women's shoes spring 2016 Women's shoes spring 2016 combines fashion andstyle, originality, beauty and elegance. It's no secret that for female representatives such an aspect as the design of shoes is of great importance. That is why many of them are so picky about her choice. However, choosing fashionable spring women's boots, do not forget that this most important part of the women's wardrobe serves not only to decorate women's legs, but also is called to give comfort and ease of gait. Good shoes are, first of all, comfortable shoes. An integral attribute of any pair of quality shoes are a comfortable shoe and a folding outsole. Based on considerations of comfort, fashion and style, many world famous brands create today a quality and comfortable to wear women's shoes. Creating their collections, modern designers of world brands do not stint on original and unusual solutions. In anticipation of the spring of 2016 designers present new collections of shoes, including fashionable women's shoes, low boots and boots without heels, which correspond to the latest fashion trends and will satisfy the taste of even the most sophisticated women of fashion. This spring, as ever, rubber boots, especially red, white and black. Resilient in free style, they are ideal not only for rainy weather, but also for walking around the city and even for parties.

  • Spring women's boots 2016 for each stylish lady

Women's footwear for the spring season 2016striking variety of styles. Here everything is intertwined: extravagance and classics, elements of minimalism and luxury. Modern designers do not cease each season to pleasantly surprise fashionistas, demonstrating each time different ways of manifesting individuality. No matter what style of clothing a woman prefers: comfortable low-heeled shoes, flat shoes or high heels - designers offer a variety of options, from which you have to make your choice.

  • How not to get lost and make the right choice?

Extra-long boots and boots, so belovedfemale representatives of the whole world, again at the height of fashion. This version of spring women's boots is ideal for those girls and women who prefer that their legs at any time of the year always look great and do not go unnoticed by others. Together with the length of the boot in the spring of 2016, the heel height also increased. In this season, the hairpins became even sharper, and on straight heels attracted attention to slender legs ornate patterns.

  • Spring women's boots: what to walk next spring?

The streets still have snow, and many women alreadythink about buying for the spring fashionable shoes and stylish clothes. Since the clothes in the colors this spring and summer will be quite conservative, the stylists recommend placing emphasis on memorable accessories and originality of shoes. Demi-season shoes: spring boots, boots, shoes and boots, of course, will please both fashionable women who are stepping in step with the times, and women who prefer classic and retro. The footwear fashion of 2016 is very bright and not ordinary: the most unusual models and the most various colors are actual. Creating a collection of fashion and footwear for the spring-summer season, designers showed maximum imagination. Therefore, the shoes this spring will be less conservative and more diverse. At the peak of popularity women's shoes in the style of the 20's and the era of the 70's of the last century. Classics also takes pride of place in the spring collection of this season. Along with this, stylists offer models of unusual shapes and design of spring women's boots.

Hit of the season - boots and ankle boots

spring women's bootsThis spring the ankle boots are in fashion again. For the third year in a row, they have not given up their positions, holding the leading position. Designers for each season are inventing more and more new models that can be worn almost from the period of melting snow. Spring boots, boots and ankle boots with an open toe and fur insole look great in cool weather. Extraordinary details, laces and buckles are also welcome. Heel height, color and style depends only on your taste and mood. In the fashion both gentle natural, and bright cheerful colors. Both classic and original models of ankle boots with buckles and straps, lacing, fringe, as well as decorative interweaving of leather strips are relevant. As for the styles of spring boots with lacing, they can be very different: ankle boots on a high wide heel, on a hairpin and even on a flat sole and wedge. Stylish botilony look great with almost any clothing. They can be worn with short dresses and skirts to the knee, with wide and narrow trousers, and also with leggings and shorts.

At the peak of popularity - suede shoes

women's spring bootsIn the season of the spring of 2016 in the fashion model as a lowHeel and high hairpin, and on a flat sole made of leather. Suede and fabric are either natural colors, or the most incredible colors, because in fashion there will be both. For spring, the optimal solution - beige, blue or brown boots, but in summer designers offer to experiment with flowers, choosing more vivid and saturated. On the spring boots very stylish look colorful laces, matched in the tone of clothes. In addition, this spring it will be fashionable to select clothes: coats and raincoats in the color of the sole, if of course it is colored. For example, a red coat is perfectly complemented by black boots with a red sole. In the spring-summer season 2016, summer boots with no socks and heels, as well as various figured cut-outs, interlacing and holes, are more fashionable in appearance, more like sandals or sandals combined with boots.

Finishing of spring women's boots

spring boots without a heelIn this spring season, the finishing of boots and bootsvery limited: models decorated with necklines with buttons and buckles and with lacing elements. Stylish spring women's boots look due to contrasts of flowers or a combination of different types of skin. Minimalism is still in fashion, so women's shoes spring 2016 should be chosen with a minimum trim on the boot. However, in this case, it must necessarily differ either by a bright platform or an unusual form of a heel. For women's shoes, the fashion trends for the spring of 2016 are similar. Stylists and designers recommend choosing military-style boots with rough lacing, which, as a rule, are made for convenience with a double zipper and lacing. For the models of footwear intended for the beginning of spring and frost, designers preferred natural materials: classic suede, natural leather and denim fabric with fur trim elements. If in winter versions the fur trim looks more like decor, spring models will bring stylish patterns and blossom flowers in the form of fur abstractions.

High heel - the trend of the spring season 2016

spring boots with lacingClassics are still relevant, that's alreadya year in a row spring boots with a high heel, high heels and a wedge are still in the trend, giving the female gait a cat's grace and an easy note of inaccessibility. Spring boots without a heel - fashionable variants with a wedge, are ideally suited for those ladies who are not very confident in their heels. Such shoes provide easy gait and comfort, and at the same time allows you to be at a height.

Women's shoes spring 2016 of all colors of the rainbow

women's shoes spring 2016 colorsSeveral past spring seasons are brightyou can not exactly name it. Perhaps, it is for this reason that the upcoming spring of 2016, in comparison with the gray, dull autumn, promises to be very variegated. Finally, fashionable shoe houses created ideal shoes for women. Going in search of fashionable spring shoes, be ready to make bold decisions. After all, designers offer this season not just bright, but colorful or, at least, very saturated tones of women's boots and boots with topical in this season lacing. Bright colors and classics this spring will be neighbors like never before. Do not be afraid to choose bright models of spring boots. Blue and gray, blue and brown, black and mustard - the versatility of these colors allows designers to create real miracles, namely, to make boots of such colors that will be a perfect addition to any one. Supplement in the form of a bright accent will make the female image more attractive, vivid and lively, which, undoubtedly, will allow to fully reveal its individuality. A bright universal spot in this season, the spring of 2016 will be a scarlet color. He not only testifies to the flawless taste of his mistress, but also gives her image finesse. In addition, scarlet color perfectly matches with the black sets of women's wardrobe and can become a bright accent for gray suits.

Women's shoes spring 2016: the original styles

original spring women's bootsAs a rule, for the spring of one pair of shoes, alwaysis not enough. After all, it is always so unpredictable: after warm sunny days it can again hit the frost, after a rainy weather, hot summer can immediately begin. Therefore, modern fashion designers offer for women's legs several different options for boots, boots and ankle boots. For example, for spring floods, there is nothing better than rubber spring boots without a heel. Also, take care of lighter shoes for the spring. For clear, warm weather, demi-season boots and ankle boots are great. Spring women's boots can have a different shape of the sole and heel: a platform, a wedge, a sole and a low heel, and a combination of a platform and a high heel. When choosing shoes for the spring of 2016, the accent should be made either on the bootleg, or on the heel and sole. The top can be both up to the knee, and at the ankle level, and in appearance look like a half-boot of the 90s of the last century. As in the 90 years this spring is popular crumpled leather and bootleg. Boots with an upper leg stretch, tight-fitting leg, combined with a massive platform on slender women's legs look very impressive. The voluminous bootleg in the style of the 70's in the upcoming season is still popular. Nearly thigh-length boots coming this spring will go into the shadows, they will be replaced by models of classical height, and instead of high heels and pins, a flat sole. Rejection of studs and high heels and the transition to flat soles or miniature heels has become one of the most important shoe trends of the previous two seasons. And judging by the latest design collections, the approaching spring will not be an exception.

Spring women's boots: the perfect style

spring boots for women - perfect styleFree ankle booters are perfectowners of slender legs. The breadth of the shaft in these models is designed to emphasize the elegance and harmony of the female legs. These boots are perfectly combined with short skirts and dresses. However, it is simply unacceptable to fill jeans and trousers in the free bootlegs. Comfortable boots with a turning bonnet and boots-stockings are still in fashion. Their designers have reserved for those who want to emphasize their dignity in a more standard way. Spring boots with lacing, models of boots with a leopard print or elastic inserts from a material of contrasting colors are intended primarily for the amateurs to combine high shoes with trousers and skirts. Fashion trends of the spring 2016 season will help every woman with the help of bright shoes to emphasize her unique personality. One has only to try to make the right choice from the works of contemporary designers presented for public viewing. We advise you to read: