how to behave with a man archer Sagittarius is one of the most controversialsigns of the zodiac. Because of this, it is sometimes very difficult for women to understand how to behave with such men. We will help you understand this difficult issue: let's talk about their views on the relationship, the demands they make on their chosen women, and life priorities. Representatives of this sign of the zodiac, as a rule, are inclined to creativity. If their profession does not give them creative satisfaction, then they try to realize themselves with the help of a hobby. They like to travel and are often addicted to extreme sports. It is important for them to be constantly engaged in something. Your union with the Sagittarius man will be harmonious and long, if you, just like him, appreciate the relationship of independence and freedom. Before you get the attention of the representative of this sign, answer yourself to the question - are you ready to give him complete freedom, and also to accept that you can not be in his first place? After all, the character of Sagittarius can not be changed, it only remains to accept it.

How to build a harmonious relationship with the man-Sagittarius

Sagittarians are lovers of freedom and are distinguished by a largelife force. Maybe that's why the representatives of this sign like ladies so much. To win their love, it is important to behave correctly, because if something goes wrong, they will quickly disappear from your life. Just be prepared for the fact that Sagittarius does not perceive love as a serious relationship, but as an exciting journey that gives new sensations and emotions. Share his views and interests The Sagittarius man appreciates the similarity of thinking in a woman more than the external appeal. A companion of life must necessarily share his views and hobbies. If your chosen one likes computer games, then enjoy playing with him, if you are interested in some kind of sport, then try to understand his intricacies and join, if possible. But I do not have to do all this through "I do not want to", but with enthusiasm and sincerity. Be yourself a good hostess For Sagittarians is very important home cosiness. And this is not only the maintenance of cleanliness and cooking, but also the creation of a psychologically comfortable home atmosphere - representatives of this sign are extremely negative about quarrels, so they try not to start a relationship with scandalous women. The ability of a woman to be a good hostess can be a useful trump card in the struggle for the heart of such a man. However, it will be a mistake to win his sympathy with just cooking and home comfort. Yes, these qualities are important and Sagittarius appreciates them, but do not become a domestic woman, which apart from domestic problems does not interest. Behave uninhibited, demonstrate your readiness for adventure and travel with him. Let him be free. To behave with such a guy should be so that you become for him both a mistress and a good friend. Even when you are with him, never limit him - let him be free. Sagittarius, as a rule, do not seek strong ties - they are more attracted by easy easy relations. Trying to tie him to yourself, you will achieve only the opposite effect - his sympathy for you will quickly pass, because he immediately discerns your intentions. Remain a little mysterious and surprise him so that he can admire you continuously. The emotional rise in the relationship for Sagittarius is very important. Trying to change his habits, too, will lead to nothing good. Change you can only their attitude towards them - behave more indulgently, be more tolerant (within the reasonable, of course). Sagittarius simply needs freedom, he needs a personal space and everything that allows him to feel independent. So watch your behavior carefully. If you ask him too often, what he did, where he was, what he plans to do, it will only provoke aggression from Sagittarius. Do not eavesdrop on his conversations and secretly read the message - otherwise you will not have the opportunity to build a relationship with such a man. A sound and unreasonable demonstration of jealousy will also make him nervous. how to behave with a man archer Earn his trust For a serious relationshipsuch men choose women who can be completely trusted. But meetings for only one night do not frighten them. They are ready to give a lot to their beloved woman. In relationships, sex plays an important role for them. With Sagittarius, it is undesirable to use sex as a manipulation - he certainly will not like this behavior. Be sociable, inquisitive and with a sense of humor. The image of an ideal woman in the representatives of this sign looks like this: inquisitive, with a sense of humor, sociable and not complex. Suspicious, jealous, limited and boring persons next to such a man can not be - they just do not attract him. If you like to develop, discover new facets, travel and are ready for experiments, you can quite claim the role of his female ideal. External attractiveness for Sagittarians, of course, is important, but first of all they are attracted by intelligence. As a rule, the representatives of this sign choose their life partner from their social circle. To attract the attention of Sagittarius, you must behave with dignity, be able to support intellectual conversation. This quality for Sagittarius is even more important than economy and sexuality. It is important for him that the spouse shared his beliefs and interests, could easily find a common language with his relatives and friends. He considers his life companion more like a friend than the mother of his children or the mistress of the house. Surpass it in anything. To marry Sagittarius on yourself - the task is not the easiest. To begin with, you need to learn to live with him in the same rhythm, to share his aspirations. Do not underestimate your abilities so as not to hurt the lover's ego - with Sagittarius everything is different. He even flattered if his beloved woman exceeds him in something, because as a companion of his life he wants to see the best and beautiful woman in the world. To be with Sagittarius, of course, is not easy. If you decide to conquer the representative of this sign of the zodiac, then for sure you are not a supporter of calm, measured life. Adventures, travel, excitement, adrenaline, unpredictability - that's what such a restless man needs. If you are ready to share all this with him, then take into consideration the advice we offered, how to behave properly, and start acting.