types of eye makeup There are no ugly women - it's wrongpicked up cosmetics and inability to use it. What do men pay attention to first of all, looking at the girl's face? Of course, to her eyes. Therefore, it is very important to be able to properly emphasize the dignity and hide the small defects of our eyes - this can be learned by learning the basic secrets of makeup. It is not enough to be able to correctly apply mascara and shadows, it is very important to understand in which situation to give preference to this or that color scheme. To do this, you need a good understanding of what kinds of eye makeup exist and how to use them correctly.

Day makeup

Waking up early in the morning, we wash ourselves, brush our teethand we look thoughtfully at the cosmetic bag, figuring out how to make up our eyes today. No matter how much we want to be beautiful and unique, we should remember a very important rule: in the daytime our make-up should look very natural. Cosmetics on the eyes must emphasize our natural attractiveness, and not catch your eye because of its rich, bright colors. So, where do you start your day eye makeup? Perhaps, we will put on the eyelids of the shadow: Shadows for daytime eye makeup For daytime make-up is preferable to shadows of light, calm shades. Choose light brown, beige, gray - the one that best suits your eye and hair color. If you are at a loss to answer, what kinds of shadows are more suitable for you, then know that it is brown and beige shades that are universal for almost any girl. The skillful use of these shadows perfectly corrects such small defects as wide or far-set eyes, overhanging eyelids and "bulging" eyes. If you want to give a sparkle to your eyes, then listen to the following tips. For example, try to brighten the inner corner of the eye, applying a shade of a lighter shade than you used in the upper eyelid. Another option - applying peach blush to the middle of the upper eyelid, right under the eyebrow. The third option - draw a white pencil on the edge of the lower eyelid and lightly shade the line with your fingers. Such makeup tricks will help you make the look more open and fresh. Mascara No matter how skillful we are in applying shadows, but without the mascara on the eyelashes, the look seems "bald". Therefore, we must use mascara to complete the image. Do not forget that with the daily make-up, ten layers of mascara on the eyelashes will look just inappropriate. It is enough to use one or two strokes with a brush with mascara in order to make our eyelashes more distinct and attractive. If you are a brunette, then give preference to black carcasses. Blondes, brown-haired and ginger can experiment with a brown, dark gray color. Often, girls are not sure whether to tint ink mascara. We answer: with daytime makeup, this is not necessary. Typically, the tinted lower eyelashes "overload" make-up, in daylight, it looks defiant and inappropriate. However, if you do not think your image without the painted lower cilia, then do it with ink, a lighter shade than on the upper eyelashes. For example, if the main color of the mascara is black, then from the bottom you can tint gray-black, and if brown - then light-brown. In addition, there is also colorless mascara - it will give the lashes a more well-groomed and clearly outlined appearance. Eyeliner Of course, a pencil is not necessary for daytime eye makeup. However, there are times when girls just need to hide some minor shortcomings. For example, if you have slightly convex eyes, then the correctly applied line with a pencil on the upper eyelid will help to "deepen" the eye, making it much more attractive. The color of the pencil is better to choose in the tone of the main eye shadow - one or two shades are darker. In order to make the makeup look more natural and neat, try to gently shade the line applied to the eyelid. Apply pencil eyeliner on the lower eyelid with daytime makeup is not recommended. Again, this is permissible for the correction of some visible deficiencies in your eyes. However, even in this case, you can not use a black pencil - otherwise you risk ruining the make-up, making it deliberate and untidy. Eyebrow shaping Everyone knows that our eyebrows are the frame of our eyes, like a frame for a precious stone. Therefore, you need to be very careful to ensure that they are properly and accurately decorated. The perfect shape of the eyebrows, suitable for your type of face, will help to emphasize not only the beauty of the eyes, but also enhance the overall impression of make-up. With daytime make-up it is perfectly permissible to emphasize the shape of the eyebrows with a special pencil or shadows for eyelids. When choosing a shade, be guided by the color of your hair. If you are blonde, then it's best to take light, warm shades, and if the brunette, you can use a darker color. In any case, the color of your eyebrows should be slightly darker than your hair - about one tone. In order for the eyebrows to have a neat, well-groomed appearance, it is necessary to comb them with a special brush, or use a gel for the eyebrows. kinds of evening make-up

evening make-up

Finally, the working day is over, and you cango with friends on a fun walk or in a nightclub. It is here that evening eye makeup is bright and exquisite. If in the daytime in makeup the main emphasis was on naturalness and naturalness, then in the evening these rules are inappropriate. With artificial lighting and in the dark, your eyes should be bright and unique, so you can give your imagination the will and choose the most intense colors and shades. Shadows for evening eye make-up For the evening appearance, the brightest, most daring shades of shades will work. Do not limit yourself to calm, warm colors - you can very well try blue, turquoise, purple, green eye shadow. Also suitable are various kinds of pearlescent and shiny shadows. The main rule is that they should be combined with your eye color. If you are the owner of enchanting green eyes, then you will be perfectly suited for shades of purple - they will underline the mystery and mystery of your witching look. In order to remove a note of vulgarity, combine this color with other shades: golden, peach, beige. Another option for green-eyed beauties is brown shades in combination with bronze and copper shades. This make-up will make the look more expressive and sexy. Do not use bright blue shadows at all - this color is not suitable for the green color of the eyes. Also, the choice of black shadows will be unsuccessful, so they will give your eyes a rough, untidy look. If you are tuned to dark shadows, then give preference to a dark brown color, it looks more harmoniously on the eyelids of green eyes. For blue eyes in evening makeup it is better not to use light shades of shadows, since with them you will look dull and ordinary. It will be much better if you choose dark, bright colors. In fact, the choice for blue-eyed girls is simply huge: it's bronze, and silvery, and olive shades. Carefully ensure that these colors fit into your image and are combined not only with the color of hair, but also with the color of clothing. The brown-eyed girls have an incredibly large selection of colors and shades for evening make-up. Brunettes can take advantage of black, silver, golden, brown shadows. Blondes and brown-haired women with brown eyes are perfect for beige, sandy, pink and green shadows. Try to use contrasting colors to give your eyes expressiveness. Mascara in evening make-up If you belong to those girls who adore brightly dyeing their eyelashes, then creating an evening eye make-up will give you many pleasant minutes. Experienced make-up artists offer to apply at least three layers of mascara on the eyelashes for an evening appearance. This is done like this:

  • Apply the first layer of carcass, starting from the roots of the eyelashes, moving to the tips.
  • After the mascara has dried, gently apply a second layer on the tips of the eyelashes.
  • Again we wait, when the mascara will dry up and we put the third, last layer from roots to tips of eyelashes.

After completing these simple steps, you will getlong, thick eyelashes. It is very important that the mascara is high-quality and does not blind the cilia, otherwise the make-up will turn out sloppy. When applying carcass, you can slightly twist the cilia with a brush, or use a special eyelash curler. Remember that for evening make-up you can use also water-resistant mascara for eyelashes: suddenly after an evening meeting you are waiting for a foam party or swimming in the pool? Eyeliner Of course, to express your eyes, you can use a pencil, but liquid eyeliner looks much more effective! You will never paint luxurious, smooth arrows with an ordinary pencil, and with the help of the eyeliner they will look just amazing! It is not necessary to use the classic black color, you can choose gold, green, brown and even pink color of the liner. It all depends on your imagination and the rest of the makeup palette. Unfortunately, in order to accurately and smoothly draw a line of liquid podvodkoj, a lot of practice is needed. But if you master this technique, then you will become a real queen of the evening! If you have never picked up a liquid liquid brush, do not experiment right before you go out, otherwise you'll ruin your makeup in a hurry. Practice in advance, but rather try your hand at the paper, gently drawing lines with a brush for podvodki. That's what you should not do, even with evening make-up - so it's to use liquid eyeliner on the lower eyelids. If you really need to emphasize the eyes on both sides, then from the bottom it is better to do it with a pencil or dark shadows. In the opposite case, you not only do not decorate your image, but add to the person ten or fifteen extra years. Eyebrow shaping for evening make-up The goal of any evening make-up is to make you attractive, and the correct eyebrow shaping is no exception. If for daytime make-up we carefully emphasized eyebrows with neutral colors, then in the evening we can afford a brighter version. If the party will be held in the dark, you can easily afford eyebrows, which are as much as two tone darker than your hair color. The only request is not to overdo it, otherwise from a young, attractive girl you risk becoming a middle-aged lady. After all, it is possible that after a walk in the night city, where your dark eyebrows will look appropriate, you will get into a cafe or restaurant - your guy will be surprised at the sight of your face! Another fashion trend of evening eye makeup is to decorate the eyebrows with sparkling rhinestones or beads. They are glued to the outer tips of the eyebrows with a special cosmetic glue. However, be careful: if the eye makeup uses shiny shadows, then the stones on the eyebrows are a bust. Having mastered the basic rules of makeup, you will always look young and attractive. We wish you success! We advise you to read: