fashion manicure If you want to know more womenof the weaker sex, look at their hands. Well-groomed, well-groomed hands speak of a loving person, an outstanding owner of a bright personality. A woman who constantly cares about her appearance, her image. This person always wants to look stunning - from the crown to the tip of the nail. And what does not go fashionable in our time to achieve the desired goal: fashionable haircut, outfits from famous designers, charming aromas and fashion manicure. The beauty of the hands begins with beautiful nails. Nails reveal the true "I" of a woman and indicate her attitude to herself. For any girl they are an occasion to be proud of their appearance. Gel nails look good enough, give the hands an aristocratic look, and visually lengthen the fingers. Neil-design allows you to turn a woman's hand into a real work of art. You can decorate such nails with rhinestones and sequins or create a transparent nail design, or make a stylish drawing on the varnish. On the grown nails all this beauty lasts for a long time. And do not worry about the fact that the color of the varnish does not fit the tone of your outfit. Masters of nail design will always take into account the fact that a beautiful woman changes attire quite often and will offer you a universal solution - a design made of several colors that are in harmony with your things. Such a fashionable manicure will look original and natural, emphasizing the perfection and unity of your image.

Creative Manicure "Gazeta"

For such a nail design at home, you will need a newspaper, although it is unlikely that the latest news will be printed on the nails, because the image will be mirrored.

  • First apply a bright lacquer, preferably two layers. To ensure that the nails do not appear translucent, the coating should be uniform, it should become an absolutely even background for the newspaper and bukovok. If you use a base coat, then one layer of clear varnish will be enough. Very well dry;
  • Cut the newspaper into pieces 3 by 3 cm;
  • Then you need to pour alcohol into the bowl. Dip into the alcohol nail, hold for 5 seconds;
  • Attach a piece of newspaper to this nail. Press and hold for about 15 seconds. The main thing is that the newspaper does not move, because then the seal can swim and will not be clear;
  • When the text is printed on the nail, the drawing may go beyond the nail. Take the cotton swabs and remove these places with a nail polish remover;
  • Cover the nails with a fixing varnish;
  • Now you just need to connect the fantasy and experiment with the color of the background lacquer and newspapers.

beautiful fashion manicure

Blue fog on the nails

If you are going to go to a party, then the "blue fog" manicure is just what you need! You will need about 10-15 minutes to execute it. And most importantly, such a painting will not go unnoticed.

  • We put on the nails a dark blue varnish;
  • On each, completely dry nail, white varnish it is necessary to spend a longitudinal strip on the center of a nail. The strip should not be too thick, of medium length;
  • After the needle in a chaotic order, we pull the edges of the white strip in different directions, thereby creating a peculiar pattern;
  • Give the nail to dry, then cover it with a clear varnish.

That's all, outrageous manicure is ready. As they say, all ingenious is simple!

French manicure

This manicure was proposed by ORLY in 1976year. The idea was to give the nails a healthy appearance, while emphasizing the bright-white varnish protruding edge. Style refers to the shape of a "spatula", as well as a moderate length of nails. And still "French" is popular among ladies who prefer elegant naturalness. After all, such marigolds are suitable for any image, style of dress and mood. The main feature of the French manicure is the length of the otrosshey part of the nail, which should not be more than 6 millimeters. Under the fingernails, lines are drawn with a white pencil, highlighting the part of the nail that is growing from the inside. Fast and easy. True, sometimes a white lacquer is used instead of a pencil. This is necessary when the nail just does not want to grow or break. The varnish can increase the grown nail to the length of the rest due to the "arrival" on the nail bed, which you can not do with a pencil. This procedure can be simplified using special strips for the French manicure. After drying, the strip is simply peeled off. The next step is applying the varnish to the entire nail. European fashion manicure

European manicure

This manicure is considered the safest. With constant use of nails will be neat, and the cuticle becomes well-groomed. Set the nail file the desired shape with a nail file. Then we put on the cuticle a special liquid consisting of fruit and lactic acids. Using a stick, get rid of the softened cuticle. The procedure is ended by applying an oil that strengthens the cuticle. Now we paint our nails with a varnish of pastel tones. This kind of manicure is easiest to do at home on your own. Yes, it does not stand out particularly, but the marigolds will always look neat, and their design will fit any one along.

What are the secrets of the manicure revealed by the stylists?

  • Masters do not recommend the use of metal nail files for shaping the nails;
  • For healthy nails, it is advisable to use a nail file with a sand spray, and for layering nails - fine-grained with a buffer zone;
  • Do not wet your fingernails before filing; they must be dry;
  • Today in fashion, the square shape of the nails. But do not follow it thoughtlessly, because the shape of the nails should be selected individually for each woman. By the length of the finger, and also by the proportion of the shape of the nail plates;
  • The square shape is suitable for the owners of thin and long fingers;
  • Women who have a different form of fingers, will approach the classic oval shape of the nail;
  • Use dark and bright tones to visually lengthen the finger, still for this fit vertical drawings;
  • If you do not have elegant hands and enoughwide nails, you can not cut your nails too short when you see the fingertips from the palms of your hands. A short nail should be given a shape that will help create a harmonious look to your hands;
  • On the oblong and oval form of the nail, the pattern of flowers will look great, you can decorate such nails in a light style;
  • As for the French manicure, it will suit both long and short nails, because in our time the "French" version can be chosen for every taste;
  • Contrary to popular belief, short nails can behow to paint. For example, using graphics in the drawing, smooth lines or sharp transitions. Only do not need to be exposed to risk by applying different colors. It is better to take a few tones of the same color, because they will be cohesive with white and black impregnations;
  • Decorating your nails with a floral manicure, yougive femininity and romance to the appearance. If the nails are short, apply the pattern thinly, place it on the edge or on the side so that it does not visually reduce your nail;
  • The sawing should be done from the side to the center. Corners do not need to be cut to avoid ingrown nails;
  • Manicure finish with a massage of hands with the application of oil or nourishing cream;
  • Paraffinotherapy is also used, which allows you to bring your hands in order in a short time.

If you understand the fashion, and also knowtips stylists, you can easily make your own fashionable manicure. Remember, nails are an integral part of the whole image. Regularly taking care of the hands, watching the condition of the nails, you will feel confident in any situation! We advise you to read: