Long women's down jackets During the autumn-winter period,city ​​streets there are women dressed in stylish down jackets. Coats and jackets for fluff are popular for a reason: they are light, but very warm, practical, easy to care for - you can wash them even at home. Such outerwear is ideal for daily wear, and for outdoor activities. Because of the large demand for down products, designers each year develop new models of feminine styles or sports style. Buying in bulk, be sure to pay attention to long downy coats. Manufacturers offer them in a wide range, along with medium-length jackets.


Long down jackets often have a fitted silhouette,which makes a woman slimmer. The emphasis on the waist can be made using a belt or belt. To give a fluffy jacket a luxurious look, a fluffy natural fur finish is provided. They are decorated with a collar, cuffs, a hood. Such outerwear will make its possessor very effective. Well-known manufacturers use additional elements, for example: unusual fasteners, overlays on shoulders and elbows, hoods from a fabric on locks, zippers closing valves. Long down jackets tend to make it more comfortable to use - many of them have detachable details: a collar, a warm lining, a hood. In the models-transformers you can unfasten the hem - in this case the product turns into a short jacket, which can be worn in warmer weather. The top cover is made of synthetic materials: polyester, polyamide, nylon. They are treated in a special way to give water-repellent properties. These fabrics are attractive externally, soft to the touch, have hypoallergenic properties. Women's down jacket


Buying long women's down jackets in bulk, youyou can choose products from a wide range of colors. Young girls like models of bright colors: yellow, fuchsia, red, emerald, lilac, golden, silver, pink, coral, blue. In gray, cloudy days, juicy colors will lift the mood. Older women are offered jackets of classic gray, black, white, brown tones. Many down coats from designer collections have a beautiful glossy luster. Glossy fabrics are a fashion trend, they look good and attract attention. According to information