Beauty Secrets Monica Bellucci "Chic woman", "Goddess", "Queen of Beauty"- it is these epithets usually awarded to the recognized Italian beauty - Monica Bellucci. A successful actress and former fashion model, she drives her fans crazy not so much with a bright appearance, as hypnotizing, eye-catching attention. In our time, when any more or less popular diva simply must be a subtly thin girl, Monica with her magnificent forms boldly trampled all the established rules. It is unlikely that anyone will come up with the idea of ​​calling Monica Bellucci a thin one, because the shapes of her body border between harmony and splendor. However, this does not prevent her from remaining a model of beauty and a real sex symbol for the greater part of the population of our planet. What are the secrets of the beauty of Monica Bellucci?

Success story: the beautiful ones also cry

The childhood and youth of the future star are especially brightyou will not name. No, she did not look like an ugly duckling, as often happens with many recognized beauties, and she can not be called an unfortunate orphan: her parents were fond of a single and such a long-awaited daughter. But her beauty, so extolled by the admirers of the whole world today, in the young years, brought the future star a lot of trouble. Swarthy brown-eyed girl with a bright appearance caused burning jealousy from harmful neighbors and market women. "You are the fruit of sin with the devil!", Screamed after her jealous women, and classmates more than once arranged for her to be "dark" with the rending of her hair for the fact that all the boys looked only at her. Trouble associated with the jealousy of surrounding women, pursued Monica for a long time: working as a waitress during the student period (and she studied as a lawyer!), The beauty could not stay at least one restaurant for a long time. At first, the institution was occupied by men, eager to contemplate the beautiful waitress firsthand, and then they visited their enraged wives in order to make a scandal for the "brazen girl". And so poor Monica moved from place to place, until one good soul prompted her to try herself in the modeling business: there her beauty certainly will not hurt anyone! Beauty did not hesitate for a long time and went to conquer the world of fashion. The success was staggering. Young Bellucci was noticed and appreciated, the first photo session gave her the title of "the opening of the year". Just one month after the beginning of her career, Monica signed an agreement with the famous model agency Elite, became the face of the brand name Dolce & Gabbana and the real muse of the iconic photographer Richard Avedon (who once photographed Marilyn Monroe herself). Not bad for a start, is it? And what about malicious neighbors and girlfriends? For sure, they were choking with black envy, looking through the covers of expensive glossy magazines, on which the beautiful Monica Bellucci proudly appeared. Moreover, very soon the reason for envy has increased: the famous Italian film director Dino Rees invited the beginning model to appear in his film. It does not matter that the role was small, but it was immediately noticed by Francis Ford Coppola himself and offered the role of one of Dracula's brides in his film "Bram Stoker's Dracula". So slowly, from role to role, the name of Monica Bellucci won popularity, and soon she became a coveted actress not only in Europe but also in Hollywood. So what is the secret of this incredible woman that helped her to reach such heights in her career and win the love and admiration of both men and women of the whole world? Surely it's not just the figure and the classically correct, with this bright and expressive face. Monica Bellucci has an absolutely terrific energy that makes her attractive and distinguishes among other women. It is possible that Monica will shine with beauty, even if she is unkempt and in rags. Nevertheless, Monica loves to monitor her appearance and believes that every self-respecting lady should try to look elegant. What does she do to deserve the admiration of the fans and the envy of ill-wishers? Let's figure it out. The secret of the beauty of the Monica Bellucci

Secrets of a magnificent figure

To her forty-eight years (yes, she was bornin autumn 1964) the figure of Monica has simply amazing parameters: with the growth of one hundred and seventy-eight centimeters, its weight is sixty-eight kilograms. In the network, there are many versions of the volumes of her breasts, waist and hips (92-61-91), but all these data refer to her model past - now the shape of superstars is much more magnificent than before. In general, Monica herself is not at all complex about a small increase in weight, and, by the way, does the right thing: an army of enthusiastic admirers only confirms that happiness is not in thinness. For example, after giving birth, the star regained as much as ten kilograms, but she did not think to sit on any strict diet until she finished breastfeeding (at nine months old). Adequate decision of a reasonable woman, do not you think? And after the end of the period of feeding, Monica did not overdo with diets herself: she simply switched to vegetables and lean meat with fish. As the beauty herself says, her work day is so saturated that it helps to lose excess calories no worse than diets or tiring lessons in the gym. By the way, about the latter. Monica Bellucci did not go in for sports (except for periodic swimming and yoga classes), because she does not have time for him with her style of life. The usual time to start filming is six in the morning, and this process lasts until late in the evening. "Do you really think that I'll get up at five in the morning for sports training so that I can catch six at the shooting?" The star wonders. Even if Monica picks up a little extra weight, she resorts to her favorite method of "losing weight": she dresses black dresses that make the silhouette visually slimmer. Although, in the life of Bellucci, there are times when, willy-nilly, you have to go on a diet: some roles simply oblige to throw off a couple of extra pounds. The secret of one of these diets she shared. Just do not wait for an amazingly tough diet that will allow you to find the desired forms for a couple of days - Monica does not like to mock his body and prefers to eat sensibly. Here is the menu of her famous seven-day diet, which will not leave any woman hungry: First day

  • Breakfast: one cup of coffee, a couple of big crackers with a spoonful of jam.
  • Lunch: vegetable salad dressed with olive oil, a slice of whole grain bread, one hundred and fifty grams of fresh fruit or berries.
  • Dinner: spaghetti plus grated cheese, any fruits and vegetables.
  • Second day

  • Breakfast: yoghurt, some fruit.
  • Lunch: fried eggs (three proteins and one yolk), braised zucchini, whole wheat bread.
  • Dinner: one hundred twenty grams of low-fat boiled meat, a salad of fresh vegetables or fruit.
  • The third day

    • Breakfast: two toast, fruit, a cup of tea with a slice of lemon.
    • Lunch: boiled potatoes, seasoned with olive oil and fresh herbs, cheese of low-fat varieties.
    • Dinner: spaghetti with ripe tomatoes and greens, fresh fruit.
    • Fourth day

      • Breakfast: two hundred grams of fat-free yogurt with a tablespoon of cornflakes.
      • Lunch: fifty grams of boiled rice, one hundred grams of boiled veal, one hundred grams of stewed zucchini, berries.
      • Supper: one hundred and fifty grams of boiled fish, a salad of fresh vegetables, dressed with olive oil, grapes.
      • Fifth day

        • Breakfast: Toast and two hundred grams of freshly squeezed juice.
        • Lunch: Spaghetti with fresh herbs, a few slices of pineapple.
        • Dinner: salad (canned beans, boiled egg, onion, greens), a slice of whole-grain bread, fruit.
        • The sixth and seventh days: repeat the menu of any day

            It is this diet that the famousactress in those periods of life when work requires more subtle forms of the body. However, you will agree that the diet described above is very nutritious, tasty and available to absolutely every woman: neither to you outlandish mollusks, nor to mysterious delicacies. So that all lovers of delicious food and dreaming at least a little lose weight - welcome, try this diet.

            The secret of beautiful hair

            Luxury dark hair is a business cardbeautiful Monica Bellucci. Not every woman is so lucky: nature has awarded her a magnificent, thick head of hair. However, this does not mean that she does not care for them, giving them the opportunity to cut and break as much as they please. The fact that Bellucci washes his head twice a day with shampoo, diluted with water (apparently, the concentration of ordinary shampoo, she considers too high). Note: not twice a week, but twice a day! Apparently, the actress wants to be irresistible not only during the day, but also at night (having in her husbands such a handsome man as Vincent Cassel, this is not surprising). In addition to frequent washing of the head, Monica regularly makes a hair mask: she puts olive oil on the roots and leaves for thirty or forty minutes. Curls after this procedure cease to be cut, grow healthy and shiny. And the star prefers to dispense with a hair dryer, as he overdries his hair. "Hot" laying, it does just before an important exit into the light, in other cases prefers to dry strands in a natural way. Hair color Monica changes very rarely: a bright brunette sometimes lightens her hair on several tones. But to see her blonde, of course, impossible: the actress is proud of her natural hair color. Dark hair to much oblige women, because against their background, the smallest flaws on the face are simply evident. What blondes are allowed, brunettes have to hide or correct. "There are not any real brunettes in Hollywood," says Bellucci, "I, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Penelope Cruz ... that's all." valuable secrets of beauty monica Bellucci

            Secrets of Shining Skin

            And in the care of the skin, Monica Bellucci prefersfull naturalness: no plastic surgeons, no strong anti-aging creams - nature can not be fooled! "I'll never lie under the surgeon's knife in my life, everything should go on its own. A forty-year-old woman trying to look like twenty is ridiculous and ridiculous, "says Bellucci to the journalists. Every morning, Monica begins with a contrasting shower, which has a beneficial effect on the skin condition. And in order for the face to remain young as long as possible, the actress cleanses the skin twice a week with a scrub and nourishes it with almond oil. In addition, does not neglect Monica and moisturizing face masks. Here is a recipe for one of them: a slurry of fresh avocado, four teaspoons of almond oil and six teaspoons of cream to put on your face and leave for fifteen minutes. After washing off and enjoying a soft and gentle skin, like that of a baby.

            The secret of natural make-up

            Everyone knows that Monica prefers absolutelynatural make-up. Her face, as well as the body, she considers working tools, which should serve the main goal - to help the viewer to see in it one or another image. In order for the actress's facial expression to remain natural, Bellucci uses makeup wisely, creating an easy, natural make-up. In everyday life, she is quite content with black mascara on her eyelashes and a transparent glitter on her lips, which does not spoil her natural beauty. And the minimum that is needed for going out into the light is the foundation for make-up, matting powder, black eyeliner and lipstick. According to Monica Bellucci, this set of cosmetics is enough to look elegant and sexy. With a pencil, she traces the contour of her eyes, drawing a line both on the upper and lower edge of the eyelid. At the bottom, the line should be slightly shaded to get the effect of naturalness. In general, Monica prefers the effect of a "naked face" when natural, natural beauty is visible. You can work hard to achieve a figure, like Monica, you can grow long hair and paint them in a dark color, or make regular make-up "a la Belucci." Just will you be more beautiful and happier from this? After all, perhaps the main secret of Monica's attractiveness is that she does not aspire to imitate anyone and tries to live in such a way that every minute she has lived gives her pleasure. Only in this way, according to the actress, you can become a truly happy and beautiful woman. We advise you to read: