Fashionable clothes spring-summer 2012 No matter how we scold the windy fashion, interest in itand the desire to have actual things in the wardrobe remains unchanged. Each coming season carries fresh ideas, new or forgotten elements, original and even shocking solutions. Fashion designers always look forward to spring, so after a long winter, please yourself and others with bright colors and inviting silhouettes. What will please us the fashion of the spring-summer season 2016 this time? The fashion of the upcoming spring promises to be diverse and contradictory, colorful and romantic.

Fabrics and styles

A distinctive feature of this season's fashion will be flowing from light translucent fabrics. Strict silhouettes will give way to gorgeous outfits with an accentuated waistline. Another fashion trend is the hem of an asymmetrical cut. The uneven line of the bottom is relevant for raincoats, skirts, dresses and even jackets. Asymmetry is also present in the upper part of the garment - one-shoulder dresses are again popular. Another feature of the spring-summer season is the shortened top of the suit and the upper-bra. Seductive models of this direction will taste like a fashionable women with an impeccable press. A hit of spring and summer will be dresses with a neck opening their shoulders - restrained options for work and more exciting - for leisure. This spring will be elegant and feminine outfits from satin, lace, chiffon, knit length midi and on the floor. Fashion designers also paid attention to perforated materials, creating original and stylish dresses. Lovers of trousers, depending on the features of the figure and personal preferences, have to choose between narrow and wide models.

Colors and prints

Bright saturated colors are always inherentspring and summer clothes. New models amaze with a variety of shades and their combinations. Especially relevant are poisonous colors and contrasting combinations. The most popular colors are spring-summer 2016 - green, light green, turquoise, orange, lemon, red. Do not worry and lovers of discreet shades - pastel colors are present in the collections of most designers. This, as monophonic things, and outfits with prints. The most fashionable in the new season will be romantic and feminine dresses with floral print. Dresses remain with fashion and with animal print. The tiger and leopard were replaced by crocodile skin, snakes, print with birds, lizards. The combinations concern not only contrast colors, but also prints. In new collections when connecting prints, special attention was paid to harmony. Spring and summer are a time of elegant and delicate white. In the season of spring-summer 2016 white color is relevant for business clothes. These are strict jackets, skirts, trousers, dresses in combination with bright accessories. We advise you to read: