how to choose a foundation Till 20 years the girl is beautiful thanks to nature. After 20, its appeal is inversely proportional to the amount of cosmetics on the face (which of us does not remember the youth's desire to grow up with the help of carcass and lipstick!) And after 10 years, the appearance of the woman completely reflects her way of life and the ability to use cosmetic means. And this is quite understandable. Life ruthlessly imposes on the woman's face prints in the form of early wrinkles, age spots, acne, circles under the eyes. Sometimes it seems that you need to be a Modigliani to be able to paint over all the traces of past years. In order for you to succeed in the daily picture called "I'm Beautiful", we announce the opening of classes for naturalists. The first lesson will be devoted to the correct choice of foundation. And it's not accidental. After all, this kind of cosmetics guarantees a uniform tone of a face, like a porcelain doll. And after that, on your canvas you can write anything: the image of a fatal woman, timid innocence, wisdom and indulgence. Do you agree? Then let's talk about how to choose a foundation so that it is your wand, and not an ally of time telling the people about all your wrinkles and the difficulties experienced.

Texture of foundation

We all know that foundation creams are liquidand thick as country sour cream. But few people in the course: the difference between these funds, and on what consistency to stop their choice. In fact, the principle is simple. The better the skin, the more liquid can be a foundation. If you need to hide a lot of flaws (from pigment spots to skin irregularities), then choose a thicker and heavier tone. Of course, it will not be as light and airy as its more liquid counterparts, but such a cream will faithfully keep quiet about all the secrets of your skin. As for crumbly tones, they are created as a complement. They cover the skin with a second layer after using a liquid color. Friable kind of camouflage helps to muffle the shine of the skin and make the complexion even. Also, when choosing a foundation, you should consider the type of your skin. It used to be one "Ballet" on the shelves of haberdashery shops, and the cosmetic industry remained deaf to women's requirements. As a result, Soviet women of fashion diluted the tonal moisturizer (if the skin was oily) or applied a tone in two layers (on dry skin of the face). Today you can not only pick up a suitable foundation, but also buy two different tubes - for winter and for summer. After all, in the cold season, your skin needs additional care and protection. A foundation cream (with the right choice) will be able to provide this. what foundation to choose

Types of tonal funds

There are several types of tonal creams:

  • Cream - fluid A thin, liquid foundation for make-up,which is popularly called serum. Great for dry skin and warm season. But be careful. With aging skin cream-fluid can do a disservice. It does not mask small wrinkles and will only emphasize all age-related changes.
  • Cream - mousse Very light and gentle foundation,which flawlessly levels the tone of the face, moisturizes the skin, without making it heavier. Cream - mousse perfectly masks fine wrinkles, freckles and imperceptible pigment spots. Well suited for both young and aging skin.
  • Liquid tone with particles reflecting light.The cream enters the silicone, which allows the cream to lie evenly. And microparticles help to mask small wrinkles and make the skin visually younger. Such cream is well suited for evening activities and for filming in front of the camera.
  • Masking pencil This foundation is veryA dense texture that hides skin imperfections. It should not be applied to the entire face, but only to problem areas. Dermatologists do not recommend frequent use of a masking pencil, as it clogs the pores.
  • Cream - powder The structure of this tone is enoughdense, so it is useful to the owner of oily skin. Many may find that a thick tone only adds to fatty skin, but it is not. Cream powder perfectly absorbs skin fat.
  • Cream This face cream is verydense structure, so it is most often used on filming. As for everyday life, the cream is suitable for dry and normal skin, as well as for those women who need to disguise certain flaws on the face.
  • Tone cream with antibacterial effect Itthe product is ideal for problem skin. He not only masks acne, but also cures it. Therefore, if you have inflamed skin, choose a foundation with antibacterial effect.

Color of cosmetic product

Many women choose theirtone cream, the color of which completely repeats the shade of the skin. And this is wrong. According to all the rules of cosmetology, the tone of the foundation should be radically different from the general color of the skin. For example, you are a blonde with a pink complexion. Hence, your foundation should be a beige shade. And vice versa. At the same time, try not to go to extremes. Do not take a too dark tone if you are a white or light tone for a swarthy skin. Strong contrast does not suit anyone. In order to make the right choice, try a foundation on your cheek, and not on the back of your hand, as we all used to do. Make a small confident smear with a tester on the cheekbones, walk around for five minutes, give the cream to get used to your skin and can evaluate the result. So you can not only understand: which foundation to choose, but also protect yourself from unreasonable purchases. By the way, assessing the tone of a tonal product under artificial lighting is a bad thing. You spend most of your time not under searchlights, right? Therefore, a foundation should be tested on the street. Have you smeared? Exit the store and look at yourself in the mirror. Do you like the result? Then you can replenish your cosmetic bag. how to choose the right foundation

Rules of application of a voice-frequency cream

Very often women buy good cosmetics,but they do not know how to use it at all. As a result, the foundation shines and looks like a mask from a horror film, mascara is showered, and the lipstick looks like it was applied not with a brush, but with a shovel. So let's learn not only to choose a foundation, but also apply it correctly to the skin.

  • Moisturize the skin

Remember that before applying to the skinit needs to be prepared. Namely - to humidify. Apply the cream on your face, remove the remnants of a napkin and you can open a tube with a tonal remedy. Many may be surprised by this requirement. After all, the foundation is itself fat enough and can provide the skin with the necessary moisturizing. This, of course, is correct. But believe, that the voice-frequency cream will lay down better on the prepared skin, therefore do not forget to put a cream on the face after washing.

  • Fingers aside

How is usually applied a foundation of a woman? That's right, with your fingers. And it is necessary - wet sponge. Then the tone on the face will lie evenly, and the excess cream will not be consumed. In a word, solid pluses. The only pity is that they are so often neglected by girls. Now let's talk about the movements that should be applied to the skin tone. Here everything is simple. We remember how the cosmetician did the massage, and we repeat his movements. That is, we apply a tone from the middle of the face to the temporal region. As for the forehead, then it is best not to bring a couple of centimeters to the edge of the sponge, and rub the border with your fingers.

  • Eyes - a mirror of the soul

In order to properly apply a tone around the eyes,you do not need to do this, but with a brush. Dial a small amount of cream and lightly driving the movements to work around the eyes. After that, gently remove the rest of the cream with a napkin. By the way, it is not necessary to powder this part of the face, because the skin around the eyes is very thin and under a thick layer of makeup all small wrinkles will be visible on it.

  • Complicating makeup

Those who do not like the effect of a flat lifelessmask after applying the tone, we advise you to buy several shades of a foundation cream of one firm. We need a darker shade for the cheekbones, the temporal region, the chin and the wings of the nose. Light tone cover all the remaining parts of the face. In order for the border of the transition of the two shades to be imperceptible, carefully shade the joints of the cream. Strongly do not advise to use foundation creams of different companies. Each product reacts in its own way to weather conditions, skin secretions. Therefore, if you want to combine in makeup two shades, be sure to use a cream of the same composition.

How to properly store a foundation

  • The best place for your cosmetic and tonalThe cream in particular is a refrigerator. Or any other cool and dark place. Do not leave cosmetics on the window. Light and heat reduces all qualities of makeup. Also, we recommend you remember this rule at the moment when you are going to buy a foundation cream on the market during the hot season.
  • Try not to expose the foundation to sudden temperature changes.
  • If you have a tonal facility stored in a glass vial, it should be typed with a glass rod to prevent the oxidative reaction that may occur in the cream.
  • It is also worth noting the rules of care for the sponge, which you impose a tone on your face every day. Wash it should be at least once a week.
  • If you see that the foundation has changed the smell or shade, safely throw it away. The missing cream can do a disservice to your skin.
  • Finally, I want to recall the wise saying aboutthat ugly women do not exist. Skilful handling of cosmetics, tastefully selected clothes can brighten up all the shortcomings that nature has awarded you. As for foundation, his service in turning an ordinary woman into a luxurious lady is simply invaluable. A good tone, like a caring friend, can hide the traces of a sleepless night, signs of malaise and the usual acne. But all this will happen only if you decide on a really high-quality foundation. So do not skimp on makeup and be beautiful! We advise you to read: