beautiful manicure Not everyone has the opportunity to regularlyvisit nail salons, but, nevertheless, look well-groomed every woman wants. For this, it is not necessary to go to the master, you can take care of your fingernails yourself. Our tips will help to make a quick beautiful manicure at home, having spent no more than 40 minutes on it.

Light manicure

Make a simple and very quick manicure at homeeasily. For this simple procedure you will need a manicure accessory: a nail file (it is better to use a glass file - it does not damage the nail plate), scissors or nippers (ideally use both tools), cotton fleece or cotton pads, towel, nail polish remover, soap container vodka, a nail brush, a stick to remove the skin around the nails, a hand cream, for massage - almond or olive oil. For painting nails, use a colorless base, colored lacquer and fixer. Make a beautiful manicure is very simple:

  • Using a nail polish remover, remove the old covering with a cotton disc.
  • Wash your hands, gently brush your nails, rinse and wipe with a soft towel.
  • Use a nail file to shape the nail, commonOptions: oval or square. Beautifully obtained in the event that they have an average length - shear them with scissors or pliers. Then, with light movements, moving from the edges to the middle, file your nails.
  • Put your hands in a bowl with warm water for 5 minutes.
  • When the cuticle becomes softer (for this you canuse a special softening agent), carefully, so as not to get injured, slide it with a wooden stick. Doing a manicure at home, cuticle itself is best not to cut. Use care products that slow her growth - the skin around the nail will be soft, without burrs.
  • Apply on your hands and nails the almond (or olive) oil, make an easy massage. Then grease the handles with cream.
  • After the cream has absorbed, wipe the nails with acetone to remove its residues. A beautiful manicure is impossible without varnish - apply a foundation, a color coating and fix the manicure with a special remedy.

We hope that having mastered our very easy and fast manicure at home, your pens will always be in order! simple and beautiful manicure

Simple manicure "Printed"

Very simple and, most importantly, a quick manicure is possibledone with the help of a newspaper. To begin with, using a special tool, remove a layer of old varnish and nail the nails. Such a manicure looks very impressive on nails of various shapes. From any printed edition, newspaper or magazine, cut out ten pieces of paper with interesting text. Cut the squares slightly larger than your nail, so that the newspaper can be easily removed from it. Apply a clear varnish on one nail and do not wait for it to dry out. - Put a detergent on the piece of the cut newspaper (magazine). Attach the paper to the nail plate, squeeze well and wait 15-20 seconds. Take the piece of newspaper very carefully. Cover the nail with a layer of clear varnish and wait until it dries completely. This is the easiest and very fast manicure that will allocate your hands to any company.

French manicure

Probably the most conservative and "reserved"manicure - French. It is universal and suitable for any outfit and for various activities: from going to the office before an incendiary party. We will help to make manicure in French at home. French manicure is not a very easy and fast way to make your nails expressive. It is performed in two stages: a simple edged manicure, then - the process of painting nails. The whole procedure will take about an hour and a half. You will need:

  • varnish of two colors: white and ivory
  • base-drying
  • special stripes for the French manicure
  • Scissors, nail file, cuticle tweezers

Erase old varnish with a special remedy. Hold your hands in warm water and get rid of the cuticle - slide to the base of the nail. In order not to form burrs, and the skin around the nails had a well-groomed appearance, use care products for the cuticle. Cut your nails under one length, then podpilite. Manicure looks very beautiful in French, if you give the nails a square shape, rounding them around the edges. The color of the varnish for the base can be chosen any: transparent, soft pink, effectively looks like a manicure with a bright (for example, dark red) base. Cover the nail with a light thin layer, wait until it dries. Apply a white straight line to the edge of the nail - use special strips for the French manicure. To manicure did not look ordinary, you can use a colored lacquer, for example, the colors of Bordeaux, - even a very simple manicure in French "will play" in a new way. When the nails dry, cover them with "drying" - the product will fix the varnish and allow longer to save the manicure from damage. As you can see, taking care of the nails at home is not difficult. Use our tips and you will learn how to make a very fast and most beautiful manicure without resorting to the services of expensive beauty salons. We advise you to read: