style thrash At weddings, birthdays and generally holidaysincreasingly abandon the norms and canons of generations, preferring something original. That's for sure, you have seen more than once a photo in which a bride in a snow-white dress poses against a background of a dump, and the groom in a stylish suit smokes a cigar, crouching on the stair steps of a destroyed house. Having met such an unusual wedding album for the first time, many people mistakenly believe that this is a manifestation of the artist's bad taste, but no, this is a trash style feature: the photos are a vivid embodiment of it. However, today, on the wave of popularity in general, everything associated with the denial of generally accepted norms and standards. In fashion, it is not so much photoshoots themselves in the "garbage" style, as clothing and the character of human behavior in society. Modern youth gladly took this style, many teenagers are literally obsessed with it, so everyone should know the history of its occurrence and understand what the thrash is all about, what they want to say with its help. Let's start with the origins and talk about the peculiarities of its rapid ascent to the peak of popularity.

The history of thrash-style clothing: how did it all start?

The current was generated and developed inThe United States of America, and everything began relatively recently - as well as its representatives, it is very young. This becomes clear already because the cult personality in the history of the style is Audrey Kitching - a thrash model, which is only 25 years old. And this young girl is already rightfully considered one of the founders of the current, popular all over the world, and a modern sex symbol of youth. Beauty and originality help her to actively popularize the direction: trash photos from Audrey Kitching are well known to teenagers who rebel against norms and standards, her portraits adorn the walls of many young men and girls. But popularity did not come at once, even the name of the sub-culture, on the basis of which the current appeared - White Trash (from English the expression literally translates as "white garbage") speaks about it. So in the United States began to respond about young people who began to reject the standards of society and the patterns of mass American pop culture. With the emergence and spread of thrash, many began to wonder about what place the current occupies in society. Paradoxically, the style in question can have elements of mass character - it simply does the opposite: unpopular things and accessories, as well as seemingly tasteless combinations of wardrobe items and looks within the thrash are elevated to the fashionable. And what is "garbage" for others is considered a real treasure for those who want to go against public opinion.

Why thrash style: original clothes for unusual people

photo shoot in the style of thrash Of course, any rapidly developingphenomena, trends or trends, there are reasons for success. Therefore, it is worth highlighting the main points and in the case of thrash and think why the wave of success of the "garbage" style swept the United States of America, reached Europe and became well-known to the youth of Russia.

  • Thrash is actively promoted: it is advertised by youth music, such clothes are the idols of modern teenagers. Thus, a sub-culture is formed that is interesting for young men and girls, differing in their non-standard and original.
  • Today it is young people who bring to societysomething new: adolescents respond more quickly and more actively to changes, and with the development of Internet technologies, young men and women have the opportunity to communicate comfortably with their peers around the world. Many people hear about thrash from their American friends and, if they like the style, they start dressing and behaving the same way. As a result, the fans of this movement appear in companies - they begin to imitate them: everyone knows that the example of friends is one of the most contagious.
  • Youth always reach out to what is popular, andis ready to share the information with his environment, and the topic is always described brightly and colorfully. So in the case of trash clothes: even if a person does not know exactly what it is different from the other, he probably already heard about it from someone from friends or acquaintances.

At the same time, the style we are considering is closelytouches other sub-cultures and currents: there are lines of retro 70-80x, emo elements are visible, in places even the familiar elegant notes of the classics can be traced. And all the White Trash fans are united by the idea: they want to live outside the rules and traditions, both in the fashion field, and in all aspects and nuances of our everyday life. And such a powerful appeal always gathered under its banner rebellious youth: hippies, punks, rockers, emo - today it's time for "white garbage".

Clothes in the style of thrash, what is it?

The answer is simple: it can be really any, so extraordinary, as imagination allows, and a huge variety of possible combinations opens wide horizons for any fan of the "garbage" direction. Let's try to make up some images of young guys and girls dressing in this style - what are they? And let's start with representatives of the strong half of humanity, proving that in modern society, a man can be extravagant and original.

  • A strict shirt, a stylish jacket, a fashionable jacket, a torn shirt - a fan trash can safely put on each thing individually or even a few of them together.
  • Pants, jeans, shorts, breeches or even kilt can become an original and quite acceptable for the "garbage" style fan.
  • Thrash fans are not particularly worried about the choice of shoes, often wearing something that they just like at the moment, whether they are sneakers or moccasins, shoes or shoes of any color and style.
  • At the same time on the head of a litter of garbagethere can be anything, from a simple baseball cap to a ski cap - and it does not matter how it goes along with the rest of the clothes.
  • And the complement of the image can be somea spectacular accessory: a thin tie, put on top of a shirt, a brooch pinned to shorts, sunglasses worn on a wide-brimmed hat - in short, anything that can only be imagined.

Now let's turn our attention to the fair sex: let their clothes say without words to us how beautiful the shocking can be.

  • Mama's lace blouse, trendy blouse,a bold and frank corset, a simple shirt with a print - all this is in the wardrobe of a real thrash fan: these things help create the right image and convey something important to people.
  • Ragged leggings, tights in a mesh, skirts withfrilly, tight trousers or jeans with fringe - a fan of "garbage" style can safely put them on, going to a party or a walk around the city and not caring how they will be combined with previously chosen clothes.
  • Shoes - this is a real fetish for thrash-fans: on the legs of the girls can flaunt both elegant shoes, and high-heeled boots, like worn out grandmother's sandals, and winter boots. Season or fashion has absolutely nothing to do with it - it's important to express yourself and emphasize your individuality.
  • All girls and women just love hats andother headgear, and fans of the "garbage" style is no exception. That's just the hat they do not have to be combined with a handbag, moreover, in place of a handbag, it may well be a backpack or even a mesh net found somewhere. And the headgear itself can be miniature or reach almost the size of a sombrero - the real thrash devotees depart from the standards.
  • Many lover of "garbage" do not part with decorations and accessories that can begin with well-known emo-badges and rhinestones and end with diadems or crowns.

What have we got, trying to create a certaina collective image of representatives of youth thrash culture? Only that the appearance of a person can be completely different, but he always remains provocatively attractive, bold enough, extravagant, shocking and always original. Representatives of this movement stand out from the crowd: some people admire them, others do not understand, others scold, envying - the fact that society does not remain indifferent is important.

Extravagance and unusual clothes in the style of thrash

trash style photo All possible directions or their fullabsence - you can perceive this direction as you like. After all, what standards and trends can be in the trash style for clothes - right, no: this is the direction that does not have canonical colors or styles. It all depends on the mood of a person, on what he wants to say to society, dressing in a certain way. It can be a challenge to the established norms or a way to emphasize its originality and significance - in any case, the fans of the "trash" style are always noticeable. But for all its unconventionality, extravagance and gay recklessness trash possesses characteristic features, which if desired can be seen.

  • All fans of the "garbage" style like to combine,that, apparently, can not normally look together: trousers and rubber boots, shoes and shorts, a T-shirt and tights - all this can be easily put on by lovers of thrash. They just randomly choose a few things from a heap of clothes thrown into a heap, and the sharper the contrast, the happier will be the white-trash fan.
  • Fashion is a real irritant for anyone.a fan of "junk" style: if everyone starts wearing tight jeans, he puts on a flare, if this season popular white shirts are popular, he proudly wears a ragged black jersey. The spirit of contradiction, the challenge to society, the desire to oppose the majority - this is the whole thrash style of clothing.
  • But at the same time, true fans of "garbage", those,who understand nuances, and not blindly imitate, subtly mock at objects and elements of mass culture. The basis is taken by a popular and everywhere flashing image, for example, a strict black evening dress, and is combined with yellow golf and white sneakers.
  • The subject of pride for any white-trash fanis a print on his T-shirt: cartoon characters, tribes, funny inscriptions - all this we can see on the T-shirt. One print without words can tell us about what the person wanted to express, what his mood is - he is a kind of fetish for fans of the "garbage" style.

However, we should not forget that thrashtends to violate all the rules, therefore, the above-described characteristics do not manifest themselves in all cases. If desired, the fan of the "garbage" style can dress in a strict business suit, appear in the most fashionable T-shirt of the season or in the T-shirt "I love NY" - this current walks the world precisely because of the possibility of free choice that it gives to young people.

Original hairstyles - the best addition to clothing in the style of thrash

thrash style clothes Let's talk about the broad possibilitiesself-expression of fans of the "garbage" direction: first and foremost worth mentioning are bright and non-standard hairstyles. They help to make the image of the person even more extravagant, more unusual and attractive, although sometimes it may seem that trash-fanatki simply mock their hair. On their head can be a great example of a fashionable hairstyle, that's only distorted beyond recognition.

  • Careless appearance - this is the visiting card of the amateurs"Garbage" style: strands are mixed and knocked down, it seems that girls do not know about combs and stylings. But no, so trash-fanatki do specifically, mocking women with luxurious and very complex hairstyles.
  • Multi-colored strands - here's another hairpin in the addresscolored blondes and brunettes: a fan of "junk" style does not want to be like everyone else, so in many cases, her head looks like a multi-colored palette of the artist. Pink locks can coexist with blue or green and this is still far from the limit. "Raccoons", "chanterelles" and "leopard tails" - these are the elements that look original and unusual, which surprise and passers-by and make them look around the girl following.
  • Overhead dredges and plaits also often adorn the hairstyles of thrash-fans: they add a girl's image of exoticism and color.
  • Finally, a fan of the "garbage" style can simplya haircut for a boy, a shave, a Iroquois, or just one ponytail - there are plenty of opportunities to stand out and make the hair look shocking and original.

From thrash-fans not too far behind and representativesthe stronger sex: young people make a real crow's nest on their heads, fix individual strands of varnish, do not forget about the dreads. Fans of the "garbage" style prove that the male hairstyle is not limited to the limits and standards.

Makeup in the style of thrash: unusual in everything

One of the mandatory elements of the image of fans of the "garbage" style is just make-up - like everything in this direction, it is quite original and outrageous.

  • Black color fans thrash borrowed from emo, but from this he goes to them no less. It is black that perfectly emphasizes the eyes and lips, making them more expressive on the background of pink, blue, green strands.
  • But at the same time, lovers of the "garbage" style do notembarrassed to use and bright colors: make-up can be done with the help of the most juicy shades, starting with lemon-yellow or acid-green and ending with a rich purple color. Such a diverse palette of colors is the best way to express the extravagance inherent in this direction.
  • False eyelashes - this is another widely used trash style element - long and dense, similar to the butterfly wings, they make the girl more fabulous and fantastic.

Makeup fans of garbage style implies,that the main emphasis will be on the lips and eyes - this is another "hello" emo. But at the same time, in the view of the thrash-fan, interest in everything extravagant and unusual is usually shone, and not only detachment or indifference. Moreover, with the general similarity of some elements of make-up, the "garbage" style still possesses certain features that are unique to it. So, for example, when stressing the lips and eyes, thrash lovers are much less likely to impose make-up on the face - this is significantly different from the same ones. In any case, with such an original make-up, a person will in any case stand out from the gray crowd, not only with his extravagant outfit or outrageous behavior.

Jewelry plays an important role for clothing in the style of thrash

It is difficult to imagine the image of modern princesand princesses of "garbage" direction without accessories are effective touches, which only add to them charm and color. Extravagant thrash style involves an abundance of accessories, the most diverse, from all the familiar rings or earrings and ending with diadems. Interestingly, the value of an accessory is not of fundamental importance: for example, embroidery with stones on jeans can be performed using turquoise or jade, and the crown being plastic or even wooden. The important thing is not how much it costs to decorate, but what the idea can be conveyed to the society with its help: in thrash style, money does not play a major role. However, it is necessary to speak not only about accessories, but also about many other kinds of ornaments, both clothes and bodies - let's look at each of them.

  • Piercing, and in a variety of places -most thrash-fans pierce not only ear lobes, but also nose, lips, eyebrows, tongue. All this, of course, adds an effect and originality, but you need to remember that while there are scars on the skin, which, incidentally, always cause distrust to your person. Therefore, young people who are going to work with clients, it is worthwhile once again to think about the piers.
  • It is worth considering separately and this is enoughan extreme kind of piercing as tunnels - they have firmly become a thrash style and are now a common decoration. But the reaction to them from different people is ambiguous: someone comes to delight from the tunnel, and someone thinks that a person just spoiled his ear - but after all to choose you.
  • Trash style is difficult to imagine without tattoos: many guys and girls decorate themselves with complex drawings, making them a kind of "second skin" or, if you like, the continuation of their attire.

Decorating your body with piercings and tattoos, thrashfans can not worry that in time their appearance will not be so spectacular. After all, the "garbage" style is out of fashion: nothing terrible will happen if popular today's pierced eyebrows or Celtic motifs become uninteresting tomorrow. Thrash-fan has nothing to fear, because he denies standards and brings society his vision of beauty. Even with a change in fashion horizons for him will remain as wide, and open spaces - open, fans of the "garbage" direction have almost limitless opportunities for self-expression.

Clothes in the style of thrash and delusion, which are associated with it

style thrash clothing You yourself know perfectly well what legends andmyths can acquire something new and rapidly entering into fashion - just as it was in the case with the direction we are considering. Therefore, it is worth dispelling those misconceptions that pursue the "garbage" style and try to change the erroneous opinion of those people who do not yet know about all its subtleties.

  • Dress in the style of thrash can and do people likedifferent levels of income, not at all those who simply do not have the money for "normal" clothing. Many celebrities are positively referring to the "junk" style: its lines are clearly seen in some Madonna dresses or, for example, Lady Gaga, many famous couturiers pay attention to it - some things from collections of fashion houses cost serious sums.
  • Given the popularity of thrash-style clothing in the mosthigh circles can easily dispel the delusion that it is the choice of people with a lack of taste. This is not so, just in the "garbage" direction, extravagance, originality and a bold desire to surprise others with their unusual and in some ways even defiant appearance come to the fore. Suffice it to say that many celebrities wear dresses for rendezvous, discos and parties.
  • Another popular misconception tells us aboutthe fact that picking up an extravagant outfit in a "garbage" style is easy - it's not like that at all. After all, there is a fine line between shocking and really bad taste: it's important to dress like this in order to express your protest to others, to bring something to them, and not just to make people laugh. Despite all its brightness and unusualness, the thrash direction helps to tell society what is important for a person.
  • Many people also mistakenly believe that the fashion for"Garbage" style will very quickly pass along with the growth of modern youth. They are wrong because thrash out of fashion - over time, the popularity priorities will change, and this direction will remain, because there will always be something ironic about. Perhaps, the wardrobe of a trash-fan will change or the number of fans of style will change, but that the direction will continue its turbulent and original life, we are 100% sure.
  • There are people who consider the "garbage" style a choiceexclusively to young people, which has not yet decided on its priorities, which is changing every day. But in the United States and Europe thrash has already grown generations, with their views on life - now they are adults and independent people, full members of modern society, who continue to be fans of "garbage". Trash culture is not a trend of the times, because the feeling of inner freedom does not pass in a year or two - it remains with the person all the time.

Agree, when you like any styleclothes, it is worth learning about it more so as not to fall for the bait of delusions and truly imagine the general picture. That's why we tried to briefly talk about the most common mistakes that a person who is interested in the "garbage" direction can face.

Photoshoots in the style of thrash: distinctive features

Today it is the "garbage" style on the wavepopularity, and this is in view of the fact that the very philosophy of direction subtly sneers at fashion, seeks to deny all pop standards. But the direction continues to attract its brightness and unusualness - today many celebrities gladly make a whole series of photoshoots in the style of thrash, causing admiration from the fans. Therefore, it is worthwhile to elaborate on the reasons for the increased interest in trash-art, the so-called "garbage art".

  • The contrast of backgrounds is always spectacular: because of this photo shoot of the newlyweds on the background of destroyed theaters, dirty streets or dilapidated houses look shocking, but at the same time and quite stylish.
  • The direction of trash-art surprises by the unusualcombinations and brightness of the created artistic images - the lack of standards is always attractive for the subtle and creative natures, because it shows all the versatility of art.
  • It's a photo shoot in the "trash" style is excellenthelps to disclose the person on the other hand, to see it a little in a new way, because at the expense of a choice of original garments and accessories, bold make-up and extravagant surroundings, even well-known people appear in unexpected images.

Of course, adherents of trash-art are not necessarilythere must be stars or famous models - the admirers of style are people of different ages and social groups. Denying standards and erasing the framework, the "garbage" direction remains open to all - it is important only to correctly understand what you want to say to its representatives. If an unusual, shocking, original is of interest, maybe just for you and was created a style thrash: photos with you in the lead role will turn out bright, funny and extraordinary. It is with this that a love for "garbage art" - one of the most progressive youth trends in the US and Europe - can begin.

Clothes in the style of thrash: a mockery of glamor?

Many people often talk about the conflict of "garbage" andpop directions, but that's not entirely true. After all, at the moment of a conflict of interest, some features of thrash get glamor: the latter becomes more aggressive and provocative. At the same time, the "garbage" style acquires some features of the pop direction, but, having absorbed them, it can ironically and satirically mock these elements. In any case, when, on the one hand, luxury and pathos, and on the other, denial of standards and "plush" norms, the conflict necessarily turns out to be interesting and eye-catching, that's why thrash always benefits. And this situation is also true when the "garbage" style collides with other directions. Gothic, emo, punk, retro - trash is able to absorb the most characteristic of their features, only adding to itself originality. Therefore, we are ready to confidently state that for the "garbage" style the future - they will be interested in many generations of young people. And this is even taking into account the fact that new attractive trends and trends will appear, and the thrash itself will become something like a modern retro. After all, in the "garbage" style the recklessness of punk coexists with the rebelliousness of fate, the touching emo goes hand in hand with the gloominess of the Gothic style, and the classic lines of retro embroider the notes of fluffy glamor. It's no exaggeration to say that thrash has absorbed all the best that there are in other sub-cultures, which is why it will continue to amaze and shock. The "garbage" direction is a choice in favor of attractive originality, extravagant originality: it perfectly suits self-confident people, striving to stand out and surprise society. Pay attention to the thrash style: the clothes of such a plan will always be not only bold and challenging, but also very interesting. We advise you to read: