what women like men scorpions The theory of love compatibility of women and men onbased on their zodiac signs have long been used to conclude the most favorable unions among royal and noble persons, but ordinary commoners were not available. Such knowledge was considered secret and secret, therefore only the elite could own them. In the last century, information on compatibility on the signs of the Zodiac has become available to all people without exception and has gained quite a lot of popularity. However, most people born under this or that sign, there are some general principles of choosing the second half, carefully studying which you can understand exactly how a particular man can be interested. Scorpio men, among all the other guys born under other signs, are the most attractive for most of the fairer sex due to their inherent charisma, strong character, mystery and unchanging sexual attractiveness. Moreover, the Scorpios themselves are very demanding on the choice of a life partner, although at first it may seem that they are not really serious about building romantic relationships. As a rule, behind the bravado and some coldness of such men, there is an excessive sensitivity and emotionality, however, only the woman who fully meets their multiple criteria will be able to know the full diversity of their personality. what women like scorpions

What women attract Scorpio men

So, let's consider in more detail whichwomen like men who were born under such a contradictory sign of the Zodiac. Sincere One of the main characteristics of a woman who is able to interest a Scorpio man is honesty and the ability to express his emotions as sincerely as possible. The fact is that without exception Scorpios very thinly feel any falsehood and react to it extremely negatively, therefore they try to form their own circle of communication from such people who are accustomed to speak everything they think without blatantly. It would seem that such excessive honesty without a shadow of coquetry is not entirely appropriate for a young lady who wants to attract the attention of a man, but only such women really like Scorpios. In men who were lucky enough to be born under the sign of Scorpio, intuition is very developed, and some even have a pronounced tendency toward certain psychic abilities, which, however, often turns out to be only a successful tandem of an innate craving for psychoanalysis. Such abilities allow Scorpions in seconds to determine insincerity, and if they notice that a woman lies to them, they immediately lose all interest in it. If you decide and will communicate with Scorpio as if there is a good friend in front of you that you have not seen for a long time (that is, as sincerely as possible, without any unnecessary hassles), then very soon you will notice with pleasure that the Scorpio male started To give you unambiguous signs of attention. It does not matter what words you say and what to tell about, because the Scorpions appreciate first of all the honesty of the speeches, and only then their meaning. However, this does not mean at all that you can say any nonsense that comes to your mind (stupid women are not very fond of scorpions), however, it is in no way worthwhile to carefully select the topics of conversation and the more thought out the course of the conversation. The only topics that are strictly not recommended for a conversation with a representative of this sign are stories about their past romantic relationships, since without exception Scorpions have a pronounced possessive instinct, and such conversations can simply scare them off. In addition, the discussion of too frank topics in the early stages of communication can provoke a rapid loss of interest from Scorpio, because most of them do not accept the excessive availability of women. In the rest, the most direct expression of their feelings and thoughts Scorpio is only welcomed, so you should forget about different women's "things" and say everything the way you think, and generally behave as naturally as possible. Beautiful and elegant Scorpios really appreciate grooming and charm, so most often choose elegant and stylish women, as if descended from the pages of magazines a hundred years ago. However, external beauty, weight, age and other similar parameters do not have any significance for Scorpio men. These men, unlike representatives of other signs of the Zodiac, very often are well versed in fashion, various cosmetic products and all sorts of tricks that women use to enhance their external attractiveness. That is why they very much appreciate the ability of a woman to use all this competently, emphasizing all the best features of her appearance. However, whatever tricks you use, without the presence of a certain internal charm, it is almost impossible to interest the Scorpio man, since he pays attention, first of all, to some inner fullness of this or that woman, and only then to her expression through external manifestations. It is worth noting that most Scorpio men always choose their own life companions mature enough and wise women of life experience. In addition, they sincerely believe that only an adult woman can be truly beautiful, deprived of a youthful naivete and some angularity inherent in many girls. So, even the Scorpio boys are often not even interested in their contemporaries, preferring older ladies, and in the more mature age and at all you can meet very unusual couples consisting of a young Scorpio male and an attractive mature woman who suits him almost by age in the mother. Thus, it can be concluded that women who like Scorpio men can relate to any age category and have any, even quite ordinary external data, but they must be able to submit themselves in the best possible way, be well-groomed, dress elegantly enough and literally shine from within with a special inner beauty that Scorpios can feel very well. A little mysterious The majority of Scorpio men greatly appreciate the presence of some mystery and even mystery in a woman whom they wish to see as their constant companion of life. It would seem that such a desire completely contradicts the need for a woman-dream of Scorpio, this sincerity, but in practice everything is a little different. So, no matter how honest women are around Scorpio, he, in any case, will choose the one of them, in which the sincerity and the ability to discreetly talk about himself any trifles incompatible with the development of romantic relations, but giving them to the owner, are harmoniously combined a certain amount of mystery and charm. However, this does not mean at all that a woman who wants to please Scorpio should conceal from him her hobbies, characteristics of nature and habits, rather, here we are talking about small female tricks, which men do not need to know about. For example, a Scorpio man should not hide his age, but he does not need to know about how much you weigh and whether you have a natural hair color. Also completely superfluous and even scaring off for Scorpio can be information about your not quite "correct" and pleasant for extraneous eyes household habits. However, and be afraid that the Scorpio man inadvertently learns something unattractive about you, it is not necessary, you just need to correctly represent yourself, as if accidentally "dropping" your minor negative features and habits, and also letting yourself barely noticeable a fleur of mystery . what women like men scorpions advice Devoted Men-Scorpios are one of thethe most pronounced owners among representatives of all existing signs of the Zodiac. Such a feature makes them also known as jealous men who are susceptible to suspecting their second half of treachery at the slightest sign of her interest in any other representative of the stronger sex, her reluctance to spend with her beloved Scorpio all her free time and any other "suspicious", from his point of view, behavior . That's why such men like women who are truly devoted to them and ready to prove their love every second. However, this does not mean that it is necessary to become just a "complement" of such a man, because excessive obsession, sentimentality and sensitivity can lead them out of balance. That is, we can conclude that the Scorpions prefer women who are able to show all the power of their feelings and devotion, while remaining bright self-sufficient personalities. Those women who dare to deceive the trust of Scorpio and betray him, do not envy, because such men never forgive offenses and do not forget any sins of their second half. And if some conflict moments related to the usual grinding of characters, Scorpio men can still understand and accept, then treachery and lies are for them an immediate signal to stop the relationship, despite any, even the strongest feelings. However, to finish such a novel, Scorpio can not simply and quickly - he will certainly try to inflict as much suffering as possible on his beloved girl, thus avenging his insult and insult to his dignity. This vindictiveness is to some extent explained by the nature of the scorpion, in honor of which this unpredictable, but very attractive sign of the zodiac was named. As you know, a scorpion treats a deadly bite to anyone who violates the boundaries of its territory or encroaches on its freedom. Here is a man born under this sign of the Zodiac, does not forgive the slightest betrayal, so that a woman who wants to become for him a constant companion of life, even in his thoughts should not allow the possibility of cheating his beloved. At the same time, Scorpio reacts negatively if a beloved girl suddenly becomes jealous of him, because she believes that no one can doubt the depth and sincerity of his feelings, which, in his opinion, he manifests in every detail. Such a suggestion of many Scorpio men is not far from the truth, because they really dive into love relationships with their heads and give their loved ones everything, so that a woman who wants to really interest Scorpio and become his constant companion of life, it's best not only not to give him reasons for jealousy, but also not to be jealous of it. what women like scorpions advice Passionate All, without exception, male Scorpiosare very passionate and addicted to personalities, which, of course, is most clearly manifested in intimate relationships. Such men often want to have a romance for one night, which, of course, very upsets the women they are attracted to. However, if, for short-term relationships, the sexual activity of a woman, in principle, does not have much significance for Scorpios, then for the construction of long-term relationships based on mutual feelings, like men need a truly passionate and liberated woman who is ready for intimacy at any time of the day. At the same time, the lady of the Scorpion's heart should not dominate sexual relations, but always with joy and enthusiasm to agree to any, even the most incredible proposals. A woman who wants to attract a Scorpio man should remember that the intimate side of the relationship is very important to him. And if for most men born under other signs, sex life eventually becomes not the most important component of a stable relationship with a woman, for Scorpios, intimate joys will always be almost the most important indicator of the success and harmony of a love union. Such characteristics do not at all mean windiness and enthusiasm for the exclusively carnal aspect of the relationship, as one can first think. The matter is that Scorpio men consider physical contact an important way of expressing their feelings, and if a woman does not show proper interest in intimate relationships, Scorpio will think that she simply does not like it and she does not feel any feelings for him. At the same time, it is almost impossible to convince such men in the reverse because of their excessive innate stubbornness, so a woman who sincerely wants to win the attention of a Scorpio man must necessarily have a passionate temperament and give the sensual side of the relationship very great significance. Quite a lot of attention of the male Scorpios pay to the game side of sexual relations, which is manifested for them not only in various role-playing intimate games, but also in the process of seduction and conquest of women that preceded them. Scorpio likes women who themselves take the initiative, but do it very gently and unobtrusively, after which they immediately transfer the "reins of government" into his hands. Such men like intimate games with the process of persecution and easy coercion, in which they must always play a dominant role. However, in no case should not be afraid of such inclinations of Scorpios, because causing any harm to a woman or even bringing her the slightest discomfort in intimate relationships is completely unacceptable for him. That's why such men are looking for a woman ready to take his passionate temperament and fully support him. According to the traditional astrological canons, the Scorpio male is most suited to women born under the sign of Capricorn, Virgo, Cancer or Pisces. It is these representatives of the fair sex who are much more likely to really interest Scorpio and evoke in him reciprocal feelings. However, this does not mean that women of other Zodiac signs can not try their luck with a Scorpio man; they just have to make a little more effort to like it. So, a tandem of such a man with a Scorpio woman is one of the most "explosive" combinations of representatives of different signs. Most often, such unions exist as fleeting novels, as long-term relationships two Scorpios simply can not get along together. However, if a woman learns to give at least a little to her beloved Scorpio and becomes softer, they may well be happy in long-term relationships or even in marriage. Good chances to interest the Scorpion male also exist for women born under the sign of Gemini, Aries or Taurus. Some dual nature of such women and related unpredictable behavior, as a rule, impress Scorpio, but to build a stable relationship in similar tandems, both partners need to make considerable efforts. Remember that it is not so difficult to win the attention of a Scorpio man, but keeping his interest for quite some time is problematic enough. If you are originally set on a passionate short novel without any obligations with Scorpio, then you can use your entire arsenal of femininity and sensuality and, therefore, quickly enough to interest him. If, on the contrary, you want to build a long serious romantic relationship with a Scorpio man or even create a strong family with him, then you should prepare for a fairly painstaking work to win not only the mind, but the heart of Scorpio. However, whatever difficulties encountered on such an uneasy path to the conquest of a man born under such a passionate and contradictory sign of the Zodiac, always remember that in the end you will receive one of the most devoted and sensitive companions of life who will please you with their vivid feelings not alone year.