fashionable women's shirts Shirts have long been a favorite subjectwomen's clothing. Today they are worn by all without exception: both students, and middle-aged women, and ladies of old age. But it was not always so. Once they were exclusively a male element of the wardrobe. However, this invention for the stronger sex was to the liking of many fashionable women of that time. And women would not be women if they did not experiment and adapt themselves to the clothes that attracted them from the man's shoulder. Since the fashionable shirts for girls with a light female hand reliably settled in the women's cupboards, they have become one of the most integral and vivid objects of ladies' wardrobe. In the world of fashion, this clothing came in thanks to the world-famous fashion designer Coco Chanel. It was she who made women's shirts a true decoration of ladies' wardrobe. Although they have undergone many changes in the history of their existence (designers of different times used a variety of decor elements: embroidery, lace, sequins, rhinestones and much more to make them more feminine), men's blouses have not lost their relevance. A beautiful shirt is a multifunctional thing that is suitable for all occasions. Therefore, in the cabinet of every self-respecting woman there should be at least two or three stylish blouses. And since this year's basic things are at the peak of popularity, many of you certainly can not wait to find out what fashionable women's shirts will be most relevant this summer, and with what to wear them to always be in a trend? Most of the summer season shirts, summer 2016, as in previous years, have a habitual fitted silhouette with a long or, on the contrary, a very short sleeve. It is these models that fashion legislators suggest to wear this summer buttoned on all buttons, but on the fashion podium you can meet many other equally interesting options, among which not only a fatal beauty, but also a tender romantic nature can find a worthy specimen. Lightweight fabrics that are relevant for sultry summer, bright, rich colors and gentle pastel shades, feminine cut, fashion drawings and prints - it's impossible to pass by such splendor. Which of them can conquer your heart and become a reliable companion for at least the next summer? With the right choice of shirt can be an excellent element of the basic wardrobe of both business women and housewives. shirts for girls

What are they, shirts for the beautiful ladies of the summer 2016 season?

Modern designers and fashion designers took care ofThat every girl could look fashionable and stylish. Evidence of this - incredibly beautiful, elegant shirts and elegant women's bats, presented in summer designer collections for every taste. Each of them is good in its own way and will be able to attract your attention - judge for yourself:

    • Let's begin our review with the most universal and, to thatAlso, very topical in this season of a classic white shirt, ideal for ceremonial events and work in the office. However, modern fashion offers many options for using such a model in everyday life. Given that elegant white shirts are perfectly combined with clothes of any style and color, there is no difficulty in finding a worthy application of such a model in everyday life. Fashionable snow-white shirts look equally good both with classic jeans and a pencil skirt, and with shorts or other things; but especially advantageous, such clothes look in combination with a skirt of a similar color.
    • But not only white models rule the ball: in the collections of the summer season fitted shirts for girls of this style can be found in a variety of colors. In addition to monochrome models, contrast combinations of colors are very important, both in the form of finishing individual parts of women's shirts, and completely consisting of regular geometric blocks.
    • Colorful shirts - another fashion trend of the season. Stylish shirts with bright floral motifs and monochrome drawings this summer will help you create a cheerful mood and stay on the crest of a fashionable wave. To look fashionable and stylish, you do not need to wear them with a monophonic bottom. For sure you will have at least one patterned skirt that will fit well with such a top.
    • Also relevant are long loose shirts,which this summer can be worn as a belt with or without a belt. A similar model goes to everyone without exception: the owners of a well-proportioned figure, and plump young ladies. Wear such blouses, most often made from fabrics of the most simple colors (for example, a thin vertical strip or monophonic pastel tones), you can over trousers with strips or tight-fitting figure leggings. Supplement the image in this case will help shoes-boats on a low heel or ballet shoes.
    • Fashionable checkered shirts - such models alwaysrelevant and relevant. Therefore, almost every season, designers include them in their collections, each time making something new. And this year was not an exception - in the shows of 2016 classic shirts in a cage are presented for every taste. These are very short, barely reaching the waist, and medium-length shirts, and tunic shirts that are up to the middle of the thigh. Typically, these models are sewn from cotton fabrics that combine several shades, but usually no more than two or three. As for the length of sleeves in such shirts, they can be as short as a flashlight, either long on the cuff or three quarters. Especially popular today models with a short sleeve, the bottom of which is decorated with knitted inserts.

fashionable shirts for girls

  • Among fashionable checkered shirts can be foundOptions as with a hood and a collar-stand, and having a V-shaped or round neckline. You can wear such models anywhere and with anything. They fit well with any clothing, whether it's shorts, skirt or trousers. But especially they look great in combination with skinny jeans, tight-fitting figure and emphasizing the beauty of women's legs. The most popular variant of wearing such shirts this summer is with tucked up sleeves.
  • Fashionable transparent shirts - such models asspeak, look simply delightful. In most cases, they are made from fabrics of original texture, where transparency or print are in the first place. To a woman does not look too provocative in such a blunt blouse, designers suggest that she wear a T-shirt over her.
  • In addition to fully translucent options,which many other women will not dare to wear, in the collections of most designers there are many models made with the use of opaque fabrics for decoration and combined materials. This allows the girls to look very sexy, without leaving it at the brink of decency.
  • Fashionable shirts made of light, almost transparent fabricsbecome the true favorites of the summer season. Designers offer Russian beauties to wear them with trousers with an overestimated waist, made of materials of golden color. Also very similar models look in the ensemble with narrowed trousers, selected in the tone of the shirt.
  • Strict silk shirts of low-key colors -this option will perfectly fit into the wardrobe of a business lady. Such models are suitable for work in the office, business meetings and other occasions when you need to look serious.
  • Fashionable women's cotton shirts withrivets - another trend this summer, which is well suited to fashion jeans. Especially stylish, this option looks in combination with shiny things and accessories.
  • Fashionable shirts with large patch pockets oflight flowing fabrics, for example, silk or chiffon, can be found in almost any designer collection. Such shirts at the shows 2016 are presented in both muted and bright colors. Both of them look equally good with summer trousers, breeches, shorts, mini and midi skirts.

Now that you know almost everything about femaleshirts of the new fashion season, each of you can easily pick one or a couple of trendy things for your summer wardrobe. And whatever model you like, in any of them you will be the most charming and attractive, you can not even doubt it! We advise you to read: