how to choose a mouton coat Since her youth, every woman dreams of a fur coat. This fur product not only warms in the cold, but looks very elegant and elegant. A girl in a sweaty down jacket creates the impression of a teenager hurrying to the institute, while clothes made of fur ennoble and make the lady a true lady. Very soon, this winter will begin: severe frosts, strong wind, snowfalls. Therefore, now is the time to take care of the "warming" of your wardrobe. We will tell you how to choose a fur coat from the Mouton, and act correctly. After all, such an expensive purchase should not only sit well and favorably emphasize your beauty, but also last for many years.

Muton Advantages

For today in shops it is possible to find the mosta variety of clothing from fur. It is sewn from mink, fox, lynx, polar fox, beaver, astrakhan, rabbit and others, both expensive and cheaper materials. Styles are mass - from short models fitted to short ones and ending with long coats in the floor with flared sleeves. Therefore, it is rather difficult to choose one or another product. Today, the Mouton has become very popular. This fur is ennobled and processed by a special technology sheepskin, which is soaked in formalin, and then dyed. The fact is that the natural color of sheepskin does not look very attractive, so it is tinted in various shades: from light to darkest. Thanks to a special way of processing, in which the fur seems to be preserved, Muton's fur coats do not frighten any fierce frost, wet snow, or rain. This product is very moisture resistant, therefore, with proper storage and proper care, you carry it about ten seasons. Mouton (if you look at him and his "competitors") has pronounced heat-saving properties. A fur coat made of a rabbit or a wolf does not go with him in any comparison. In such clothes you will not freeze even at the lowest temperature. In addition, due to the variety of shades in which the sheepskin is painted, the mouton coat will suit every woman - it is enough to choose it correctly according to its color. One of the main advantages of this fur, besides its warming properties, is the ideal ratio of such parameters as quality-price. You will be able to buy a thing for affordable money, which with pleasure you carry not one winter. The weather conditions do not affect the quality of fur - the coat will remain as beautiful after wet snow and after rain. Therefore, if you plan to buy a fur coat, but at the same time the wallet does not allow you to buy a very expensive product, stop your choice on a mouton - you definitely will not regret it! how to choose a fur coat from Mouton

The right choice is the guarantee of a long socks

To properly choose a mouton coat, you needobserve a few simple rules. So, first, with your mind, invest money without spending it on a substandard thing, and, secondly, you can enjoy the product for many years and will not freeze even in the coldest winter. So, when planning a purchase, go not to the nearest market, but to a specialized store. There, the risk of stumbling upon a substandard and low-quality forgery is minimal. After you have decided on the model you like, be sure to ask the seller for a certificate of conformity - a document confirming that the fur coat has passed all the necessary tests and is safe, - and a warranty card that will help you to return or exchange the purchase if necessary. It is necessary to pay attention to the labels located on the inner lining - they must notify the buyer about the country producing the product, as well as how to take care of it. The most important characteristics that should be considered when choosing a fur coat are the quality of fur and coloring, as well as the sewing and processing of seams. Let us dwell on this in more detail:

  • To make sure the strength of the pile, squeeze it in the palms of your hands and after a few seconds, release. It will be correct if the hairs have taken the original form and volume - this means that the fur is qualitative.
  • Draw a hand against the growth of the hair - good nap should not break and stick together.
  • To make sure that the product will not shedin wet weather, draw a piece of light cloth over it. If there are traces of paint on it, then the thing was painted with a violation of technology, so it must be abandoned. Pinch your fingers with fur hairs - they should not wear when you wear it.
  • Good clothes look decent not onlyfrom the outside, but also from the inside - check that the lining is properly and neatly sewn, but it is not completely attached from the bottom. Examine the seams: for a quality thing they are not convex, unnecessary threads should not hang anywhere. Remember that the size of the whole skin is fifteen by fifteen centimeters. The product consisting of pieces, not only costs much less, but also heals much worse.
  • The skin on the back should be white, without creases and cracks.
  • A substandard coat can not be sewn, but glued. Naturally, such a thing will fall apart in two days of socks. Therefore, look, so that all the seams are sewn with threads.

Once again we will focus attention on the fact that the sellermust provide you with a warranty card for the purchase. Only in this case, according to the norms of the Law "On Protection of Consumers' Rights", you will be able to return the goods at a certain date if there are deficiencies that do not depend on you (say, industrial marriage). A classic model of a fur coat is a thing of straight or fittingly cut length in the middle of the calf, with a belt and a hood. Properly selected clothing sits perfectly, nowhere is lifted and does not squeeze. Preferring a particular model, consider that it will have to be worn for a long time, so do not pursue fashion, but buy something that will decorate and warm you. how to choose a mouton coat

Care of a fur coat

How to choose a mouton coat you already know, however,so that the product has served you for many years, you need to take care of it properly. This fur material is strong enough and toe. But it is very easy to damage with any accessories with sharp edges, so do not bring those close to the surface of the fur coat. In addition, the appearance of the product can affect such irritants as hair spray, perfume and alcohol. These products contain chemicals that can dry the pile, so that the mouton will fade and lose its original appearance. Also, all sorts of sprays, as well as nebulizers, which are used to fight moth and insects, have a negative impact. If you are exposed to rain or sleet, do not dry the coat with a hairdryer, do not put it on the battery or other heating elements. Let the product dry out on its own, even though it will take longer. You want to enjoy your purchase for many years. The appearance of the fur is negatively affected by friction and other loads. Therefore, try not to wear a fur coat, if there is a trip in a crowded public transport, and car owners should periodically change the position when driving, so that one side of the product does not wear out. To do this, straighten the pile with your hands, shake the hem regularly, or better, sitting behind the wheel, hang the outer clothing on the back of the chair or on the hangers. At least once a year, do not give a fur coat to a dry cleaner. However, in an ordinary institution, it can be spoiled, so choose a salon specializing exclusively in cleaning things from fur. Another factor, the observance of which will help to preserve the original appearance of the product as long as possible, - the conditions for storing the fur coat:

  • a cabinet where clothes weigh, should not miss direct sunlight, otherwise the muton will quickly fade and burn out;
  • provide enough space for the coat, do not clamp it with other things, so that the pile is not wrinkled;
  • so as not to deform the cover of the product, hang it on a wooden or plastic hanger with an elongated neck;
  • buy a cover and cover them with a fur coat, plastic bag for this will not work, because it does not breathe a fur coat, and this negatively affects its appearance.
  • in summer, keep the product in a cool place, and ideally get a special storage-refrigerator.

When choosing a fur coat, be guided by the type of your figure. So, slender and long-legged girls are suitable for any style, and puffy should be preferred clothing with short fur, as the long-haired visually fills. If you are of the "apple" type, buy a wide A-silhouette silk knee-length, and a "pear" woman should place an emphasis on the waist - for this, get the model to which the belt is supposed to. Remember that it's important not only to choose a good product, but also to follow it right. Then mouton purchase will serve you for many years and, perhaps, even inherit the daughter or granddaughter. We advise you to read: