how to remove pigment spots on the face Some lucky ones with perfectly smooth skinit is enough to apply a cleansing mask twice a week, use moisturizing creams and do an easy make-up every day. But how to get rid of the fair sex, whose face is covered abundantly with freckles! What here natural beauty if every morning it is necessary to put voice-frequency creams, powder, blush. The question arises, how to remove pigmentation spots, without harming the skin of the face? After all, walking constantly with a ton of makeup is also not an option, since cosmetics can lead to premature aging, the appearance of acne, acne. Plus there are institutions where you have to go unpainted (swimming pools, saunas, beaches), and appear in a crowded place with such a gift of nature, unfortunately, not all ladies are being solved. To get rid of such defects is quite simple: you need to ensure proper care and use the folk remedies, the recipes of which are passed down from generation to generation.

Care for problem skin in spring

With the arrival of the first solar raysrepresentatives of the fair sex appear the first skin problems: first, small and hardly noticeable spots appear on the face, which in time begin to darken strongly. And if at this moment not to use protective creams with SPF not less than fifteen, then the situation will only worsen. Also do not forget to wash yourself every day with decoctions of herbs that not only lighten the skin, but also nourish it with useful microelements. The unconditional advantage is that most of the necessary ingredients can be purchased at any pharmacy without a prescription. Moreover, you do not have to spend much time preparing rinsing aids.

  • Decoction of lime blossom

Pour a handful of inflorescences with boiling water (about a hundredmilliliters) and leave for fifteen minutes to allow the broth to brew. In a little cool water, add a third of a teaspoon of honey and stir it well so that it dissolves. Use this tool is exactly the same as the usual tonic: moisten the cotton swab in it and wipe the problem areas on the face. This tincture cleanses the skin, makes it lighter, firmer, prevents the appearance of acne, removes cornified particles. However, be careful with the use and do not store the decoction for more than two days, even in the refrigerator, as it quickly spoils.

  • The vinegar solution

In one liter of water, add a tablespoon of vinegar andtwo tablespoons of salt with a slide. Pour the solution into glass containers and store in a cool dry place away from children. Use this tool to the end, if the bottom of the bottle does not appear cloudy sediment. Wipe the problem areas with a sponge. If the apartment is warm, and you are in no hurry, after the procedure, do not dry the skin with a towel or napkin. On cold days, grind the treated areas until you feel a slight warmth. Thus, you will accelerate the renewal of cells, and dark spots on the face will brighten.

  • Herbal Bath

Do not know how to remove the spots on your face inas short as possible? Make warm baths with decoctions of clarifying herbs. Pour two hundred and fifty grams of dried flowers from chamomile, dill, blackthorn, mint, yarrow and sage water, let it infuse for thirty or forty minutes under the lid. Before use, always add a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. When the broth cools down to the desired temperature - about thirty-five degrees Celsius, soak a terry towel in it and attach it to the skin. If you do such a bath at least two or three times a week, after a month, your face will not have freckles. how to remove pigment spots

Care for problem skin in summer

That after a long pastime undersun you did not have to suffer with how to remove pigment spots, before going out to the street, be sure to take care of your skin and apply a special tonal base. If you plan to sunbathe or splash in the sea, use a quality sunblock.

  • Cabbage from freckles

Grind a gram of three hundred on a blender or a meat grinderwhite cabbage. Boil a glass of fresh home-made cow's milk and add the resulting gruel to it. Cook for ten to fifteen minutes until everything turns into a homogeneous mass. Apply only to cleansed skin for half an hour, until the mask is slightly dry. The second option is simpler and faster. With fresh cabbage, remove the top layers, rinse them thoroughly under running water and scald with boiling water to make them softer and more flexible. Inside, lubricate with olive oil and put the leaves on your face for twenty minutes. After the mask, rinse the skin with a warm decoction of marigold and chamomile.

  • Cucumber from all troubles

Take the ceramic pot, pour in thereTwo hundred grams of unboiled milk (you can goat) and chop a few slices of fresh homemade cucumber. After half an hour, when the agent is infused, strain it through the cheesecloth. It is recommended to wipe the pigment spots on the face two times a day, in the morning and in the evening.

  • Fresh tomatoes from the grandmother's patch

Rub on a fine grater or grind overblender one ripe tomato, mix it with a teaspoon of starch to make a thick gruel. Add a few drops of vegetable or olive oil, if you have very dry skin. On the face to keep this mask should be fifteen minutes. If you do not have time to prepare complex recipes, use the usual pulp for bleaching. Simply cut the tomato into several large chunks and put them on the cheekbones, nose, chin, where the dark spots are located. This product is excellent for women who have problems with oily skin.

  • Sour cream masks

Two tablespoons of twenty-five percentMix sour cream with a mixer with three yolks of quail eggs. In the resulting foam, you need to add one teaspoon of freshly squeezed carrot juice. On the face of the mask to wear no more than twenty minutes, then the skin should be washed with a lot of warm water. to remove pigment spots on the face

Care for problem skin in autumn

If in the summer you did not take care of your face andconstantly taking sun baths, then by autumn your skin will abundantly cover with dark brown spots, become dry and lifeless. In any case, by the first of September you should stock up on products from which you can prepare whitening and nourishing masks.

  • Grape juice from pigment spots

Girls who can not affordspend a few hours in the kitchen to prepare a mask for the skin, this option will be very useful. Immediately after you wash yourself with soap and cleanse the skin with milk, cut two or three large grapes. With the juice that has come out, wipe the entire face, neck, décolletage, then wash with filtered water. After the procedure, you can apply a moisturizing day cream.

  • Rosemary tincture

In August, a bottle of white wine, ifyou dry skin, or add vodka to rosemary (a tablespoon with a slide). Place the container in a dark cool place for six weeks, and every two days, thoroughly shake the mixture. When the tincture is ready, strain it through a fine sieve or gauze, folded in several layers. Twice a day, wipe the face with a cotton swab densely moistened in the solution. Please note, this tool not only removes stains, but also prevents the appearance of wrinkles, will make the skin smooth, shiny. Before use, you should try the tincture to avoid an allergic reaction.

Care for problem skin in winter

Despite the fact that in the cold and sunlessDuring the year, the pigmentation spots themselves lighten or even completely disappear, the skin needs to be taken care of even more. Pay attention, many of the procedures that you used to do before the exit itself - apply the cream, wash, rub your face with a tonic, will have to be carried out at least an hour before the walk. And remember, when the mercury column drops below zero, the amount of cosmetics should be reduced to a minimum. It is best to powder the face with a normal loose powder, which also protects from frost and wind, apply lipstick on the lips and tint eyelashes.

  • Cottage cheese mask

This mask is also recommended for girls,whose skin is a little coarsened, gray, darkened by the effects of cold air. Only ten minutes a day - and your face will be completely transformed. To do this, you will need to grind the raw egg yolks (chicken or quail) to a homogeneous mass with two tablespoons of fat cottage cheese. Add a few drops of hydrogen peroxide to the mixture before applying. how to remove the pigment spots on your face yourself

Means for prevention

  • Mask

To prevent the appearance of dark pigmentspots on the skin, it is necessary from time to time to do whitening masks from chopped dill, parsley and a tablespoon of lemon juice. The resulting mixture should be filled with decoction of chamomile, linden and yarrow, and insist for several hours.

  • Cream

Initially, the fair sexthey applied sunscreens to get a "chocolate" color faster. But since the thirties of the last century, doctors recommended the use of such products to all holidaymakers to avoid skin cancer. Unfortunately, residents of our country did not immediately use the means for sunbathing and every second vacationer on the beach suffered with burns. Over time, manufacturers began to add to the normal cosmetics components that protect against ultraviolet light. Please note that the presence of this property should not affect the cost of tonal bases, day creams, etc. Even cheap products should be safe.

Whitening masks: who needs it?

  • pros

Masks cooked according to the ancient recipes of ourgrandmothers, much more useful, because they do not contain harmful substances and components (dyes, stabilizers, flavors, fragrances). The likelihood that you will develop an allergy to such a remedy is minimal.

  • Minuses

In most cases, a positiveeffect from masks can be after two or three months of their constant use, and the result, unfortunately, does not last long. Therefore, experts recommend combining folk techniques with cosmetic preparations and bleaching creams sold in pharmacies and stores. If the pigmented spots on the face do not pass even after exposure by special means, but you want to become the most attractive and charming, you should resort to more serious measures - photoprocedures, laser treatment, chemical peeling, etc. Most of them are completely safe, if, of course, you trust an experienced specialist. It is recommended to deal with freckles and spots in the beginning of autumn. In any case, so you do not choose, tentatively consult your physician. Sometimes such formations on the skin indicate more serious health problems. We advise you to read: