French manicure on nails Do you know what is the main error of many women? In that they evaluate their beauty on the hair, make-up or beautiful dress, forgetting about the hands. But it is they who can make a woman well-groomed in the eyes of others, and spoil the whole impression. We are talking not only about the smoothness of the skin (which, of course, is also important), but also about manicure. Just do not need to say that you have a catastrophically short time in the morning to make up your nails. Remember how much time you spend in the shower, add to this half-hour make-up and think about how to reduce these two procedures, so that a minute or two left on the French manicure. If time does not really exist, nail extensions will save you. After all, on the gel (as well as on the acrylic) coating, the varnish is kept as poured for two weeks. Increased nails? You can sleep in the morning for 15 minutes longer. And this is a luxury in the modern world! Especially spectacular on the newly-grown nails looks very fashionable now the French manicure. And the longer this type of manicure keeps in the favorites, the more varieties it will appear. With what only do not experiment masters of manicure! And with color, and with the form, and cover choose different. Therefore, we can safely say that the French manicure is not only one of the types of drawing on nails, but also a new way of self-expression. We are sure that many readers are now frozen in anticipation that we will tell them about the French manicure on the nails in detail. So it will be!

beautiful French manicure on exfoliated nails

French manicure: color, shape and content

All of you remember the famous "smile line"which is an integral part of the French manicure. In the classical version, the nails are covered with a varnish that is colorless (or in the color of the nail), and the edged part is highlighted in white, repeating the natural shape of the nail. Today this line can pass not only along the bottom edge of the edging part, but also figuratively. Manicurists at the request of the client draw together a familiar semi-circle an acute angle or simply a long line obliquely, separating the edged part of the nail. In a word, you can depict on your fingernails not the usual French manicure, but everything that draws fantasy to you. Naturally, the key moments remain color contrast and separation of the cut off part of the nail. By the way, about the color. It is believed that the French manicure is the white color of the edge of the nail. Today, the color of the cut-off part of the nail can be anything. Red, pink or even black. As for the main part of the nail, here, too, you can experiment a lot. So put the colorless varnish aside and let your imagination run wild. Perhaps, under your mood scarlet nails with a gold edge will approach? Or black with a silver border? For those who do not dare to bold experiments, we can offer less cardinal French manicure. Cover the nail plate with the usual colorless varnish, and draw a line of a smile not white, but gently pink or simply cover the edge of the nail with sequins. If there is not enough imagination or professionalism (and it's quite difficult to draw a "smile line"), contact the professionals for help. Moreover, today a new service has appeared in the salons - a French manicure that does not wear off. In this case, the manicure master uses non-lacquer, and colored gels, which are also subject to drying in an ultraviolet lamp. On the one hand, such a French manicure is very convenient because you will not need to tint your nails every morning. On the other hand, you can not change the color of the nail plate (unless you cover the colored gel with varnish on top). What to choose - the usual manicure, painted with varnish, or almost the eternal version, made with colored gel, you decide. In any case, you must remember that every manicure (even on the nails that have been spread) needs to be refreshed, so do not forget the way to the beauty salon and appreciate your manicurist. And then your pens will always look perfect! We advise you to read: