Kindergarten This question is asked of all parents whose children areage or on their readiness can attend the first educational institution. As a rule, the main selection criteria are closeness to the house, good feedback from those who have already visited the institution, well, and if the kindergarten has a specialization, for example, studying foreign languages, then it's fine! But, unfortunately, all these criteria are relevant only in relation to state institutions, which are so few today that often the choice criterion is the availability of seats. True, it is worth noting that according to the law, your child is obliged to take in that kindergarten, which is assigned to your house, although in practice this must be taken care of in advance. And what about those who did not have time to do it? You need to contact private organizations! It should be noted that today private kindergartens have their own Internet portals, for example , so that it is not difficult to find the nearest institution, however, it is necessary to approach the issue of choice more seriously! Game room To begin with, you need to personally visit a childa garden and see the territory, if it is landscaped, there are flowers, children's swings, sandbox, this is a good indicator, because it not only talks about the management's attitude towards its activities, but also demonstrates to you in what conditions your baby will be on a walk. By the way, it is not superfluous to visit the kindergarten repeatedly, but already with the baby. Most likely, you will not be admitted to the general site, but you will have the opportunity to look at how the children behave and how your child will observe them. The next step is to inspect the garden from the inside. If there is no bright contrast between the games rooms and the offices, then this option suits you, otherwise your money will go to the convenience of the director, not your baby. Communicating with the management of the institution, be sure to specify the age at which the reception is taking place, what courses are available and what is included in the basic program, and what is additional. By the way, do not be surprised if the mandatory course will include choreography, now it's fashionable! Also, you should not miss the opportunity to get acquainted with the tutor, and for the meeting it is also better to go with the child. This advice is given because you can see the reaction of the teacher and the ward, if the teacher starts to interest the child with toys or tell something, then you definitely need to get to him. However, before you decide finally, ask the teacher about those children who already go to the garden, you can also talk about the parents, if the teacher is clearly dissatisfied with something, then you do not need such a teacher. Well, at last I want to say that today most private children's organizations, for example, such as kindergarten , meet all the stipulated requirements due to what and enjoy great popularity among parents.