sandals on a hairpin If you look at the women's wardrobe and askthe question of what is the most powerful weapon, called to attract attention, then the answer will not take long to wait - sandals on the hairpin. The stunning height of the heel instantly brings into the image of any representative of the fair sex vivid personality and grace of the cat, because no one will deny that the heel ennobles and makes a woman a true lady. Dizzy hairpin was not always a favorite of the weaker sex, it was previously considered a bad form to decorate the elegant legs with sandals on a thin stud, so they just won a place under the sun and a general acceptance. If you look at the history of capricious and fickle fashion, you can see that even literally in the last century, "decent" ladies preferred puritanical classics, which imprinted literally on everything, and the height of the heel is far from the latest detail of the wardrobe. Classic was considered a product up to 5 centimeters high, similar models were called "boat shoes." However, in the eclectic 70s in the most advanced European countries, as well as the USA, a real furor produced women's sandals on the hairpin, it is not naive to believe that they fell to the feet of a modern woman in an unchanged form. On the contrary, the height gradually grew larger, and the thickness of the heel began to delight with exquisite subtlety. According to the popular opinion of fashion historians, the hairpin was popularized by Salvatore Ferragamo, modern women's catalogs often place on their pages the sandals on the studs of 2016, photos with the current footwear models can clearly demonstrate the evolution that the high heel passed. And the progenitor of a thin heel, paradoxically, is the platform, which gradually evolved and took shape in a massive, steady heel. For a modern stylish and bright fair-sex woman, sandals on a thin hairpin are a classic detail of the toilet, without which it is impossible to imagine going out or on a romantic date. And especially now, when the modern market offers a dizzying abundance of assortment and the widest range, it all debunks taboos and prohibitions that relate to the etiquette of wearing this shoe and gives the opportunity to amaze the splendor-studded lengths of hair in a casual, everyday, and office, business atmosphere. However, there is a specificity regarding the choice and wearing of sandals on the hairpin, otherwise there is a threat to sacrifice comfort and convenience to beauty and bright style.

High-heeled sandals that suggest trends?

sandals on a hairpin 2016 A high heel or thin hairpin, no doubt,are the prerogative of the summer season, because summer sandals on the hairpin are something weightless, giving maximum freedom to the female foot and simply oblige to dress in flowing, light dresses, you will agree, truly summer variant of the wardrobe. However, fashion is very fleeting and the products on the heel like no other are forced to obey its rigid framework. Therefore, in order to choose a really topical heel and trend thing that would please the eye and give comfort to the legs, it is necessary to find out which design and style solutions have universally recognized popularity, often in this can help women's catalogs that post photos of sandals on stilettos on their pages.

  • King of the creation of shoes withdizzy heel is Oscar de la Renta. For ladies who are guided by seasoned and time-tested classical products - this is the best option. His sandals on a high heel are a symbol of femininity and elegant seductiveness. Thus, it is obvious that the market can offer restrained models, executed in minimalism, making a bet on quality and emphasized simplicity. Recently, fashion catalogs are less likely to place on their pages classic sandals on a stud in 2016, the photos are more often variegated by more radical styles of shoes with high heels.
  • However, the extreme height of a thin heelsuggests the brightness, so most modern models of hairpins emphasize an extravagant design, like women's sandals on stilettos - rather a youth version, using abundant decor and decoration, far from the classical. These can be the most incredible buckles that cause rhinestones, belts and rivets, as well as a combination and play with color and different texture. The hairpin of the youth style can be of stunning length and unique shape, for example, Dolce and Gabanna had a heel decorated with a real statuette, also a real trend was the red sandals on the hairpin, combining a hidden platform with a high heel.
  • Very relevant for women's sandals with a hairpinthe inclusion of straps and buckles in their image. This is a very colorful shoes, which includes aggressive brutality and at the same time emphasized the defenselessness of female nature. All this is achieved with the help of a thin heel and belts, which can frame even the ankle. For the summer season, products with leather perforations are very actual, such sandals are a cross between boots, often performed with an open toe and a heel. The abundance of similar summer sandals on a hairpin is found in the collections of Karl Lagerfeld. However, it should be remembered that such sandals on the hairpin of 2016 summer are somewhat aggressive, if a woman is focused on creating a romantic image, it is worth choosing other products that are more elegant and classic in their stylistic execution.
  • But those ladies who seek to achieve an image"Cinderella" and demonstrate the delicate fragility and beauty of the legs, will be able to realize their dreams, acquiring a product from Manolo Blanik. His collection of summer sandals on the hairpin combines the brilliance of rhinestones and the brightness of stones, as well as embroidery with a decorative thread, and Manolo Blanik refused to include aggressive belts in his collection and excluded the use of solid leather in the style of ankle boots.
  • A special trend that can be called a musthave for the fair sex, sandals on high heels with an open toe, especially they are relevant for summer time, as they give a feeling of comfort and freedom, and naked female fingers give the girl a flirty tone.

If we talk about color solutions in whichmeters of the world of fashion perform modern hairpins, then it is worth noting a lot of space for experiments. A trendy solution is to combine colors or use an animalistic print, now it's hard to surprise someone with classic red sandals on a stud, but shoes that repeat the pattern of a zebra skin, for example, or a leopard, can be easily admired. In general, the fashion industry for the current summer season has kept the brightness and game on the contrasts, so young and energetic girls will be able to find shoes made in the solar yellow palette, or rushing with a passionate, red color scheme, and for thematic evenings the ideal is a golden or silvery suture . Sandals on the hairpin 2016 summer - it's also the classical depth of dark, black tones, as well as the chastity of pastel colors, such products are the best solution for women seeking classic. It is worth mentioning the decor and various accessories that decorate sandals with a high hairpin: brutal straps, romantic ribbons with pompous bows, delicate lace are the main finishing elements, you can everywhere meet classic buckles or bright rhinestones. On the carpet lanes are also sandals, ideal for business business ladies, made in the best traditions of minimalism. Periodically magazines for business ladies place on their pages similar sandals on a hairpin, photos with a classic design of sandals for the office speak eloquently that you can pick up shoes for every taste.

Sandals on the hairpin 2016: choose and wear correctly

photo of sandals on a hairpin To the feet of a modern woman is thrown incrediblya wide range of shoes, ranging from puritanical classics and ending with extravagant styles, capable of shocking the environment. On the pages of women's magazines posted photos of sandals on the hairpin, helping to determine the trend, and this in turn facilitates the choice of the necessary shoes for women. Basically, young girls bet on the brightness and catchy style, while mature women prefer a mature quality and comfort. To ensure that beauty does not go against comfort, it is necessary to be guided by a number of elementary rules for choosing hairpins, because it is worth remembering that hairpins are shoes, far from the natural ergonomics of the human foot. Therefore, the main goal of the fair sex, which gives preference to a high heel, is the choice of a convenient pad. In order to feel the convenience of the pads and lifting, but you need to shoe the product and stand for at least 3 minutes, then walk around, changing the pace of the step, get a feel for the degree of comfort in the movements. A woman should not feel the tension in the foot, the apparent slip of her fingers. During the "defile" it is important to pay attention to the naturalness of the gait, as well as its lightness, to observe the smoothness of movements. A quality product is a lack of pain, a sense of discomfort, it is important that no element of the shoe produces foot rubbing. In order for the sandals on the hairpin to delight the eye and emphasize the seductiveness of the female nature, it is necessary to learn how to choose the right wardrobe. A hairpin is part of a female toilet that creates a unique ensemble with any type of dress, be it a long and flowing outfit or a flirty bodice with a lush midi skirt, a lady in such a refined image will radiate elegant grace. For everyday wear is very advantageous combination with tightening denim, the heel height of sandals can visually stretch the female silhouette and make it more elegant, and jeans will emphasize the enchanting bends of the body. Magazines for active girls post reviews of sandals on a hairpin, photos emphasize a winning combination of everyday casual style with elegant footwear of this style. No matter how paradoxical it may sound, but sandals on stilettos are universal shoes, as they help shape the image using literally any stylistic trend in clothes. The combination with strict office dresses for business women, sandals, as an addition to the evening dress, even a tandem of everyday, everyday clothes with high heels acquires a new life and plays fresh colors. And in the end, nothing can be said about the mind-boggling hairpin better than Manolo Blahnik once said: "The rule of three K is the heel, the quality and the beauty, the higher these parameters, the better" - following this rule, a woman will inevitably doom herself to success. We advise you to read: