beets with garlic and mayonnaise No holiday can not do without a standardmenu: "Herring under a fur coat", "Olivier", salad from crab sticks. We offer to treat guests another very simple, but useful and insanely delicious food - they will definitely like beets with garlic, dressed with mayonnaise. It is suitable for a normal family dinner or dinner, and for a more solemn occasion.

A simple beetroot recipe with garlic

As is known, boiled beets are a healthy anduseful product. It improves digestion and never lingers on the body in the form of extra pounds. If it is combined with garlic and seasoned with mayonnaise, you will get a juicy and bright salad. Try it yourself! Ingredients:

  • one medium beet
  • three tablespoons of any mayonnaise
  • salt - according to your taste
  • one garlic clove

Cooking method: You can make this salad in two ways: boil the beets or use it in raw form. However, not everyone likes the "earthy" taste of this vegetable, despite the fact that it contains a lot of vitamins, the amount of which naturally decreases during processing. Therefore, if you are afraid to spoil the dish, bake or boil the beetroot. Otherwise, we recommend choosing cylindrical varieties, as well as those in which the root crop inside is intensely colored - such a vegetable is always very sweet and not "earthy" at all. So, let's dwell on the first option: boil the beetroot in a little salted water, then cut off the skin and grate it on a medium grater. After remove the garlic from the husks and crush with a special press; if you do not have one, use an ordinary knife. Now put both ingredients in a deep salad bowl and fill with mayonnaise, adding salt to your taste. If you have your favorite spices or you like the aroma of black ground pepper, put a small amount of these condiments in the dish. Thoroughly mix all ingredients with a spoon and can lay on the table. This salad is prepared with strength for five minutes, and in order to save time, you can buy already in the supermarket cooked beets. To the dish is not boring, supplement it with a variety of products to your taste: nuts, peanuts, cheese, prunes and others. This food, full of vitamins and health, will please everyone from small to large!

Beet and prunes under mayonnaise

Since we mentioned that it is possible to add walnuts to the beetroot salad, it would be unforgivable not to tell you this recipe. Therefore write or remember! Ingredients:

  • one kilogram of sweet beetroot
  • garlic - two denticles
  • 300 grams of prunes
  • salt
  • 200 grams of walnuts
  • delicacy mayonnaise - according to your taste

Cooking method: Wash the beetroot in a deep saucepan, pour water and cook until done. By the time it takes from forty minutes to one hour - it all depends on the size of the vegetable. Now you need to crush walnuts. To do this, wrap them in a clean kitchen towel and beat off with a special hammer or use a rolling pin. Some housewives love to make the dish homogeneous, so the nuts are ground to the state of flour. As for prunes, it should be cut into small cubes. If it is very hard, fill it with warm water and leave it for fifteen minutes. After you get rid of excess liquid and dry the prunes well, laying it on paper towels. Beet by this time should be ready, so cool it, remove the skin and grate on a small grater. After transfer to a deep bowl, here also enter nuts, prunes, chopped garlic and sprinkle with a little salt, season with delicious mayonnaise. Stir well all the foods and spread the salad over the plates. If there is greenery, you can chop it and decorate the dish. If you cook a meal for a festive table, it is necessary that it was not only appetizing, but also beautiful looking. To do this, we recommend distributing the beetroot under mayonnaise along elegant glass crockery, and sprinkle nuts on top or decorate with parsley leaves. delicious beetroot with garlic and mayonnaise

Salad "Beetroot miracle" with mayonnaise, cheese and garlic

In winter time it is extremely important to saturate the bodyessential to him vitamins, which, firstly, will allow to fight with the widespread acute respiratory viral infections, influenza, and secondly, will give you the strength to cope with the blues. After all, when the frost is outside the window, in the morning it's still dark, and you need to go to work, the mood itself disappears by itself. Therefore, we propose to master the recipe for a salad of beetroot with fragrant garlic. Thanks to the cheese that is added to the dish, it turns out to be original and unlike the others. Ingredients:

  • two small beets
  • two medium cloves of garlic
  • salt
  • 100 grams of hard cheese (use any on your own)
  • light mayo - three large spoons
  • golden raisins - optional

Cooking method: Many housewives cook this salad with boiled beets, but let's break the habitual tradition. We propose to make it in the oven: for this, wash the vegetable well and wrap it in foil, then send it to the oven heated up to 180 degrees. Depending on the size, the beetroot is baked for 60 to 80 minutes. In the meantime, prepare the remaining ingredients: peel the garlic and pass it through a special press, and grate the hard cheese on a small grater. When the beet becomes soft and starts to emit a characteristic aroma, take it out of the oven, cool it, use a knife to remove the skin and thin it with thin strips. Raisins pre-pour warm water, and after fifteen minutes, drain it, rinse the product under the tap and dry it well. You have very little left: combine all the above ingredients in one bowl, add a little salt and taste mayonnaise. Now mix the dish and shift it into a beautiful dish. If your oven breaks down or it simply does not, boil the beets, and then do everything according to the recipe. You can also use a raw vegetable: grate it on a large grater and combine it with the rest of the ingredients. In addition, instead of raisins, some put walnuts or steamed prunes, and mayonnaise is replaced with sour cream - so the food will turn out to be less caloric and more useful.

Unusual beetroot with mayonnaise

Standard salad with beets and garlic,dressed with delicious mayonnaise, can be original and unusual. Do not believe me? Then try making a dish using this recipe. For this you will need special clay pots. Ingredients:

  • one clove of garlic
  • beets - 100 grams
  • 25 grams of kvass
  • 50 grams of light delicacy mayonnaise
  • any greens - to taste
  • 20 grams of walnuts

Cooking method: Clean the washed beets from the roots and put them on a weak fire. If desired, you can bake it in the oven, pre-wrapped in foil. When the vegetable is ready, peel it off, cut into thin straws and transfer to a clay pot. Now peel the garlic with a press or finely chop it with a knife. After mix it with kvass and leave for 20 minutes. After this time, the resulting mixture, strain and pour it with beets. You go to the last stage of cooking this original dish: nuts rastolkite with a mortar, and freshly chop the fresh herbs. Pour into the pot all the above products and pour them with mayonnaise. Useful beetroot with garlic and mayonnaise

Toasts with beets and mayonnaise

A little distraction from salads. We offer to make toasts with boiled beets, garlic and mayonnaise. This dish will be a wonderful snack for a festive table for your birthday, New Year or Christmas. Ingredients:

  • 200 grams of bread (we recommend using rye)
  • one big beetroot
  • eight cloves of garlic
  • salt - at your discretion
  • two tablespoons of mayonnaise
  • refined olive oil - for frying

Cooking method: Rye bread cut into thin slices of the same size and slightly moistened with water. Then preheat the olive oil in a frying pan and lay out the toast in it, fry them on each side. Now in a deep saucepan in slightly salted water, boil the beetroot. When it is ready, get rid of the peel and grate the vegetable on thin strips with a grater. Peel the garlic, using a special press, and mix it with mayonnaise. Everything, you have come to the final stage of cooking: put the beetroot on the roasted toast and pour everything with garlic sauce. Eat with pleasure! You can decorate the snacks with fresh green leaves.

Apples with beets, raisins and mayonnaise

This sweet, vitamin-rich salad can be made for your child. It is delicious, healthy and very easy to prepare. Ingredients:

  • 100 grams of mayonnaise
  • 50 grams of golden raisins
  • one boiled beetroot
  • one large sweet and sour apple
  • bunch of fresh parsley
  • four grams of garlic

Cooking method: The first thing you should do is boil the beetroot, laying it in a saucepan with slightly salted water. Now take out the middle of the apple and cut it into small cubes, and garlic - small pieces. You can crush it using a press. Cut fresh parsley with a knife. By this time, the beet must already be ready, so cool it, peel and grate on a medium grater. Fine is not recommended to use, as the salad will look like porridge. Combine all the ingredients in one bowl and fill them with sauce. For its preparation, combine mayonnaise with garlic and season with a dish, thoroughly mixing it. At the very end, enter raisins, which should be soaked for 15 minutes in warm water. As you can see, from beet and mayonnaise, you can cook everything from snacks to delicious salads. Add raisins, nuts to the dish, use a variety of spices and fresh herbs. In general, do not limit your imagination and cook like a real cook! We wish you success!