water aerobics for weight loss Spring has come, and though for some time somewhere elsethere is snow, but her breathing is already felt. Very soon, warm down jackets will be replaced by thin coats and windbreakers. So, everything that hid under the voluminous winter clothes, will be seen. Most of the girls are already thinking about how to lose weight accumulated over the winter and pull up the figure. Ways are millions, but the most popular are fitness and swimming pool. But what is better for losing weight: aqua aerobics or a gym? Of course, it is optimal to combine training in the pool and fitness in the hall. This gives the fastest possible result. But if this is not possible, then it's better to stop on aqua aerobics. It's not for nothing that water is a good assistant in losing weight. During the exercises in the pool you not only train the muscles, but also return the tone and elasticity to the skin. And the effect of light hydromassage has a positive effect on cellulite. Aqua aerobics for weight loss has many advantages. Water has a beneficial effect on the entire body. It calms and allows you to relax, which is very important if you often experience stress. After all, as you know, stress slows down the process of losing weight. Also, exercises in the pool are very useful for those who have frequent depressions and problems with sleep, which, by the way, also plays an important role when you lose weight. Lack of sleep leads to a slowdown in metabolic processes. So aqua aerobics, perhaps, the most profitable and useful option.

Pluses of aqua aerobics

Unconditional and main plus of aqua aerobics classes- this is the fact that training takes place in the water. And it's not just that you are not visible during training, although this is an important psychological factor. Besides:

  • Water reduces body weight, which means that the load on the spine and joints is much lower.
  • Water massages the body, accelerating lactic acid, which almost completely relieves you of muscle soreness the next day after classes.
  • The water temperature in the pool does not exceed 30 ° C, and this is the optimum temperature for hardening and improving the tone of the skin.
  • Thanks to hydromassage, the skin is quickly leveled and the blood supply improves.
  • Muscles work more effectively due to the resistance of water during movement, fats are burned, however, muscle mass is increased slightly.

Minuses of water aerobics for weight loss does not. You can do it, even if you do not swim badly or do not know how to swim at all. In order for you to balance on the water, before classes you will be given special belts from a material that does not sink (like a foam). Excellent these classes are suitable for people who are overweight is very large, because engage in "overland" fitness at a weight over 90 kilograms is quite difficult. However, it is worth considering that there are some contraindications for practicing aqua aerobics:

  • Cystitis
  • Genital infections
  • Colds

aqua aerobics as a means of losing weight

What you need for aqua aerobics classes

You do not need anything incredible. It is enough only to have a positive attitude and desire to engage in, as well as:

  • Swimsuit (preferably closed, merged)
  • Rubber hat (you can almost always rent it in the pool, but it's better to have a personal one)
  • Rubber flip-flops, which do not terribly wet.

How to build aqua aerobics classes

Aqua aerobics for weight loss, like any kindphysical activity, begins with a warm-up. After you have warmed up, the basic complex of exercises begins which include loads on all muscle groups. Thanks to such an integrated approach, all problem areas are worked out. Due to the resistance and the need to balance in the water during exercise, absolutely all muscles of your body are involved. This effect in the gym is almost impossible to achieve. Among the exercises there are those for which special equipment is needed. These can be exercises with aqua-discusers, disks, sticks, etc. For those who are engaged for a long time, weighting agents like classical weighting agents in gyms are provided. All the exercises that need to be performed are shown by the coach. You just have to repeat them, trying not to mess around and deal with diligently. It's only for you. If you are engaged in good faith and follow the moderation of food, you can lose about 5 -7 kg with pleasure. So aqua aerobics as a means of losing weight is ideal. The main thing is not to be lazy: a swimsuit in the hands and forward, sculpt your figure, because summer is just around the corner! We advise you to read: