quick way to lose weight You have already tried all possible methodsweight loss, and the result has not moved from a dead center? We hasten to please you - there is still a way out! It is an effective and, at the same time, quick way to lose weight, based on the integration of all the most recent and relevant studies in the field of dietetics. Its zest is in the complex effects. Excess weight is a very unpleasant phenomenon (as you probably know, even without us). And it is necessary to fight against it at all levels of human existence: physical, physiological, psychological, social and spiritual. How to do it? We will tell you in this article about five keys to achieving a beautiful and harmonious figure. If you have any chronic diseases, then before you use our method of losing weight, it is worth consulting with your doctor, because all of our recommendations are designed for healthy people.

Healthy Eating

For many women, changes in dietarywith the desire to get rid of excess weight - this is practically a sentence. The word "diet" has long been abusive, and no other associations, except for an attack of anger and irritation, does not cause. And then everything depends on how to treat changes in food consumption. If you do not rush to drop an extra kilogram, then the power system may well be pleasant and sparing. Well, if you need to lose a few pounds in a week - then excuse me, without strict limitations can not do! The most important secret of losing weight is the lack of calories. And whatever the pseudo-theologians have said, this fact remains a fact: if you want to lose weight, you need to create a lack of energy in your diet. Most effective if it will rely on two things: changes in diet and exercise. The need for calories in an adult woman ranges from two to two and a half thousand kilocalories per day, depending on the level of activity. One kilogram of fat contains nine thousand kilocalories. Here also consider, what should be deficiency that you were losing weight with the necessary speed. Enter into your daily diet products that accelerate metabolism. These include, in particular, cinnamon and hot red pepper. Half a teaspoon of cinnamon per day can significantly speed up your metabolism, and pepper contains a large amount of vitamin C, which helps convert fat into energy, and capsaicin, which accelerates metabolism. Eat more tomatoes: tomatoes suppress the production of the hormone ghrelin in the body, which, in turn, dulls the attacks of hunger. Remember that food should not only be low-calorie, but also correct, otherwise health problems will not take long to wait. In your diet, there must be a balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats somewhere in the ratio of thirty percent to fifty and twenty, respectively. Only fat and carbohydrates should be taken from olive oil and cereals, and not from hamburgers and chocolates. And a few small "food" tricks:

  • Always eat breakfast. Anyone who ignores the morning meal of food, with a vengeance he makes up for the day, consuming a hundred kilocalories more.
  • Five minutes before eating, eat one or two apples. This will allow you to reduce the number of kilocalories by one hundred and eighty-seven units.
  • Dress salads with a little olive oil. Containing in it "good" fatty acids will not help to overeat.
  • Take for yourself the rule is only that food that grew, swam or go. The processed foods contain harmful trans fats and various artificial sweeteners.
  • All that can be cut into slices, cut! Because of this, you are twenty-seven percent slower and, besides, twenty percent less will eat.
  • From time to time, add soy sauce. It is proved that soy proteins, when interacting with receptors in the brain, give a signal of satiety.
  • Do not forget to include in your diet spinach, which accelerates the process of burning fat. After all, spinach contains twice as much fiber as in any other greenery.
  • Avoid any energy drinks, which, when consumed, release energy too quickly: because of this, you can quickly gain weight.
  • The intervals between meals during the day should not exceed three hours. Such gaps guarantee a stable metabolic rate.
  • Eat always at the table. Having a snack on the run, you can eat a third more.

ways to lose weight fast

Exercise stress

Physical load is an integral elementlife slender and well-groomed woman. Did you immediately imagine a grueling workout in the gym? In fact, everything is not so scary, because physical activity can be different, including fun, and pleasant, and not burdensome. Training in the morning allows you to burn fat faster than classes at any other time. And also they are a wonderful charge of vivacity, strength and good mood. But if you do not have the opportunity or desire to study in the morning, then it can be done at any time of the day - the effect is bound to be! And remember the "golden rule of a slender woman": running is the best cure for fat on the sides. Strangely enough, but an excellent option for physical exercise is laughter. More laugh! Ten to fifteen minutes of laughter daily increase energy consumption by as much as two hundred and eighty kilocalories. And also this is one of the easiest and most enjoyable types of fitness that helps strengthen the muscles of the press. Often have sex. In addition to the fact that your body will produce a hormone that increases metabolism, you will burn every twenty minutes for one hundred and fifty kilocalories. We are still silent about how much pleasure you are guaranteed in the process of "losing weight". You can have sex for a very long time - this is a great distraction from thoughts of hunger!

Psychological barrier

If you decide to lose weight, then without usingspecial psychological techniques are indispensable. The first thing to begin with is setting goals. Think about why you want to lose weight? For health, beauty, and, perhaps, to someone like? Having designated a circle of your goals, try to formulate them as precisely as possible. An example of a well-defined goal is not "I want to lose weight to like men" and not even "I want to lose weight to please my husband," but "I want to lose weight to please Vasya." Using a diary of food is another very successful and effective example of psychological technique. All that is required of you is to create a notebook with graphs of time, the type of food, the number of calories, the reason for taking it (for example, an attack of appetite or boredom) and emotions after. Next, you must write down in this notebook absolutely everything that you eat - even three nuts and an apple slice. Keeping a food diary. first, it helps to realize their bad habits, and, secondly, plays a deterrent role: the need to fix everything, as a rule, keeps from unnecessary snacking. You yourself will not notice how getting rid of these bad habits, you and your waist will quickly come back to normal. When you set a goal and began to record everything that you eat, it will also be useful to come up with your own system of penalties and rewards for achieving intermediate goals. For example, you want to lose ten kilograms in six months. This means a loss of one and a half to two kilograms per month, which you must note. If such an intermediate goal is achieved - encourage yourself with something, for example, go to the spa or buy a new scarf. If not, fine yourself with something like an extra run. You can make fines and incentives more frequent - this helps to preserve motivation.


Changes in lifestyle - another inalienablean element of fast and effective weight loss. Do not eat in front of the TV: distracted by the telecast, a person usually eats more than necessary. You throw food in yourself (moreover, it often turns out not to be a salad, but all sorts of harmful "snacks") automatically, as a result of which it is eaten much more than you need (and whether it is necessary at all?). Many people tend to "jam" the hard moments of their lives. Are you one of them? Drop it immediately! A bun or a chocolate will not lower the level of stress in your life and will not save you from suffering - they only give temporary relief. To get rid of this, you need to analyze your own food diary and learn to relax without using "food dope". In Russian culture, it is common to combine nutrition and communication. Because of this, they merge in our minds, and we often get a huge portion of extra calories. What for? All in order to meet their own need for communication. Are you embarrassed to give up a piece of cake at a party, and with a friend you meet exclusively at a restaurant? It's time to break this stereotype! Invite your girlfriend to take a walk and persistently refuse the offer of an additive at a party. And your figure will say thank you! ways to quickly lose weight

Secret receivers

There is another key to quickly lose weight- is the use of special unobtrusive techniques. Listen to relaxing music while eating - so you will chew slower, and, accordingly, eat less. Saturation does not take long to wait, and food intake will be associated with something good. Watch your breathing during the day: it must be deep. Start with monitoring it for at least two minutes, with particular attention to the movement of the diaphragm. This will help ease the feeling of hunger, normalize well-being and improve overall appearance. Dimensional and deep breathing changes the rhythm of life from a constant rush to a more thoughtful existence. The use of oriental medicine, in particular acupuncture, can also work wonders: one session per week helps in addition to lose about five kilograms in three months. Agree, this is quite an impressive figure, which will not cost you any additional titanic efforts. And the most pleasant thing in the process of losing weight is the use of massage. Yes, the right massage can speed up the metabolism, relax the body and soul, as well as pull up some particularly flabby areas of the body. Spend time only for a couple of massage sessions a week (only to be performed by a qualified specialist) - and the result will amaze you! That's all. You will say: "What is this method? It's a whole system of losing weight! "- and you will be right. But only using such a quality and proven system, you can really quickly achieve a good and lasting result. Diets that promise you lose ten kilograms per week due to the use of secret ingredients are "deceptions", and simply harmful to health. In these cases, the weight must come back - but you do not want it? We advise you to read: