1 Despite the fact that the swimsuit is just aa small piece of cloth, he can not only hide the flaws of the figure, but also advantageously emphasize its merits. How to choose the right model and color of a swimsuit? Which swimsuit is ideal for your figure?

Today we reveal to you some secrets of beach fashion

So, ladies with small breasts preferablychoose a separate bikini with ruffles or laces on the chest, which, as a rule, visually impart volume. If you dream of a beautiful and even tan, choose a fashionable bando model (a separate swimsuit without strapless). Unlike other models, such a swimsuit has a big plus: after sunburn on the shoulders there is no treacherous white stripes. Pyshnogrudym girls fit as a merged, and separate swimsuits with tight cups. Also, the large breasts look very impressive in a swimsuit with cups, connected together by a wide belt and a deep V-neck. Ladies with magnificent shapes will also look perfect in Tankini (bath set of top with cups and panties). This swimsuit not only reduces the waist, but also perfectly emphasizes the chest. Such an unusual model of a swimsuit is also suitable for young mothers who did not manage to bring their figure back to normal after pregnancy. Owners of narrow shoulders and wide thighs will be helped to balance the figure by color accents: a light top and a dark bottom of a separate swimsuit. This option will help visually reduce the hips. To choose a unique swimsuit for your figure, do not be afraid to experiment, combining the bodice and panties of different color combinations from different bathing suits. Remember that single-color closed swimsuits visually reduce the figure, and wide strips and large pattern, on the contrary, increase. Women with a wide waist should give up their separate swimsuits with shorts. This model makes the figure "square". Holders of such a figure should prefer a bandage swimsuit. This fashionable novelty, pulling a figure in the waist, makes it slimmer. Girls with an ideal figure are advised to try on the most fashionable in this season models of swimsuits - monokini and plan.

What are these swimsuit models?

Let's get to know each other: Monokini - a joint swimsuit, which is very similar to a bikini. This model of a swimsuit is suitable not so much for sunbathing on the beach, how many to search for adventures. Among swimsuits monokini there are extreme models consisting almost of panties without a bodice, which is replaced by thin long ties, fixed on the neck. Plunge is a swimsuit with a fully open back and a seductive neckline in the front. We advise you to read: