Treads for stylish women Virtually every woman among the subjectswardrobe there are jackboots. Such shoes not only won fashion podiums, but also became a part of the life of many women. Treads emphasize the sexuality and elegance of women, as well as visually make the legs slender. The main problem of such shoes is the complexity of its combination with other clothes. Stylish looking boots, emphasizing the beauty of your feet and perfectly in harmony with other items of the wardrobe.

Varieties of jackboots

In everyday life, women wear shoesclassic colors: black and white. For recreation at a disco or any other solemn event, bright colors will look great. Treads of women with lacing look very sexy, which can not but attract the looks of men. The same effect is provided by shoes with buckles or various buttons. Looks great with lightning bolts.

Helpful Tips

World fashion designers from the experience of past years have worked out the following recommendations, through which any woman will become elegant and irresistible:

  • when choosing boots, one should take into account such aspects as seasonality, heel height, general style, etc .;
  • Do not wear body-colored pantyhose with tights. The choice will be unmistakable if you put on shoes and tights of the same color;
  • such shoes should be worn with jeans, elk along with short skirts, narrow trousers. Female moccasins and jackboots also look elegant with tunics, shorts or short dresses;
  • bright shoes in general style will be harmoniously combined with decorations. Strict jackboots will keep harmony with creative decorative elements;
  • to look slender, a woman needs to wear this shoe with a tunic, dresses and long sweaters;
  • The basic laws of harmony should be observed forThat shoes and clothes complement each other. For example, the beauty of a woman will be emphasized if she wears tight boots together with voluminous outer clothing;
  • girls of low stature wear hips lower than the middle of the thigh is not recommended;
  • elegant look at any party will help a wide belt, matched in the color of shoes;
  • a good option is a combination of boots with items such as a short jacket and lush skirts;

Follow these simple tips and your figure will look elegant and gorgeous, and sometimes even creative. We advise you to read: