how to behave with a male aquarius Once again disappointed in men, weoften we tell ourselves that they are all the same - heartless egoists, incapable of serious relations and not appreciating us women. But maybe all the problems lie in the fact that men are not so similar, as we used to think, and everyone needs to choose their own special approach? To better understand the guy you like and find out how best to behave with him, you should turn to the stars for help. The character of a man depends not only on his upbringing, the conditions of life and the circle of communication, but also on the constellation under which he was born. So if you previously did not really believe in astrology, now is the time to change your attitude to it. She can give you answers to many questions: what to expect from this or that man, how to properly present yourself, what are his life values ​​and even what he is in bed. If you are interested in a male Aquarius, then be prepared for the fact that you may have to make drastic changes in your behavior, become like him and share his hobbies. Plus, you will need to wake up a mysterious woman and an unpredictable person. But first things first. In this article we will tell you about how to behave with representatives of this sign of the zodiac, about the features of their character and the points that should be avoided so as not to lose the trust and sympathy of the man. how to behave with an Aquarius man

How to win the love of a male Aquarius

With Aquarius you will not be easy - by naturehe is a loner and has a negative attitude towards marriage. However, this does not mean that he is not capable of serious feelings. Fall in love with Aquarius is possible, the main thing is to know the right approach and be patient. To achieve such an extraordinary representative of the sign of the zodiac offers hands and hearts is also possible. Despite his negative attitude towards the institution of marriage, Aquarius can change his mind if he meets his only, real and unique woman. To become for him "the same", for which he will do everything, our simple advice will help you.

  • Take the initiative

By nature, Aquarius is a bit timid andpassive, so in most cases he will not take the first step, but take a wait and see attitude. If you want to be with such a guy on a date, then please take the initiative in your slender women's hands. However, you must act with extreme caution, without exerting excessive pressure. The fact that the Aquarius man acts as a slave in a relationship should only be visible to you. He must be sure that he plays an exclusively dominant role, otherwise offended pride will not allow him to continue to meet with you.

  • Become a faithful and understanding friend for him

For Aquarius, passion and friendship merge into onethe whole, and the one is inseparable from the other. Before you win the love of such a man, you first have to become his sincere, kind friend. Of course, the kinship of souls does not appear in one day, so be patient. Try as much as possible to be interested in the life of your chosen one, show yourself to be sincere, condescending and tolerant in nature, able to put up with his oddities and shortcomings.

  • Let him feel that you appreciate him

Aquarius is very generous and is always ready to acceptactive participation in the life of friends and relatives - he not only listens, but also plunges headlong into their problems. To really be happy, he can only then, the code feels that they need it. Otherwise, he becomes bored. Therefore, if you want to approach such a man and awaken interest in your person, then necessarily share with him some problem. But do not overdo it, do not shift the burden of all your troubles on his shoulders and constantly complain about life. Be positive and sometimes let him take part in your life.

  • Share and respect his hobbies

Aquarius is constantly passionate about something. If something really interested him, then he is ready to devote most of his free time to his new passion. It's pointless to struggle with this. Being jealous of your chosen one to a hobby, you will only push him away from yourself, and perhaps completely lose it. It will be much easier for you to deserve the position of a male Aquarius, if you share his interests and passion for one or other things.

  • Be an interesting interlocutor

If you want to build a serious relationship witha guy born under the constellation of Aquarius, then you must have the ability to maintain a conversation on almost any topic. Aquarius appreciates in a woman, first of all, not an external, but an inner attraction - her intellect. So do not forget to keep yourself in great shape: be interested in sports, events in the world, art, read development books. You can earn the deep respect of your chosen one in case you become a real professional in any field.

  • Be financially independent

According to Aquarius, a woman should beindependent in the financial plan. And it's not that representatives of this zodiac sign are too greedy to support their chosen one. It is simply important for them that a woman be an independent realized person. These men do not tolerate empty-headed young ladies, whose minds are only entertainment. They, like the air, need an example to follow and an object that they will sincerely and deeply admire.

  • Be a little mysterious

To build a romantic relationship withAquarius, it is important to be able to always remain a mystery woman. The men of this sign like to constantly discover in their lady unknown aspects of the character, new facets of talent. Do not share with him all your secrets and do not give yourself all the rest. Let you have some of your hobbies, preferably in an area in which he does not understand. This will spur his interest in you as an individual. Always with interest communicate with him on abstract topics, while ignoring direct questions. A mysterious smile for him is sometimes better than any answer.

  • Be spontaneous

Life on a strict schedule is not for Aquarius,especially if it concerns sex. Know beforehand where, how and when you have a sexual adventure, it is not interesting. That's why you need to behave with such a spiritedness unpredictably. Constant diversity from you no one requires, but here "to catch Aquarius by surprise", when he takes a bath or dinner, or sits at the computer is sometimes useful. In addition, you can engage in intimacy and outside the walls of your home, this brings a certain "pepper" in sexual relations. Just do not overdo it with diversity, otherwise it will become as common as evening sex in the bedroom. how to behave with a male aquarius

How not to behave with a guy-Aquarius

Build a relationship with a man constellation Aquariusnot so easy, so it's important for you to know not only how you should behave with it, but what mistakes it is desirable not to allow. To deserve the love and respect of Aquarius is difficult, it will take a lot of time, but all this can be lost in a moment. Do not encroach on his freedom. Freedom for Aquarius is everything. He appreciates it very much, and does not want to part with it. So do not limit it in anything. This applies to his hobbies, and friends. Aquarius, as a rule, has many friends, and not only among men. If you try to limit his communication with female friends, he will take it as an attempt on his freedom and, most likely, prefer to part with you. Despite the fact that Aquarius is modest and gives the right of the first step to a woman, they will not tolerate too strong-minded young ladies. Behave yourself naturally, do not impose your society when a man-Aquarius wants to be alone, do not send him a hundred sms a day and do not call every half hour. Only that woman who will respect his freedom, can become his life companion. Forget about jealousy Excessive jealousy is able to nullify any relationship, and even with the constellation Aquarius, even more so. In relations, Aquarius values ​​trust and sincerity, and jealousy is perceived by him as an attempt to limit his freedom. Of course, to overcome the feeling of jealousy is difficult, and if you do not get it, then try to at least openly not show it. In addition, do not try to evoke a sense of jealousy and your chosen one, especially flirting with men, especially with his friends. Knowing how to properly behave with a male constellation Aquarius, you will soon win his love and respect. Be tolerant to him, share his interests and at the same time remain yourself - only so you will make a man born under this constellation fall in love with you. As a reward for your patience and diligence, you will get both a friend and a loving caring man who will appreciate in you not only external but also spiritual qualities. And this, you will agree, is very rare. We advise you to read: