, because Gemini must feel it and eventually lose all interest to you. It's best to just find your ideal style and try to adjust it a bit to understand the beauty of your beloved Gemini. According to the traditional astrological canons, it is best for male Gemini to get along with representatives of such zodiac signs as Libra, Aquarius and Leo. The relationship between the two Gemini is rarely successful, as they most often do not tolerate in their partners those negative character traits that they themselves have. However, with the great efforts of a woman, such an alliance may well last for a long time, but successful married couples, in which both spouses are Gemini, are still very rare. Absolute incompatibility of Gemini with Taurus, Cancer and Pisces, which, as a rule, behave too slowly and emotionally for them. Despite what kind of zodiac sign you were born with and what individual characteristics of nature you possess, you can always build a harmonious relationship with Gemini if ​​you learn, on the one hand, to adapt to some duality of the nature of your beloved, and, on the other hand, itself to behave is not quite logical and predictable. If, on the other hand, you continue to monitor your external and internal development, you will certainly become a perfect woman for Gemini, whom he will gladly make his constant companion of life.