beautiful manicure on short nails Some women believe that a beautiful manicurepossible only on long nails. Some try to grow them in a natural way, while others turn to beauty salons for help and build up. And in the first and second case, a woman faces a number of problems. If the nature of the nails are brittle and thin, it is very difficult to grow them. And after the build-up, it will take more than a month to strengthen the structure of the nail, and the strengthening means are not small. So why do we need all these tricks? Why waste your time, resort to costly procedures, if short nails can become the pride of its owner? Even the capricious fashion has gone to meet us - in this season, extremely short and neat marigots are relevant! In this article we will dispel all your doubts and tell you how to make a beautiful manicure on short nails, how to care for it, how to choose the perfect combination of colors and textures. beautiful manicure on nails

Main features of short manicure

  • Short marigolds are practical and convenient. You will undoubtedly agree with this fact. In addition, many men prefer that their women "wear" a neat manicure, rather than a long cat's nails;
  • A short manicure requires as much care as a long manicure. Do not neglect the salt baths, take care of the cuticle, watch for the shape of the nails;
  • Never use metal nail files! They only spoil the structure of the nail plate. Buy the tool in professional stores, then it's easy to do the manicure at home;
  • In order for your manicure to look harmonious,choose the right shape for the nails. Today there is a square in fashion, but it is not worth following the publications in glossy magazines blindly. Remember, the square shape is suitable only for those girls who have thin and long fingers. If you do not belong to such, choose a classic oval;
  • Do not forget to look after the cuticle. You do not need to trim it, just push it away with an orange stick. You can buy a special oil that slows the growth of the cuticle, the more often you use it, the less it will grow;
  • Remember, the short nails look great dark and bright nail polish. Do not be afraid to experiment;
  • If you want to visually extend the marigold, use as vertical vertical patterns;
  • Girls who have too wide a nail plate should be applied a varnish not on all surface, and only on the center, having left sides unpainted;
  • On short nails, you can not draw too large or too small drawings - stick to the middle; The same goes for decorating nails;
  • When choosing a design, it is necessary to limit 2-3 shades of varnish, otherwise the manicure will be too variegated;
  • Acrylic molding and other forms of volumetric design are excluded. On short nails, this decoration looks too vulgar;
  • To properly select a picture, carefullytake a closer look at the shape of your nails. Oval and almond-shaped nails perfectly look floral motifs, made in light colors. But for a square shape, dark lacquer and graphic or abstract drawings are best;
  • Do not discount the classic French. It is suitable for any shape of nail.

Well, here we have considered the main features of a short manicure. Now let's look at a few examples of design. Of all the methods listed below, you are sure to choose the one that suits you.

Spring flowers

To create this design, you will need: pearl lacquer, white and purple nail paint, a thin brush and a fixer.

  • We cover nails with a mother-of-pearl varnish: first we paint the middle, then the sides;
  • When the varnish dries, take the brush and the violet paint. Gently draw a wavy line along the length of the nail (left or right, as you please);
  • In the same way we process all the nails;
  • Now we need to diversify the picture. Add the same curls along the width of the nail plate to the finished line with the same paint. Focus on your imagination;
  • Now take the white paint and at the base of each curl we put small dots. As a result, you should get a picture resembling a branch with snowdrops;
  • Having made the same pattern on all the nails, fix it with a fixer.

Such a manicure for short nails is excellentsuitable for a romantic walk, and for office everyday life. At will, you can choose for the drawing other colors, the main thing is that they are not too bright and combined. fashionable beautiful manicure on short nails

Black Gold

You will need: black and gold lacquer, yellow acrylic paint, thin brush or needle, fixer.

  • We cover our nails with gold varnish;
  • As soon as the main color dries, paint one corner of the nail with a black varnish. We try to make the corner elongated;
  • Take the yellow paint and outline the border of black lacquer, in two or three places making small curls that go to the corner;
  • Now take again the black varnish and put them curls on the gold. They should be proportionally yellow;
  • Cover the figure with a fixer - the manicure is ready.

This option is good for going out for dinner, for dinner in a restaurant. It will look great in tandem with a little black dress.


You will need: brown and gold lacquer, white, yellow and brown acrylic paint, brush, fixer.

  • The main color is brown. We cover it completely with the nail plate;
  • We take a gold lacquer and in one corner of the nail do vertical strokes - this lengthens the fingers visually;
  • Using a white paint and a thin brush, draw a vertical wave in the middle of the nail, as if outlining the golden color;
  • In yellow paint draw two circles: large and small. So that they stand behind the white wave;
  • Now draw two more circles, but already in brown. Also standing behind the edges of the white line and behind the yellow circles;
  • Cover with a fixer, preferably in two layers.

The design of "soap bubbles" looks good with the sports style of clothes.

Starry sky

You will need: burgundy and light purple matte lacquer, white and black paint, brush, fixer.

  • On the entire surface of the nail we apply burgundy varnish;
  • Take the purple varnish and paint over the corner of the nail - it should turn out to be elongated;
  • White paint circling the corner of the corner, drawing a brace;
  • Now draw 2-3 stars, stretching them in length, also with white paint. One on a purple background. The rest on the claret;
  • Black paint around the asterisk on one side;
  • We fix the result with a fixative.

Here is such a simple, but at the same time original andbeautiful manicure on short nails. Do not necessarily adhere to the above recommendation. By experimenting with the color and shape of the picture, you can create your own design, which will look no less attractive. Remember, never be afraid to embody your fantasies in life! Only by trial and error can you create something unforgettable. And do not despair if the first time does not work out as you intended. All comes with experience. We advise you to read: