how to choose a dress according to the figure Today dresses are as important as ever. Even persistent fans of sports style, accustomed to T-shirts, shorts and jeans, think about replenishing their wardrobe with dresses. However, many women do not really understand how to approach the choice of this extremely feminine outfit, so that he truly adorns, emphasizes dignity and conceals shortcomings. In other words, they do not know how to choose a dress according to the figure. Undoubtedly, the key word in the previous passage is the "figure". Unfortunately, not every representative of the fair sex can boast of an impeccable figure. Very often a woman who came to the store to buy a dress leaves with nothing, disappointed in herself and the assortment that she was offered. Several such unsuccessful shopping trips make her switch to trousers completely. The argument is one: I do not wear dresses. I must say that this argument does not hold water. Dresses go to everyone, you just need to know the features of your figure and choose those styles that suit you perfectly. Believe me, understanding this is not so difficult as it might seem at first glance. Perhaps you will find some tips in this article and, guided by them, you will be able to choose a beautiful feminine dress that will make you even more attractive. Strictly speaking, it is written for this purpose. gown

"Well, what is my figure?"

Let's start with the classification of figures, invented long ago and not by us.

  • "Hourglass"

This, of course, is the most feminine option, whichlike almost all men. Thin waist, rounded hips, good bust. A woman with such happy parameters goes to almost all styles. The skirt is straight, narrowed, lush - everything will look fine. The waist must be emphasized everywhere and always. Clinging dresses will open all the dignities. In short, the owner of such a figure to choose a dress will not be difficult.

  • "Triangle"

Women with such a figure have narrow shoulders and rathermassive hips. When choosing a dress, you need to take this into account and try to find a style that will shift the accents and make the silhouette more proportional. Stylists recommend dresses on wide-placed straps, sleeves-flashlights. In short, it is necessary to give preference to styles with a voluminous top made of light, flowing fabrics, which are well draped. This will help balance the top and bottom and look always attractive.

  • "Inverted Triangle"

Here we have the direct oppositeThe previous version of the figure: broad shoulders and relatively narrow hips. How to choose a dress at such proportions? Naturally, you should visually narrow your shoulders and add a little volume in your hips to achieve the necessary balance. When choosing a dress on straps, you should prefer those models in which the straps are located closer to the neck, or dresses with one open shoulder. Asymmetry works great in this situation. Also good are the styles with a low waist.

  • "Rectangle"

In this case, the shoulders and hips of about onewidth, waist is expressed weakly, in general, the male type of figure. But do not get upset. The vast majority of known models have exactly such proportions. It is easy to sew on them and you can adapt any style, properly placing accents. So every woman with a similar figure has great opportunities for choosing dresses. Very good styles with a smell, with which you can create the illusion of a thin waist. Look also great outfits with a slightly overstated or understated waistline. If you choose a straight silhouette (this, by the way, is not the most advantageous option for this type of figure), you can adjust the shape using a wide belt. Visually, the waist will appear thinner than it really is. how to choose a dress

How to choose a dress after all?

It is clear that the classification given above is notmore than a scheme, "lay" in which all the variants of the female figure is simply impossible - we are unique. But still there is a rational grain in these descriptions. Before going to the store, carefully examine yourself in front of the mirror, trying to be as objective as possible. No, there can not be any low estimates, but shortcomings, like dignity, however, must be clearly defined. Believe me, such a real assessment of your beloved will allow you to choose exactly the outfit that you are wearing. We will assume that we have sorted out the classification, and you have identified yourself in the corresponding group. In a word, certain starting points have been found. We will also try to orient you, our dear readers, about how to hide those petty shortcomings that often poison life and seem insurmountable. So, if you have full hands, then dresses on straps, which always look chic, you better wear with pashmina or bolero. And the usual, casual outfits are preferable to choose with a sleeve up to the elbow or three quarters. Short legs will seem much longer if you wear a dress with a slightly high waist. Ideally also fit styles in Empire style. Too narrow shoulders, which contrast with the hips, can easily be adjusted with the help of small shoulder pads. A short or too full neck will look completely different if your dress has a V-neck. Another little trick: long necklaces, chains, etc. How to choose a dress, if the lady is overweight? Believe me, this problem is also solved. The dress should have only vertical constructive seams, decorative stitches. No transverse lines. Add an elongated neckline and heel - you are irresistible! Lovely women, think, experiment and wear dresses! We advise you to read: