eye makeup with the impending age With such a simple reception as the right onemakeup, you can give your face freshness, add a little riddle, a little pour intrigue and completely change the appearance. If you have a classic type of face, properly planted eyes and a wide brow space, you can take risks and make the most unexpected types of makeup - even extravagant ones. But often women have problems, and in this case, make-up is called upon to correct the face and hide small nuances.

Problem eyelid

The main problem in women of mature age isan impending eyelid. But even young girls can have such eyelids - the face becomes sad expression, and the sight becomes dull and saddened. Let's try to fix this situation! And here can not only help the plastic surgeon (also an option, but is it worth hurry?), But also the usual make-up. Makeup artists have long known the tricks and techniques with which you can fix the impending eyelid. This kind of make-up follows a clear algorithm:

  • Raise and lengthen eyebrows with a pencil;
  • To put under the eyebrows light shadows,
  • On the inner corner of the eyelid should be applied a shade of light shade;
  • At the outer corner - a dark shade;
  • Dark shadows shade and slightly go beyond the boundaries of the eyes;
  • We make eyeliner - from the middle of the century to the outer corner; the line must expand.

beautiful eye makeup with the impending age

Makeup Tintes

Under the shadows, you need to apply a make-up base - thiswill not allow the shadows to roll down, they will look brighter and more saturated. In addition, the modern make-up bases have a caring effect - they will nourish the sensitive skin of the eyelids. Apply Shadows Remember one absolute rule - the shadow hides the impending eyelid. So use dark shades for the problematic corner of your eyes. Mother-of-pearl shades can not be superimposed - they will visually increase the "hood", so use only matte shadows. Adding a few light shadows to the inner corner, waving a stroke on the bridge of your nose, you will achieve an amazing result - the eye as if will burst open. Strongly dark shades of shadows can not be used - it is better to make them "smoky" with small strokes of deep color. Arrows If you like arrows (they are not hard to love - they give glance and flirtatiousness to the look), then you should know that with the problem of the impending age you should use only a black pencil. Do you have liquid liner? Give her to her friend - for problems with the impending eyelid, you can not apply liquid make-up for make-up. Do not start the arrow from the innermost corner - the eye will get even smaller and sadder. But starting from the middle of the century, you can achieve the desired effect. Arrows are better to draw when the eye is closed, then open it and look closely - if you drew the tail correctly. It must be curved upwards and out of the eye. First, do not draw a clear line - you just need to chart the future arrow; making sure that everything is done correctly, you can confidently move a clear and bright line. On the lower eyelid to put the arrows in no case it is impossible, it is better to slightly shade with a brush dark shadows. Drawing eyebrows and eyelashes The main thing to do is visually push the drooping eyelids away from the eye, separate them and raise them. This can be achieved by forming eyebrows. First, they must be rare (thin - optional). Secondly, as much as possible raised upwards - by an arch, surprised-bent. Eyebrows should be ideal - it is they who are responsible for "pulling" attention from one eyelid to another. The sight of the open eyes creates the impression of a young face. Mascara for makeup with an impending eyelid can be any color, avoid only brown and purple flowers - the eye will look tearful, red, and this does not add charm. The impending eyelid is an opportunity to increase eyelashes, imposing a lot of carcass. You can and build them, or you can just apply a quality mascara that does not crumble. Do not overdo it - it should not be lumpy and lie in pieces. With the help of mascara, you can slightly curl the eyelashes in the outer corner of the eyes. Every woman, regardless of age, wants to look beautiful, to cause surprise on the faces of others and to catch compliments. Do not be shy of your small disadvantage - the "hood" can be hidden and disguised as a skilful make-up. It is this word is called normal makeup. Accurately following the recommendations from make-up artists and exercising on your own face, you will quickly learn how to literally, in minutes, apply competent, professional make-up. Only use for the make-up of quality products - give preference to proven brands in the cosmetic market. And then the army of fans and self-confidence is assured to you! We advise you to read: