What to look for when choosing such apopular boots and with what to wear ugg boots in the winter? First of all, pay attention to the correspondence of your image to this style. The most fashionable ugg boots reflect the direction of casual, and therefore the best addition to them will be jeans or tight leggings in combination with a sweater, pullover or knitted dress.

History of fashion novelties

Not many people know that the popular ugiare close relatives of our beloved national shoes - felt boots. This farmers invented this convenient footwear about two hundred years ago. From the warm sheep wool began to wade boots, which at first did not differ beauty and grace, and therefore received the name ugly boots, which translates as "terrible boots". After a while they were abbreviated as uggs. Correctly this word should be pronounced as "aggs", but we have such boots known as uggs. In the collections of young progressive designers, uggs were first shown a couple of years ago, and immediately won universal love and popularity, reflecting the current trend of "rejection of hairpins." Glossy fashion magazines in one voice were waiting for a fashion for the ugly short life. However, the time was different: this model only increased the number of fans and, finally, became a real mast have this year. The glory of Ugri, like many other things, was brought by Hollywood divas. They were happy to wear comfortable boots, while falling into the lenses of photographers. A real breakthrough was the world-famous Oprah Winfrey, who had her ugly for one of her shows. Needless to say, after that the ugi became a hit of sales. Now many celebrities have at home not one pair, but the whole collection of uggs: Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba, Keith Hudson, Jerry Halliwell and many others collect nice models and regularly flaunt them in public.

Main advantages

It's no secret that even the most fashionable andtrendy novelties will not remain long in the favorites unless they are convenient. Uggi explicit confirmation of this rule: seemingly awkward and slightly ridiculous, they give warmth, dryness and comfort to your legs. Uggs, like valenki miraculously keep warm in winter and cool in summer. Just note that in this case we are talking about real models of sheep wool, which act like a natural thermos. Inside such boots, the body temperature is always maintained. Thus, ugg boots can be safely put on bare feet (many do so).

Fashionable images of 2016

Modern variations of ugg boots will not borefashionistas: for every taste there are models made of thin fabric for the summer, or thick wool for the winter. Fashionable uggs 2016 can be high to the knees or short, barely covering the ankles. Colors and drawings are offered the most diverse. The latest models of ugg boots are complemented by a knitted bootleg, there are also boots in metallic color, as well as variants with long fur trim. The choice of model depends on your preferences, try only to purchase the original uggs made of natural sheep wool. Inside, they should have a thick insole, covered with such boots of natural suede and made on absolutely flat soles. There are several brands specializing specifically on such real uggs: UGG Australia, Shuringa. If you decide to wear ugg boots, pay attention to the compliance of all other parts with the casual style. Ideally boots look with jeans, leggings or leggings and a warm sweater or a knitted dress. We advise you to read: