children summer rest Summer is the most favorite season of the year.any person. And certainly all children just love summer - it's at this time they have the longest vacation. However, summer very often becomes the subject of additional parental experiences about how to properly organize a children's holiday. Of course, summer is good in itself, but children's summer holidays are a pledge not only of good school performance, but also of the child's health. And, in addition, few parents are impressed by the idea that their child within three months was left to himself - because no vacation, unfortunately, does not last so long. That is why the question of how to organize a summer vacation for children is always very acute. Someone prefers a joint holiday with children on vacation, someone prefers to rest separately from children. The traditional solution to the problem is the child's trip to the health camps. If you decide to follow this path, you need to take care of purchasing a voyage in advance - in May, it is almost impossible to buy a ticket. The first thing you have to do is decide which camp your child is going to go to. This issue must be approached very carefully to avoid disappointment and spoiled rest.

  • Contact your doctor, a pediatrician,who observes the child and knows all aspects of his health. The doctor will be able to advise you which climate is most optimal for your child. Most often, children are perfectly adapted to the warm climate of such countries of the near abroad as Montenegro or Bulgaria. An equally good way is to go to health camps on the Black Sea coast. If your child is well tolerated by the hot climate, you might think about purchasing a voucher to Italy or Greece, which are famous for their excellent and quality children's rest.
  • A no less significant aspect should be thehobbies of the child. It is unlikely that a young athlete will be delighted with the month - another, held in a children's camp with an intellectual bias. And children with a creative character warehouse will be happy to spend the summer in the camp, where various festivals are held and a lot of time is devoted to the creative process. If the child is very small, an out-of-school kindergarten is suitable for him, and if the child is already almost an adult, he will certainly appreciate the rest in youth camps abroad, where the summer children's program is very extensive.
  • If you decide to send the child to the camp,you need to really and adequately assess the child's possibilities, such as, for example, the knowledge of a foreign language, in which you communicate in the camp you have chosen. Do not rely solely on the information that you have - be sure to consult with the child himself.
  • And, of course, a very important decisive factorthe choice of the camp will be a summer vacation budget. No parents will not save on the summer rest of the child, but sometimes you have to overpay extra money only for the remoteness of the camp. So, for example, a trip to Greece will cost more by about 60% than a trip to a camp of a similar level in the same Bulgaria.
  • If you are the parent of a child withparticular health conditions that require special attention, you should pay attention to those children's institutions that specialize in working with such children and will be able to provide your child with the necessary medical care. Do not risk your child's health and get a ticket for a child suffering from a serious illness to a normal camp. After all, in the case of an unexpected exacerbation of the disease, in the absence of appropriate medical care, the precious time that is necessary for the provision of first aid can be lost.
  • And even in the event that the state of healththe child does not exclude the possibility of finding a child in an ordinary camp, but nevertheless has its own peculiarities - gastrointestinal tract diseases, allergic reactions to certain foods or plants - be sure to inform the medical staff of the camp.
  • There are also children's health campsprofile medical direction - for children suffering from bronchial asthma and other lung diseases, diseases of the urinary system and even for children with behavioral characteristics such as hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder, autism.
  • It can be very long to go through hundreds of childrencamps, but absolutely nothing to waste your time in the empty. Almost all children's health camps have similar principles of functioning and a program for organizing children's leisure. That is why the parents' attempt to find the ideal camp for the child is almost doomed to failure. However, do not forget that in all camps are highly qualified and experienced teachers who make every effort to ensure that the rest of children was not only fascinating, but also useful. So, having estimated the family budget, having determined the amount that you are willing to spend on vacation during school holidays and learning the preferences of the child, it is necessary to make a list of five or six most suitable camps that meet your requirements. After that, try to collect as much information about each camp from the list you compiled. A lot of information and feedback from parents can be found on the Internet by entering the name of the camp in the search bar of any search engine. If you have such an opportunity, try to visit the camp chosen by you, to look at the conditions of the children's stay, to talk with the teachers.

    Payment for rest

    summer holiday program for children You need to know some information about the paymentchildren's vouchers. Not every average Russian family is able to pay their child rest not only abroad, but even children's summer vacation at sea. However, this is not an excuse to deprive the child of rest. In the event that at least one of the parents works in a state institution, you should not hurry and pay a ticket from the family budget. The Russian Social Insurance Fund annually allocates a strictly fixed amount for the payment of children's rest on a preliminary application of the enterprise. Even if your business is not a state one, ask the accounting department how you solve the issue of organizing a children's holiday. After all, as soon as any company is registered with the Social Insurance Fund, the firm can apply for help in co-financing the rest of the children of its employees. In order for parents to receive material compensation for the rest of their child, they need to write an application either to the head of the enterprise or to a special commission on social insurance, if there is one in the enterprise. Of course, the enterprise does not pay for the child's rest abroad, but parents can choose any health-improving country camp, a day school camp or a sanatorium located on the territory of Russia. In 2011, the Social Insurance Fund pays for the cost of children's recreation at the rate of 540 rubles per day for one child. If the voucher for the sanatorium you choose is more expensive, you will have to pay the difference yourself. If you choose a country camp for a child's rest, the Social Insurance Fund will pay only 50% of the cost of the tour. Also, one should not overlook the fact that the Social Insurance Fund pays for rest only those children who are not yet 16 years of age. In the same case, if your family falls into the category of low-income families, you can expect to receive a discounted voucher with a 100% discount. To do this, you need to write an appropriate application to the social protection authorities of your residence. There it is also necessary to apply and in the event that at your enterprise you were refused in obtaining a preferential voucher. Employees of the Social Insurance Fund will explain to you your rights and prompt you how to proceed. If you want your child to undergo a course of health therapy, the most optimal rest for him will be sanatorium treatment. In order to get a permit to a sanatorium, you need to get a certificate of the form 070y in your district clinic, as well as the direction of your local pediatrician. After that, you must write an application for a tour by enclosing a copy of the certificate and referral of the doctor. Do not forget about the main difference between the camp and the sanatorium - in the camp the child has to rest only during school holidays, and in the sanatorium - all year round.

    Holidays with a child abroad

    children's summer vacation at sea If the issue of summer rest for school childrenrest is more or less clear, then summer vacation with a small child is more problematic. Often parents, going on vacation, take the baby with them. To ensure that a joint trip abroad does not turn into additional problems, parents should provide for a lot of things - accommodation, food, acclimatization. As a rule, almost all foreign resorts offer absolutely everything that is necessary for comfortable rest together with children. If you choose the right hotel, you will be provided with not only a baby cot and a food ration optimized for the needs of the children's organism, but also a complete organization of children's leisure. Most hotels are happy to provide very substantial discounts on the rest of young children, which can not positively not affect the condition of parents' wallet. After all, you can spend money saved on your baby. Going on vacation abroad, be sure to ask the representative of the travel company, from what age do they take the children to your chosen hotel. Very many hotels do not take on children under the age of two. Quite frankly, there is a very large share of common sense in this restriction: children under the age of three are generally not recommended for any kind of climate change. About all these subtleties and nuances you need to learn from your tour operator. Do not forget about such seemingly at first glance, the presence of fencing around the beaches, the presence of a children's playground on the hotel, whether it is possible to rent roller skates, bicycles, inflatable circles and other devices for organizing children's recreation. Do not forget about such an important thing as medical insurance for your baby. Do not expect that your child will not get sick on vacation - small children get sick often enough, and how the body reacts to changing the climate - it is almost impossible to predict. In addition, the children are very mobile and curious, which often causes various injuries. And it's good if it's a normal bruise or a scratch. However, the baby can get a more serious injury that requires medical intervention. And the treatment of a sick child abroad is much more expensive than medical insurance. It is also necessary to carefully approach the issue of issuing documents so that you do not have problems when passing customs control at the airport. Before traveling make sure that you have the following documents on hand:

    • International passport. You can order a foreign passport in the name of crumbs, or the passport office employees will write the child into your passport and paste a picture of the child there.
    • In the event that you are traveling with a child to rest in a country with a visa regime, you need to get a visa not only for yourself, but also for the child.
    • And one more, no less important condition - in thatIf the child leaves only with one of the parents, the presence of a notarized consent of the second parent is necessary. And if a child's vacation on vacation abroad is planned for the older child who travels as part of the group, then consent must be obtained from both parents.

    In any case, whatever you choose, the childactive summer will bring much more benefits than the summer time spent on the playground of a hot and stuffy city. We wish you and your children only good weather and the most positive impressions.