avant-garde style of clothes Avant-garde style of clothes created by young andunordinary, those who are bored to be within the framework of modern traditional styles. Vanguard means "going ahead," that is, one who is ahead of fashion. This image is characterized by a combination of seemingly incompatible styles, things, accessories, fabrics and styles, that is, an unusual mix of a variety of fashion trends. But in the avant-garde style of clothing, it is not necessary to put on everything that comes to hand, because it will look ridiculous. Your extravagance should reflect the individuality and originality, be as thoughtful as possible, and all the components of the wardrobe of this style should unite in one direction, a design.

Directions of avant-garde style


It uses, in the main, maximumsimple materials, monochrome and uniform form. Minimalism is inherent in the presence of no more than one color, for example, white, gray and black. It is characterized by clean lines, as well as the simplicity of the silhouette, the minimum details and drawings.


This direction appeared in the late 60's andcharacterized by the destruction of old-fashioned traditions, classical designs and proportions of clothing. Things should, as it were, come into conflict with each other, so this image always looks shockingly and incomplete, supplemented by stitched seams outward, displaced clasps and untreated edges.


This is a kind of clothing that is not designed toto wear it, but for the sake of self-realization of a specific designer who embodies his conception, idea, into the collection. Such things can be made from anything, for example, cellophane, paper, metal and plastic elements. avant-garde style in clothes

Create an avant-garde image

There are no prohibitions or rules, thereforeAvant-garde style in such clothes gives a wide choice and scope for your experiments. The ordinary thing can also turn into an outrageous one if it is sewn from an unusual material: for example, an organza windbreaker, a fur top, and shorts made of velvet. In this case, all attention will be focused on the fabric of which the clothing is made, and not on its style. Very impressive is the combination of different fabric textures in one thing: chintz and velvet, fur and lace, and maybe even oilcloths with fabrics or simply relief and smooth, matte and glossy, metallized surfaces - it all depends on your imagination. You can even use completely different materials that are not designed for sewing clothes, for example, oilcloth, here also add accessories made of cork or metal plates.

  • Designers are advised to choose things with abstractdrawings, embroideries, prints, unusual shapes and asymmetrical cuts. It can be a jacket with three-dimensional shoulders, a collar-stand, and the edges will be of different length. For the avant-garde style in clothes, a variety of skirts on skeletons, complemented by pompoms, thorns and other decorative elements, will suit you. That is, the more unusual and original the form of a thing, the better, the main thing is not to overdo it.
  • Dresses in this style can be calledan interesting part of the wardrobe. This outfit can combine a variety of decor elements and surprise with the most extreme forms. For example, a hefty bow on the waist, a variety of massive details in the chest, shoulder and hips - all these are the hallmarks of the avant-garde dress.
  • Avant-garde style of clothes, first of all, is builton the contrasts - this is the basis of every shocking costume. Start with a combination of black, gray and white flowers and dilute it all with juicy spots of yellow, orange, pink, blue and green. The main thing is to avoid too variegated combinations that will distort your style and personality.
  • Choose clothes with massive, attracting toattention to decorations: buttons made of plastic, appliqués of metal plates or lightning, contrasting inserts and embroideries. As additional accessories, all the same bulk bracelets made of plastic or metal are suitable.

The best option for complementary shoesare considered boots or shoes in curly heels or as original as possible. The best examples are the models presented in the collections of Pierre Cardin, Alexander McQueen, John Galliano. In conclusion, it should be said that in fashion, as in everything else, one should know the measure. And, no matter how paradoxical it may sound, but the avant-garde style in clothes, whose photo you can see below, also should not create a parrot or scarecrow effect. We advise you to read: