how to choose a foundation Perfect make-up is possible only if the skinlooks perfect, but, unfortunately, such a skin has a few women. The rest has nothing to do but choose a foundation that will smooth out the color and texture of the skin, give it a velvety, young, radiant and fresh look. In addition to the visible effects, a good foundation will protect the skin from negative effects, and the substances contained in it, such as chamomile extract, calendula, aloe gel, hyaluronic acid, will help to heal the microtrauma as soon as possible, and moisturize the skin. Therefore, when choosing a tool, it is necessary to take into account the given nuances and carefully study its composition.

Tone cream for different skin types

For normal skin without pronounced defects, betterjust fit moisturizing and toning cream fluids, only slightly coloring the skin. Problem skin can be masked with a tonal gel, it is not as greasy as a cream, absorbed well and leaves no traces. On top of the base, in this case, you can also apply a thin layer of loose powder. For a combination of skin liquid liquid foundation is suitable, but it is best to use different means for individual areas. The problem areas are basically the forehead, the chin and wings of the nose are treated with gel, and the rest is applied to dry skin. So the base will look even, and the make-up will ideally lie on the face. Dry skin is suitable foundation, having a moisturizing effect, it will look on your face more naturally. For over-dried skin, it is better to use creamy tonal products containing emollient oils. Apply the product best using wet sponge so that wrinkles are not very prominent, use powder not crumbly, but compact, having a silky texture. how to choose a foundation cream yourself

How to choose the right shade

When you select the desired toneThe cream should not be checked on the wrist, as the skin colors on the arm and on the face are completely different. The best option is to buy some probes in the store and see at home which one is the best. The cream should be applied in a thin layer and, under different lighting conditions, check if it has given off an excessively painful pallor or vice versa, which looks artificially dull. And after that, go and buy that shade, which is better suited. If there is no opportunity to buy samplers, then the color of the foundation cream is best checked on the skin of the forehead. Do not rush to immediately buy a cream or give it up, it is best to wait a few minutes until it absorbs into the skin. Sometimes, under the influence of oxygen and skin secretions, the color of the remedy may change, and as a result you will not get what you expected at all. Too dark or light tone can be corrected by buying a cream of the same manufacturer but different shades, creams can be mixed in the right proportion, achieving the perfect combination for the skin.

In what situations is it better to give up on foundation?

Tonal cream should not be used youngto girls from 15 to 25 years. There is still enough collagen in their skin. In addition, the tonal base poorly passes oxygen, and young skin is simply necessary to stay fresh and attractive even longer. And few of the young girls make sure that the cream is applied correctly and, using it, only spoil your skin. In a strong summer heat from a voice-frequency cream it is better to refuse in general. It causes intense sweating and all the make-up of the face "floats", which, naturally, will not add to the attractiveness. But in winter frosts without foundation is no longer necessary. It will protect the skin from weathering, and it will survive the cold without additional losses and wrinkles. how to choose a tonal cream correctly

How best to apply the substrate

To ensure that the base lies flat and gives the faceideal color, it is better to apply with a little wet sponge, because if you shade her fingers, you can leave on the face of the strip. They will not be visible in the room, but when you go out into the daylight, all the flaws will immediately manifest. In places that require additional layers of cosmetics to hide redness or pigmentation spots, before applying the foundation, it is best to use a special corrector. And after it put the foundation. We advise you to read: