eyebrow pencil "Make" a person can every woman. Thanks to modern cosmetics, the shape of the lips is corrected without any problems, the eyes "increase", the eyelashes lengthen, the blush becomes more noticeable, and the skin tone is smoother. Using simple techniques, even the most inconspicuous and gray "mouse" turns into a charming beauty. However, all efforts will come to naught, if you lose sight of at least one detail. It would seem that eyebrows are not such an important element of make-up, and they do not need to pay special attention to them. It's a delusion. Wrong shapes, strongly dense or broad, they are able to give the very pretty face a sullen and malicious expression. Therefore, if you want to look charming and at the same time captivate the opposite sex, - a pencil for your eyebrows to help you! Look after the eyebrows and carefully adjust them.

A little bit about this cosmetic remedy

The eyebrow pencil can be soft and hard. Choose it should be depending on what you need it for and what effect you want to achieve. For example, to adjust the shape and color, hard pencils will do. But with the help of a semi-soft eyebrow pencil, you can not only "paint" the lip line - they can also be used as eyeliner to separate the upper and lower eyelids. Irreplaceable helpers for creating beautiful makeup are applicators - they allow you to soften the contours a little. As a rule, a pencil for eyebrows comes complete with a brush made of natural materials. Thus, the shadows "fall" more evenly, do not crumble or roll. Also as additional accessories to them in the kit can be a comb to adjust the shape and separation of eyelashes after using carcasses, as well as sharpeners. If in your arsenal there is a pencil for the eyebrows, consider that it should be sharp and hard enough to make it easier to draw strokes. So that it does not break down and is well undermined, place it for a couple of minutes in the refrigerator. Many girls prefer soft makeup, but it does not always give the desired result. Instead of beautifully outlined, you can get very dark, downright unnatural eyebrows. Therefore, when choosing a pencil, try its action on the inside of the wrist. If you do not want to constantly sharpen it, use a mechanical one - it "pulls out" as you shorten it. However, this option does not give so thin, neat strips, as classic, sharply sharpened. right eyebrow pencil

How to choose the right shade?

First of all, when buying a pencil for eyebrows, you needcorrectly choose its color. It should harmonize with the tone of your hair. Agree, a bright blonde with very dark "arcs" above the eyes will look ridiculous. As they say, the classic of the genre is a black eyebrow pencil. But you do not have to stop looking at him. Today there are so many different shades, so you can definitely choose the right one. The variant of black color is suitable for owners of dark chocolate hair, as well as for burning brunettes. Brown fits well with red, light brown and chestnut shades of hair. A pencil for eyebrows of light beige or ash-brown colors is recommended to the fair-haired ladies. But a rare reddish-chocolate should be used only for those who have a bright "orange" head. Modern makeup artists often, doing makeup and choosing a pencil for eyebrows, take just two similar shades. Darker dye the hair closer to the bridge of the nose, and light - the rest. If you want to try out this technique, watch for the color transition - put the finishing touches in the middle of the eyebrow, alternately using one option, then the other. Also it is necessary to take into account that the lighter your skin, the more muted the tone of the pencil should be. The exception is brunettes with a pale face. Such girls are better to make correction with the help of ordinary tweezers, nothing "dorisovyvaya."

How to "make" perfect eyebrows

Wrong form or fuzzy line - these,It would seem, inessential little things can completely ruin your image. However, there is nothing that can not be corrected! If the "arc" over the eyes does not suit you, it's time to make a correction. However, before taking a pencil for the eyebrows, their (eyebrows) should be brought into the proper form. And the first stage will be plucking. Each has its own unique form of eyebrows, which can not be fundamentally changed - it can only be corrected. For this you need to take into account some of the nuances. So, cosmetologists distinguish several types: broken, curved, straight and round eyebrows. If you have an oval face, then a more suitable option is arcuate, and for people with sharp, square features, tall and long eyebrows are more appropriate. Chubby girls look good with rounded ends and slightly raised "threads", and straight and outlined, located at a great distance from the bridge of the nose - ideally complement the oblong face. Therefore, when planning correction, first select your form. Otherwise, you can change the face beyond recognition, and not the fact that it is in the positive side. Another important element is length and height. Eyebrows should begin and end in certain places. Very well, if you have an applicator - attach it and circle the contour with a special light pencil. If it does not, then use the schematic. To determine the beginning, attach a pencil for the eyebrows along an imaginary line running from the wing of the nose and ending with the inner corner of the eye. At the top, on its continuation, and the brow begins. Its highest point is planned in the direction of the line that runs from the middle of the upper lip through the eye pupil. In order to determine the place where the eyebrows should end, install a pencil in the direction from the wing of your nose to the outer corner of the eye. Where he touches his eyebrows, and there is its end. Note that the outer edge of the "arc" should not be lower than the inner one, otherwise you will have a dull look. After you decide where your eyebrows begin and end, mark these points with a light pencil, comb the hair with a brush, and remove excess with tweezers. When the correction is over, perform antiseptic treatment to prevent inflammation and reduce redness. good eyebrow pencil

"Drawing" eyebrows

To go to the next stage of correction, youneed a pencil. We have already mentioned above how it should be and how to select it correctly, therefore we omit these explanations. So, there are various ways to adjust:

  • monochromatic hatching;
  • A light eyebrow pencil is applied over the entire length, and the lower edge is darker;
  • painting of empty spaces between hair;
  • light shading along the entire length, and the shade is darker - from the bridge of the nose to the middle of the eyebrows.

After you have decided on the methodcorrect, go directly to the "drawing". The main rule: do this only after applying powder and foundation. First, comb the hair with a special brush in the direction of their growth, and then down. Now take a pencil for the eyebrows of a suitable tone for you and mark in the necessary (empty) places (parallel to the hairs) small strokes, then brush your eyebrows. Thus, your "art" is growing, and the strips will become almost invisible. Finally, we note a few simple rules by which you will become the owner of the ideal eyebrows. Do not let them down with a solid line along the entire length. Your task - just to slightly outline the boundaries or make the hair visually thicker. To do this, use a pencil for the eyebrows, and not (as some do) for the eyes. It should be hard enough and well sharpened. To achieve a natural effect, do not press them strongly when drawing lines. If you have gray eyebrows, pick up the tone of the pencil will be quite difficult. In this case, a special powder is ideal, you can also take advantage of the services of a beautician and paint them with eyebrow paint. We advise you to read: