fashion blouses 2016 It's no secret that women likewake up after a boring and dull winter. Beginning to run around the salons and shops in search of a new image in captivity of the future prankster of spring! Houses have accumulated tons of magazines and booklets with spring-summer collections of clothes from different designers, and men's wallets will soon shake pretty much. What is fashionable in the new season of 2016? Do not do your wardrobe and this year without fashion blouses and shirts. We bring to your attention the most fashionable blouses of 2016, photos are attached.

The most fashionable blouses of 2016

To the category of the most fashionable blouses 2016, perhaps,it is necessary to carry models from gentle, air chiffon, royal silk and light satin. Everything that will give your blouse a romantic and unsurpassed quality is as important as ever - it's the magnificent bows decorating the décolletage area, and openwork frills in the wrist area, and classic drapery and ribbon decoration in light colors. fashion blouses of 2016 Even in the last century it was considered very fashionable to wearblouses trimmed with lace. The most famous actresses of American cinema have been seen more than once in such chic blouses and lush wavy skirts! Those who like to dress in the style of "retro", this year will be lucky with the choice of wardrobe! In the shops you can easily find what to wear yourself this spring. Actual in this style will be models with lace trim on the collar stand and cuffs, as well as lace can be part of the back or shoulder area. Shops are covered with all kinds of models of transparent chiffon of various colors, choose not too bright colors, more muffled. Under the bottom are recommended tops or T-shirts, and for sexuality you can just leave the bodice! Fabrics in these models have both monochromatic coloring and patterned. Well, if you are a very hardened modest woman, then you will like a blouse in the style of "Miss everyday life": a simple cut, completely devoid of buttons and any elegance, a smooth and dense fabric, and a complete lack of decollete!

What this spring offers Valentino and Vera Wang

If we consider the newfangled trends fromfamous masters, it is impossible not to mention the collection of the Valentino trading house. This season it is presented in black, gray and snow-white tones. As for the material, the models are made of guipure, chiffon and fabrics, designed for tailoring suits, because there are models of jacket cuts in the collection. The designer does not insist on blouses, tucked into a skirt or trousers, or, conversely, worn on the release under the belt by models, in his display there are various specimens. But, according to the master of the Parisian catwalks, in the spring will be in the winning model, combined in tone with shorts, skirts and trousers. fashionable shirts 2016Valentino Vera Wang invited fashionistas to flauntthis season in blouses with one sleeve or with a decollete lowered to one shoulder. In combination with them, the designer suggests wearing leather gloves of long cut and black breeches breeches. fashionable women's shirts 2016Vera Wang So, for those who did not manage to prioritize when choosing a blouse, before shopping, you should create an organizer in the organizer - fashion blouses 2016:

  • Transparent chiffon blouses in combination with a T-shirt;
  • Blouses with lace trim;
  • Classic blouses of royal silk;
  • Blouses of suit;
  • Blouses with a decollete on one shoulder:
  • Models, combined tone to tone with shorts, skirts and trousers;
  • Blouses of simple cut, without buttons and décolleté.

Women's shirts - the main component of the wardrobe

The time has ended when wearing shirts was consideredstrictly men's business! With the beginning of the 70s of the last century, everything has changed and the image of modern women, including! I had to step aside to the principles of maximalism and dissolve in the image of a "free creator" of my own image! And it is not necessary to consider only women's shirts that emphasize femininity and sexuality today. Even wearing a simple shirt that does not distinguish a figure, you can be seductive and beautiful! And yet men's models do not fit a woman at all. They will not have a characteristic coquette on their backs and grooves in front, as well as soft tailoring and fine lines in the waist. What makes a woman beautiful? First of all, a feeling of carelessness and happiness! Every time we pass by the shop window, we mentally imagine ourselves in the things we like, imagine how we will look in it and how we will appear in it at some important event. But if we buy things that we do not feel comfortable with, then we will not get pleasure from it and we will not look in them fashionably, which means it's beautiful. Therefore, choosing a blouse, feel that you are comfortable in it.

Interesting models in the collection of H & M

Of the latest products released by H & M,popular are shirts with loose edges that can be tied in a knot at the waist line. They are made mostly of white cotton fabric and perfectly combined with high-pants classic cut, and to emphasize the elegance of your outfit, you can add to your trousers bright belt and trendy sandals on a low heel. If you already have a white shirt in your wardrobe, but the usual narrow cut, you can give it a novelty with the help of a corset! This image is suitable for a party, and for a trip to the cinema or just making purchases in stores. fashion blouses 2016 imagesShirt with loose edges and knot at the waistShirts should be chosen according to the style that you wear. If you prefer a free style, this spring shirt with patch pockets in front, dressed in white trousers, will be your "horse"! It is only necessary to roll up the sleeves to the level of 3/4 and you will not be able to miss! fashion blouses and shirts 2016Shirts with patch pockets Of the classics are the mostfashionable shirts for women's 2016 will rather be soft blue models in a white strip, perfectly in harmony with the office skirt of light tone. For refinement, you can add to this style a leather braided strap in brown, and you are - Miss perfection! The classics also include shirts with a short sleeve and a low collar stand, preferably of a soft cream color with darker buttons of smaller sizes. beautiful fashion blouses in 2016Classic Shirts Fashionable blouses 2016 in"Rustic" style, still continue to hold positions on the shelves of the most fashionable stores! Among them are wide blouses, fitted with an elastic band at the waist, with the same loose sleeves tied on the wrist, blouses trimmed in the decollete area, blouses sewed with loose cuts with a number of buttons in the center and many other various models. fashionable shirts spring-summer 2016Blouses in the "rustic" style

Mango this spring recommends shirts

But still this season again in voguefemininity and elegance, refinement and originality - all this corresponds to modern ideas about a weak field. One of the most popular European brands is the Mango clothing line. In this season, they recommend wearing tight long-sleeved shirts and a classic combination of collar and cuffs. Great attention was paid to the shirts of the translucent chiffon shirts, which will sit well on any figure. There are in their collection and shirts with short sleeves, as well as many favorite shirts with a 3/4 sleeve. fashionable shirts for women 2016Classic Strict Shirts If you likewear jeans, because they can be attributed to the universal part of the wardrobe, then this season suited suede shirt with metal buttons, dressed for release. Sexuality will add unbuttoned buttons to the middle and a leather narrow strap on the jeans. In this fashionable shirt, cowboys flaunted across America in the last century, and now this opportunity is provided to all women of fashion this season. beautiful fashion blouses 2016 photosShirts in the "cowboy" style

To go in step with fashion is to feel her rhythm

The desire for novelty makes us endlesslyto look for oneself in different images and styles. The fact that we choose especially rare things, sometimes regarded by others as a provocation, but it is important to feel the rhythm of fashion and keep up with it. For this, do not be afraid this season to wear a denim shirt for a release for a classic black jacket and shorts. And let some people do not have a sense of fashion and style, you have nothing to fear in this outfit, because they will tell you about yourself that you are an unsurpassed fashionista! In this season, the main thing is to follow the principle: no rules! Designers skillfully worked on mixing fabrics and styles when choosing clothes: bright blouses and fashionable shirts in 2016 collection spring-summer, just bewitch! And do not be confused by the prevalence of pastel tones after a boring winter, spring is the time of hopes and expectations, love and happiness, and harmony in everything! What is still worth trying on in the store of shirts:

  • Strict shirts with a collar and cuffs;
  • Chiffon shirts;
  • The short sleeve and sleeve 3/4 is still in price;
  • Shirts of loose cut with long edges that tie into knot;
  • Light shirts with patch pockets in front;
  • Classic cut soft blue in white stripes;
  • Suede shirt on the buttons;
  • Jeans shirt for a black jacket;
  • Shirts with short sleeves in pastel colors.
  • Shopping trips

    The shirt from the new collections will fit perfectlyin your wardrobe, whatever it is. And do not forget that life is theater. Therefore, work on creating a unique image is enough, especially since the beginning of the season, designers can always offer us a lot of options, whether it's a fashionable shirt 2016 or a blouse, or any other part of the women's wardrobe. Do not be afraid to add to your image of bohemianism, or, conversely, daring gypsy - these two elements always had too much in common. And when you are ready to shake your husband's purse pretty well, remember that it's better to buy one or two things of good quality and tone to the things you have already acquired than a whole bunch of even the most fashionable trends, but not fitting in style to the rest of your clothes! They, perhaps, will remain hanging on the hangers of your closet until better times, until they are sent to the trash! So be picky about choosing clothes and learn to trust your fashion sense. It is best to visit the shops in the mood and without time limit, then the bought thing will sparkle at you! And fashion blouses of 2016, photos of which are presented on our website, will help you in this. We advise you to read: