exercises for burning fat on the stomach All children dream of a personal magic wand. And if there is none, then about a personal genie, who will catch every word of yours and fulfill all desires. But the years go by, dreams do not come true. Either the gins today are in short supply, or the magic wands are damp and do not work. As a result, children grow up and become pragmatic adults. They no longer believe in love, are wary of friends, but ... still dream of a personal wizard. Of course, the wishes of the former kids are already more modest, and the number is sharply decreasing (whether adults look at the world more realistically, or are tired of waiting and already agree to only three attempts), but the fact remains that we all secretly believe in miracles. Women dream of becoming slim and with impunity eat cakes instead of doing exercises to burn the fat accumulated on the stomach. And none of them even knows that the most powerful wizard looks at them from the mirror all his life and waits for a person to cease to float in the clouds and begin to embody what was conceived into life. After all, daily exercise is the unique opportunity to burn excess fat on your stomach. So let's learn to see the beautiful in the life that surrounds us, and at the same time and consider the most effective exercises that will help us lose weight. As a rule, the biggest problem for all women is fat on the stomach. Today we will fight with him. correct exercises for burning fat on the stomach

Exercises for a flat stomach

First, let's define what training -it's not exhausting exercises until the total loss of consciousness that you see in nightmares. We will learn from you how to burn belly fat, which brings not only a flat stomach and a thin waist, but also a good mood for the rest of the day. Just do not forget to throw out all the chocolates, cakes and other dangerous for the figure products from the refrigerator. You can feed your entire strategic supply to your husband. And while he stuffs his stomach with your favorite candies "Mishka in the North", we will learn the simplest exercises for burning fat:

  • Jogging in the morning. You will not believe, but the usual morning run (along with a contrast shower after it) can not only burn excess fat on your stomach, but also save you from the habit of eating a lot. The fact is that many women do not eat because they are hungry, but because there are very few bright moments in their lives. The grayness of being is eaten up by chocolate and temporarily comes relief. And then a bad habit is postponed not only in the brain, but also on the stomach - as a new layer of fat. Do you want it? We are sure that no. Therefore, make an alarm clock, and forward, to new sensations.
  • Those who slept through the morning run, we give the secondchance. Wash, dress and go for a walk. In order to make ordinary wandering along the street an exciting exercise, buy a pedometer. With his help, arrange with yourself competitions, and every day you pass more than the day before. If there is no time for walks, try to walk to work. Do everything in order to move more, and then forget not only about the thick layer of fat on the stomach, but also about small diseases caused by the immobile way of life.
  • Parents, bringing up young children,fit exercises on roller skates and skates. You surely drive your child in a roller and ice rink. So why not join the child and not make him a company? Especially since the hour spent on rollers will relieve fat on the abdomen and bring you closer to the baby.
  • The bike also does real miracles. Only for a two-wheeled coach to help you become slimmer, you must not only roll out a bicycle from the closet, but also decide to ride it. And then everything works by the method of arithmetic progression. The more you skate, the less fat on your stomach. That's great, is not it?
  • If you have no time to run, and rollerbladingand bikes you still awkward, sign up for the dance. Any of them - oriental, latin, sports - will do. The main thing is that you like them and you go to classes with pleasure.
  • Our next exercises will be held in the pool. We are talking about swimming - a kind of sport that strengthens the immune system, makes the muscles elastic, and the amount of fat on the stomach reduces to nothing.
  • What weight loss without rope! Remember how much time in childhood we spent jumping through a bright rope and how slender they were at the same time! Do not justify yourself and say that children have better metabolism or less disease. In this you, of course, are right. However, slender kids only from the fact that they constantly move. So why do not we jump over the rope for the treasured reduction in kilograms?
  • If you noticed, we brought in the article only thosetraining, which can easily be performed by any woman without exception. In addition, many exercises may well become not only the cause of weight loss, but also a favorite hobby. It does not matter which item of the article you choose. The main thing is that you will begin to change your life, and this is the beginning of magic! We advise you to read: