trousers for fat women Many girls and women, trying on the nextattire, ask the question: "Does not this make me feel this clothes?". And it excites not only full, but also harmonious representatives of a fair sex, and all because each person has the lacks which it would be desirable to hide. Today we will talk about how to choose the right trousers for fat women and how you can combine them with other clothes to look perfect.

Choose models for full girls and women

While choosing any clothes, women with a magnificent figure should remember three main rules:

  • maximum simplicity
  • suitable silhouette
  • non-aggressive sexuality.

Many believe that they will fit pants or anyother clothes are only free cut, and this is the main mistake, because the spacious things give an even larger volume. Therefore, try to choose clothes that are as tight as possible, according to the figure, emphasizing it with decorative details. It is better for women to give up light and transparent fabrics such as chiffon, as well as from dry, for example, flax. The flickering fabric reflects light and visually adds you extra pounds. Everyone knows very well that black color has an excellent property of shaping, but if your trousers are sewn from satin, then you will get quite the opposite effect. But, for example, matte fabric completely absorbs light and therefore conceals excess volume. If the trousers for full women are made simultaneously from fabrics of light pastel shades with shiny inserts - they can not be worn in any case. Pants for full women, whose photos you see, are made of smooth, dense knitwear, which is an ideal solution for such styles. Wonderful suit fabric or jersey.

Color spectrum

Lush ladies are ideally suited for dark deepshades. They will give your figure the maximum harmony, but this does not mean that you should only wear black things. An excellent option will be burgundy and crimson colors, dark green, dark blue, gray, brown and plum. Remember the main rule: pastel, light, warm colors always attach excessive volume. Forget about white, blue, mint, pink, lemon and cream shades. In principle, color fabrics should be abandoned immediately, as well as dividing the figure into two parts by combining black trousers and a white blouse.

The Right Styles

  • Pants for full ladies should be as straight as possible. It is best if they are sewn from dense fabrics, for example, plashchevki or high-quality gabardine.
  • There is a very good, saving secret - ironing the folds on your pants: this will visually lengthen your legs.
  • Also, trousers with a low waist are perfect, but narrow trousers in the hips and waistband should be avoided.
  • On any figure, trousers are slightly flared downwards.
  • Women who wear fluffy shapes will wear jeans or pants with zippers, pockets or stripes. They visually narrow the figure. Young girls will fit wide pants, which are called "rapper".
  • Do not buy short or shortPants, even if they are very fashionable and made of suitable fabric. Such models in all cases will fill up and visually shorten the legs, and full of ladies such tricks are completely useless.
  • It is best to pick up such pants that are up tohalf of them will cover their shoes. If a woman has a moderate fullness, you can refill jeans in boots or just high boots. Also forget about trousers-bananas and leggings.

Do not choose the styles that emphasizeline of the waist, even if it is beautiful and delicate. If you have wide hips and a narrow waist, wearing a belt that differs in color with trousers, you will visually increase the volume of your hips. Do not wear wide belts and avoid adornments on the hips. pants for full women photos

We select pants according to the figure

If you do not have a pronounced waist (that is,figure straight), then the best fit narrowed trousers of dark color with a wide dark belt. Girls and women of small stature are best to choose spacious in the hips pants. Feel free to refrain from too loose or fitting models that visually shorten your legs even more, try to find your "golden mean". If you are the owner of wide hips, then you need elegant, flared from the hip fittings. It can be jeans, slightly worn in the middle of the leg, and the side seams are dark. The maximum suitable for lush ladies is the length in the floor, but in this case it is necessary to put on shoes with high heels. Certainly, shoes with a small heel or without it will also work, but do not forget that completeness visually reduces growth, so it's better to pay attention to shoes with a platform or a wedge. Pick up your trousers, paying attention to how they sit on the buttocks. Forget about the length, it can always be changed, but in the groin area there should be no creases - if they are present, then either this model is great for you, or it is not tailored correctly.

Jeans - ideal for lush ladies

The dense texture of this fabric allows you to hideshortcomings and emphasize dignity. Do not choose broad models. If you have a tummy, it is better to choose a style with a special tightening belt. To make the legs slender - choose jeans with side seams, which are slightly shifted forward, this will visually reduce the legs. If you decide to buy jeans, then it's worth paying attention to the material from which they are sewn. Such clothes are made from natural fabrics, but there are options with the addition of artificial fibers. For full ladies, models with stretch additives are also great.

With what and how to wear pants?

Under pants girls and women with luxuryforms are best suited for cardigans with odor and jackets. If you need to purchase a business trouser suit, then you should pay attention to double-breasted options or three-piece suits. Blouses wear rifle, and sweaters with an allowance. Belts and belts of the same color as clothing, will help to hide the belly as much as possible. And models that create a contrast with your trousers, immediately exclude from the wardrobe. Also, pay attention to dresses without belts - they will also cope with superfluous kilograms. Throw out the pullovers and shirts that you used to tuck into your pants. In conclusion, I would like to say that the most important thing is self-confidence. Without it, any clothes, even the one you picked up according to all the rules, will not look beautiful and advantageous. We advise you to read: