how to choose a bra How only did not torture women's breastsat different times: in Ancient Greece this part of the body was pulled together by leather belts, in medieval Spain - by metal plates, in the era of corsets it was pushed out of the decollete by a whisker. Beauty requires sacrifice! To match the fashion of those times, the fair sex had to endure inconvenience. Nowadays everything is much simpler. The modern bra is created taking into account the structure of the female body, so it is most comfortable to wear and allows you to feel comfortable throughout the day. However, despite this, the controversy about the dangers and benefits of wearing this subject of ladies' wardrobe does not stop until now, then subsiding, then flaring up with renewed vigor. According to experts, in the modern world, more than 70% of the fair sex wear unsuitable bras because they simply do not know how to choose a bra. Because of this, the sexual object of the toilet can turn into a real tool of torture. Today, the overwhelming majority of women choose this spectacular model of synthetic materials for choosing this intimate part of the toilet, paying attention primarily to its appearance and completely not caring about its comfort and comfort. And in vain! It not only reliably protects the mammary gland from many troubles, such as, for example, micro-trauma, stretching of muscle tissues and rubbing the skin against dense cloth of clothes while practicing various sports and dances, but also helps to avoid many health problems, including preventing development of many diseases.

Tips for choosing an intimate item of a female toilet

Today, when the shop windows of women's lower storeslinen beckon and fascinate the view with its splendor, for many of our contemporaries the question becomes quite urgent: what to choose from the offered assortment? How not to get lost and make the right choice? We propose to pass a small educational program, which will help young ladies and ladies of all ages to avoid disappointment from buying beautiful lingerie. So, how to choose the right bra? What is worth paying attention in the first place? Size Surprisingly, many female representatives for years wear underwear, suffering from falling off the shoulder straps, crashing into the body of rubber bands and bones, not even suspecting that all these inconveniences are caused only by the fact that the laundry is not chosen in size. Correctly selected underwear should ideally adhere to the body and leave no traces on the skin. At the same time, the bra should be comfortable, fit for everyday wear and be invisible under clothing. Finding the perfect option, appropriate to the size of your chest, is not difficult. The size of the bra, as a rule, combines a figure and a letter, which are determined by two simple measurements - chest girth and girth under the chest. The difference obtained from subtracting these two dimensions is the size of the cup that suits you, and the result of measuring the volume directly under the mammary glands is the figure that you should be guided by when buying. Material When choosing a new thing, you should also be very sensitive to the choice of material. After all, your most intimate parts of the body will almost touch the fabric from which the bra is made. Therefore, for each day it is better to choose models from cotton, viscose, silk or their combination with a small addition of elastane or polyester. This will avoid irritation or allergic reaction of the skin, and also provide the body with comfort, as it will "breathe". Choice of the form What kind of shapes and forms of bras do not offer today domestic and foreign producers! Indeed, to date, there is an incredible number of varieties of bras - open and closed, on the bones and without them, in the form of "pushap", "angelika", guipure, silk, satin, with foam inserts, simple and amazingly luxurious model. So really in order to become the owner of a couple of vending models, will you have to measure all this magnificence? Brassieres are seamless, two- and three-seam. Choose this intimate subject of a female toilet taking into account the shape and fullness of the breast:

  • Models with a strictly horizontal seam ideallysuitable for cone-shaped breasts. Holders of a wide chest when choosing a bra should pay attention to models with inserts of a narrow strip of tissue between the cups.
  • Narrow breasts can be visually enlarged with cups with slightly inclined or vertical seams.
  • Seamless bra shape, repeating the shapebreast, suitable for women with both large and small bust. Moreover, they are simply irreplaceable for women suffering from various heart diseases and mastopathy.
  • If you are complex about a small chest, give preference to the choice of models with foam inserts.

Color and style Besides individual preferenceseach of us, there are also objective requirements for underwear - it should be invisible, that is, be the same color scale with clothes. At least, this rule applies to work in the office and appearance in public. Therefore, in the wardrobe of every self-respecting woman for such cases, there must necessarily be body-colored underwear. For romantic and especially important dates, experts advise wearing bright attracting underwear. Undoubted favorites for such cases - red and black. For owners of swarthy skin, bright colors - the color of the sea wave, pink, purple, can be a good choice, whereas bright girls should pay attention to pastel shades - light pink, peach and gentle blue. As for white and black - these traditional colors go to all women without exception. how to choose a bra

Helpful Tips

Buying a bra is best in largespecialized stores, where there is an opportunity to try it on. Yes, and sellers in them, as a rule, undergo special training and know how to choose the right bra so that it really benefits, not harms women's health. Trying on a new bra, first you need to put on the straps, then put the cup in the cups and only then fasten the clasp, before bending forward. The tape should be at the same level, both front and back, do not bully up and do not go down. Now look in the mirror: how does this model and size sit on you? Do you feel comfortable: do not the cups squeeze the chest, do not they move it? Do not press and do not fall off the straps? Unfortunately, it is not always right at once, but only after a few hours of wearing socks, to make sure that the chosen size and style of the bra is perfect for you. To buy a new bra is better to go two weeks before the critical days. So the female nature is arranged - during this period of time the breast increases in sizes. For this reason, you can mistakenly buy a slightly larger model. Correctly selected bra will help significantly ease the lives of many women, because they now do not need to now from time to correct the spaghetti strap from the shoulder, to suffer from cutting into the body strips of fabric or clasps. We advise you to read: