English style in clothes Elements of British culture have long penetrated intolife of the inhabitants of the post-Soviet space. We not only listen to foreign music, watch "their" films, but we choose things just like they do. Today, the English style of dress became very popular, which is characterized by simplicity of decoration, practicality, irreproachability of lines and lines, minimal number of cuts and cuts, shallow neckline, elegant dresses and strict suits.

Distinctive features of the English style

If you want to look feminine and interesting andat the same time feel confident, then try on the image of a modern English lady. Slightly fitting dresses and suits, flirty skirts just below the knee, a small neckline that intrigues and makes men fantasize about the theme of female beauty - all this is typical of the British style. Here, you will not see a flashy finish, bright, vulgar models, instead, dresses that accentuate the smooth curves of the figure without dragging it, while temptingly emphasizing the line of the hips and waist. In this dress, every girl in the eyes of others becomes queen. Englishmen with their stiff approach to life are characterized by punctuality, restraint in manners and coldness in reasoning, practicality and pedantry. They have long been distinguished by a subtle, refined taste and the ability to make the perfect sets of clothes. Many centuries ago, lords and their wives could stand for hours in front of a mirror, making a morning toilet and picking up a dress for breakfast, and the procedure for preparing for the ceremonial events took much longer. The strictness of the statements, upbringing and organization, peculiar to the British, are naturally reflected in the clothes. Therefore, this style is suitable for people of reserved, serious, appreciating comfort and quality. A person ambitious, quick-tempered and emotional, on the contrary, in a classic English suit will feel uncomfortable and restrained, he should choose a more "freedom-loving" outfit. In the British style, you will not find a single hint of tightening or transparency, modern creativity or baggy. In this dress everything, from the cut, the texture and ending with the sizes, is just perfectly fitting. The country of horse racing and white-collar workers does not tolerate screaming outfits and bright individuality. The main thing here is quality, restraint and elegance. No riot of colors, an abundance of accessories and gilded fittings. The main rules of English style are:

  • Q-factor and practicality of things;
  • elegance in everything from the choice of fabric and to the smallest details (buttons, fasteners, zippers and so on);
  • irreproachability of lines and lines. The product should look perfect both outside and inside.

Those who have already visited the territory of the MistyAlbion, note that the British at first glance look gray and uninteresting. Even among the younger generation, there are rarely bright individuals in unusual, fancy outfits. On the British style, in addition to the irreproachable education of the inhabitants of this country and their natural restraint, weather conditions also affect - frequent rains, constant cloudiness and cloudy weather require practical and non-marred things. So, in England you are unlikely to see a girl in open sandals on a high heel. However, despite this, clothing in the English style is created for real ladies - smart, educated, self-aware. fashionable English style in clothes

We select a wardrobe

Everyone has long known the expression: "We are not rich enough to buy cheap things." Going for shopping, always remember these words. Do not become a hostage to the price, because it is understandable - inexpensive clothing is short-lived. Pay attention to the quality and texture of the fabric, the country of origin, the sewing of the product. But at the same time, let your dress be produced in a small Russian factory rather than "lapped" by the Chinese from the Italian podiums. A cheap fake will never add to your image of elegance. Similarly, designer things, illiterate in style and color, are capable of mutilating even a written beauty. Before you go shopping, conduct an audit in your closet: study the wardrobe, think about what it lacks or that is superfluous, combine the possible sets, both for each day and for an exit, and make a list of really necessary things. This will help to avoid rash purchases. After all, very often such momentary impulses turn around for many ladies in wasted money and unneeded shelves filled with shelves. Now let's take a closer look at what to do to look like a stylish lady. The English style in clothes differs in fitted and graceful silhouettes. An elegant dress should occupy the main place in your wardrobe. Typically, models suggest the presence of grooves along the thighs, waist, and chest, which helps make the figure slimmer and feminine. Also mandatory attributes are a shallow neckline, a collar, on long sleeves - cuffs. The length of the skirt can be different - today, more and more popular models are knee-deep or slightly lower. British style is modest and conservative, so the product can have one, maximum two cutouts: front or back. Pick up a tulip skirt, a pencil, with a scent or with folds, depending on the type of your figure. This image does not accept bared shoulders, so if you are wearing a blouse or short-sleeved blouse, be sure to take a jacket or jacket. As for outerwear, these models will fit: a raincoat or a coat of slightly fitted or loose cut, a conservative poncho. The product can be made from cashmere, tweed, wool, knitwear, in general, from any synthetic or artificial fabric. However, for the varnished skin and shiny elements, forget it! A headdress in English style should be elegant or discreet. It is possible to have graceful decorations in the form of feathers, brooches, stones, close in color to the product or shading it. Picking up a hat, pay attention to:

  • round small hat;
  • ladies' bowler;
  • classic beret;
  • a scarf or a scarf.

The headgear should be discreet and elegant,made of natural materials. Accessories in the British style are also quite reserved. This can be a shawl or scarf, a neck scarf, matched to the tone of the suit or slightly diluting its basic shade. Ideal decoration for each woman will be a string of natural or artificial pearls, admissible costume jewelry, small pendants or pendants. Finish the image will also help a brooch or a lace handkerchief folded in the jacket pocket. Bags should keep a shape, an elaborate finish is not welcome. Shoes choose on a small heel or a wedge, always actual are the shoes-boats. Remember that if your heel is open, then the toe of the product must necessarily be closed. In cold weather boots, high boots of army type will approach. The main colors of British classics are black and white, light milk, mustard, blue. Each shade should be cold and maximally muted, no bright tones. When creating a wardrobe, remember that quality, elegance and discreet chic are characteristic features of the English style. We advise you to read: