how to behave with a male Capricorn If you decide to link your life with Capricorn, thenyou have to have patience. Before you win the love of such a man, you must first win his friendship, so do not take any hasty action, but better study the nature and values ​​of your lover. This will help you understand how to behave with a representative of this sign of the zodiac to conquer his heart forever.

Character of Capricorn Man

The Capricorn man is pragmatic - he believes thatthe intellect can solve any problems of mankind. That's why he constantly works on himself, developing not only in the professional sphere. Such persistence has a positive effect on his material well-being. He is loyal to his friends and relatives and will never refuse to support them when necessary. The Capricorn man appreciates friendship very much, therefore, as a partner in life, he will choose that girl who can become his true friend. In relations with women, Capricorn behaves with dignity. Meeting with a girl, he is unlikely to change it or look for a replacement. The fact is that the representatives of this sign of the zodiac are very demanding on the female sex and are in fact monogamous. If a capricorn man breaks up with a woman, it is not because he wants freedom or diversity. He is looking for a worthy companion of life, which you can rely on, with whom you can build strong relationships for life. Frivolous young ladies, with whom you can spend time in search of adventure, he is not interested. Recognize that the Capricorn man is not indifferent to you, at first it will be difficult. By nature, he is not very emotional. But his equanimity and coldness is often just a mask - a precaution against amorous disappointments. If he realizes that he can trust you, that you have sincere feelings for him, then this mask will soon fall off. how to behave with a Capricorn man

How to fall in love with a man-Capricorn

To win the favor of a representativethis sign, it is important to present yourself correctly. Capricorns are by nature very conservative, closed and pedantic, so without a special strategy of conquest here is indispensable. Having studied their idea of ​​ideal romantic relationships, we have prepared for you a guide to action that will help win the love of this cold and unflappable, at first glance, men.

  • Conquer his friendship

According to Capricorn, the wife must simultaneouslybe a true friend, to whom he can always rely, in whom he will be sure. Representatives of this sign are not inclined to flirt with each counter, they are enough attention of a single woman who will awaken interest in them. They are wary of all people, including girls, and just do not allow anyone to enter their inner world. It should take some time before the Capricorn man begins to trust you. Therefore, in any case, you will first have to present yourself as a good friend.

  • Be successful in professional activities

Capricorns with special trepidation refer not only totheir professional success, but also to the success of people who are not indifferent to them. Therefore, if you want to associate life with such a man, then it is desirable for you to succeed in building your career, to become a real expert in a certain field. Capricorns appreciate when people do what they enjoy, but they do not like complaints about the heavy schedule, low wages and an evil boss. So if your work activity is not devoid of shortcomings, then it's better to leave arguments about them with you. Do not upset the lover with constant complaints - let him think that your work is pleasant to you.

  • Develop in yourself femininity

Try to behave calmly, be gentle,restrained, a little modest. The Capricorn man also appreciates warmth and kindness. He himself does not differ in excessive emotionality, so he needs to receive it from the outside. Surround it with your tenderness and warmth - it will help him to become emotionally close to you. In addition, such an attitude will serve to him as a sign that he is not indifferent to you. But in your quest to conquer Capricorn, try not to cross the line between the manifestation of attention and obsession. Do not open your whole soul to him - this will put him in an awkward position.

  • Develop your intellect

If you are interested in Capricorn and want toattract his attention, then only external attractiveness is not enough. Representatives of this sign appreciate the woman and her mind. The chosen Capricorn male must be intellectually multifaceted and be distinguished by the ability to maintain conversation on various topics. But the high level of IQ is not yet an occasion for your arrogance. Representatives of this sign of the zodiac extremely negatively condemn this quality.

  • Be frank

Pour out the whole soul of Capricorn, of course, from you no onedoes not require, but to build a puzzle girl every time, too, is not necessary. Such a man values ​​a girl's candor. He is not attracted to silent ladies. Therefore, you can forget about tactics "offended and do not talk" - sooner or later your chosen one will get tired of finding out what was the reason for your resentment. If there are times that you do not like, then tell the truth, but do it gently.

  • Forget calf tenderness and initiative in sex

Sex with Capricorn, as a rule, long -he needs him not less food and water. Representatives of this sign of the zodiac do not like when they are forced to too zealous in bed, because it interferes with having fun. Learn to excite your chosen one and sometimes surprise him with pleasant surprises. You can forget about complaints about a headache - you should always be ready to have sex with him when he does not want it. Show more enthusiasm, but let it remain the main thing.

  • Forget too flashy outfits

Grooming will attract any man, but that's whatit concerns makeup and wardrobe, then here tastes diverge. Want to know how to behave with a representative of this sign? Do not wear too flashy outfits for him, and it is also advisable to refrain from overly bright makeup. This does not mean that you have to reincarnate into a gray mouse, just follow the measure in everything. Bright and catchy can be accents, but not the whole image at once. how to behave with a male Capricorn

Taboo in a relationship with a Capricorn man

Above we told you how to behave withrepresentatives of this sign, and now we will talk about taboos, non-observance of which will lead to inevitable parting. Because of the fact that Capricorns are mean to emotions, it is sometimes very difficult to understand whether you are behaving correctly or doing something wrong. To melt the heart of such an unreasonable prince, follow our recommendations:

  • Do not compare it with your ex-men

Comparison with predecessors is unpleasant to anyoneman, and even Capricorn even more so. And it does not matter if the comparison is in his favor or not, now you and he should forget about past relationships. Notice the merits of your new favorite and do not forget to sometimes voice them.

  • Do not compete with your lover

Do not try to "jump" him intointellectually or in a career. Do not forget that Capricorns are ambitious, so this rivalry will not bring anything good to your relationship. But you do not need to deliberately underestimate your dignity either. Everyone should have their own hobbies and aspirations, and if you really want to compete, you better choose someone else for this purpose.

  • Do not be obtrusive

With a man of this sign of the zodiac try not toExcessive attention and care. He is not used to expressing his emotions openly (even if he falls in love with you, you will not immediately understand this), and your increased attention to him, frequent calls, SMS messages, surprises will put him in an awkward position. He will feel obligated, too, to show somehow his feelings, and he is not easy to do it. In addition, increased obsession, even when it comes to a beloved girl, sometimes repels and frightens, so do not overdo it.

  • Do not give in to him in everything

Male Capricorn values ​​femininity, withher characteristic tolerance, restraint and calmness, but this does not mean that you must obey him without resentment. After all, at the same time, it is important for him that his girlfriend was a person and could stand up for his position when necessary. Do not give up in everything - it means to have your own opinion. If your points of view differ in something, then try to calmly argue your case and carefully listen to the arguments of your lover - there is no need to arrange a scandal. The Capricorn man is very afraid to open his soul to that woman who does not appreciate it, is afraid to experience disappointment in love, so be prepared for the fact that he will keep you at a distance long enough even if you really draw his attention. Stick to our advice, but do not forget to remain at the same time, because sincerity can melt the heart of even the most impregnable man.