Cocktail Dresses 2012 What fashionable novelties are ready to captivate heartsevery fashionista world designers? Cocktail dresses of 2016 - photos of which are presented below - originally appeared in America, and put them on for rest, fun and dancing, as less formal version of the evening dress. Today, these dresses are at the height of popularity, and this is by no means an accident, but a pleasant pattern. Due to their versatility, they can help the girl in various life situations: an informal business meeting, a reception, a wedding, a romantic dinner, a disco or a prom. The main distinguishing feature of the cocktail attire is the lack of sleeves and collar, as well as a short hem. Be sure to observe clear proportions - the more the top is opened, the more the bottom should be closed, and vice versa. The most versatile representative of cocktail fashion is a small black dress from Coco Chanel. It does not go out of fashion for several decades in a row, it is always in place, so it is advised to have such a thing in the wardrobe of every girl.

Actual models of dresses 2016

Fashion never stands still, she always walksforward, surprises and pleases us with something fresh, new and original. Modern cocktail models are completely alien to the understanding of restraint, so in the coming season we are waiting for quite a lot of pleasant innovations and surprises.

  • A lot of vintage things conquer the catwalks. Unusual models in retro style, which decorate fringe, frills and flounces - a squeak of fashion. Incredibly well looks such a style with open shoulders.
  • Particular attention was paid to cocktail dresses 2016 with a vertical V-neck. Heath of the year can be considered seductive models with bare back.
  • Many designers and strive to draw your attention to the dresses of the A-shaped silhouette. These are tight-fitting models with flared and very lush skirts.
  • A feminine, sensual and sophisticated nature is perfectly suited romantic coquettish dress from Christian Dior, with a skirt made of light airy fabric and corset in the form of elastic bands.
  • If you are not afraid of bold design decisions,then you will definitely like the models below the knee that Alexander McQueen represents. He recommends wearing such dresses with original boots with lacing and short gloves without fingers.

cocktail dresses of 2012 photo But not everyone should mindlessly chase fashion. When choosing a particular style, you must choose a dress that is ideal for your figure, emphasizing all the advantages. If you are low - choose a trapezoidal model, which visually adds you a few centimeters of growth. For girls with small breasts, the best option is a dress with a neckline in the shape of a heart or a closed top. Hide the small tummy and emphasize the ideal waist will be able to styles with a corset.

Fashionable colors

Among the popular materials for dressing gownsthe leading are silk, chiffon, guipure, satin, velvet, taffeta. Many designers offer to our attention transparent models of guipure, which open the gaze of all the curves of the figure. The color palette has a very wide range, ranging from classical white, black, red to silver and golden gleams. Not less fashionable models of juicy sapphire, ruby ​​and emerald tones. A new fashionable find was the olive color, which looks exquisitely and gently. Cocktail dress 2016 perfectly complement the various clutches, shoes, boats. Feminine ornaments became various pleated folds, rhinestones, sequins and inserts from brilliant materials.