beautiful exercise hands Very soon there will come warm and sunny days. So it's time to try on sarafans and open T-shirts. It is not at all a fact that you will like your own reflection in the mirror. Forms of hands clearly leave much to be desired? Well, do not despair and change the wardrobe! We must take care of ourselves. And, it is necessary to do this long before the onset of heat. After all, hiding your hands in long sleeves is unlikely to be convenient and comfortable. It is better to make efforts and calmly stroll along the streets of the resort town with infinitely deep decollete and thin shoulder straps. The simple charging in the mornings here will not help. The fact is that exercises for beautiful hands should be done only if certain rules are observed. After all, it is not enough to tighten the skin, muscles and form round (but not complete) forms. We must not allow pumping - you must agree, a clear relief of the muscles on the hands does not look as attractive as feminine and graceful forms. So, zeal for beauty is fine, but everything should be harmonious.

Technology of training

There are two types of training for the hands - withweighting and without. You need to do simple exercises first, without any weighting, and then increase the load. Let's get acquainted with the necessary training algorithm:

  • First warm-up: do swings with your hands, circular motions and just stretches;
  • We remember school programs on physical education and start charging;
  • Push ups. A very effective exercise, perhaps, is the most powerful of all! Push-ups can be done from a sofa, a chair, a bench and from the floor. It all depends on your preparation;
  • Push-ups sitting. Back to the chair we squat down. His hands rest on the chair behind his back. Begin to do sit-ups, for lifting use hands. It is necessary to make sure that only the upper limbs are strained, you can not help your feet! After that you can relax a little. Just walk around the room or dance. Just do not sit down or go to bed - the muscles should stay toned. Literally ten minutes we rest and we take in hands dumbbells ...
  • Standing, we press hands to the chest. In the hands should be dumbbells, bend at the elbows and on exhalation raise them up, on the breath come back;
  • Now we put our feet wider than shoulders, we raise our arms to the sides. We begin to slowly move our hands forward. Hold for 3-5 seconds and retract;
  • Focusing on the previous task, raise your hands up. By the same scheme, we hold our breath and return to the starting position. Yes, dumbbells remain in their hands;
  • Now we tilt the body forward and press hands with dumbbells to the chest. On the exhale we carry them so that the line of arms runs parallel to the floor. On the breath - we press to the chest;
  • Sitting on a chair and spreading his hands with dumbbells in the sides, slowly bend them in the elbows. Due to heavier weights, this exercise becomes irreplaceable for the biceps;
  • Ideally, do 15-20 times each exercise. But you can start with just three times. The main thing is to start training at all - everything will turn out all the same!

That's all. These simple exercises will give a tangible result. You yourself will notice how muscles were tightened, the skin became elastic, and from the flabby folds there was no trace. The maximum training time should be at least six months, but within a month you will feel and see the first results. In the hands there will be pleasant tension, they will cease to hurt after heavy bags, physical work. There is one limitation. You can not use pull-ups on the crossbar to improve the shape of the hands. The fact is that such forceful influence can play a cruel joke with you. Very quickly the rear muscles are pumped, and the arms will look simply ugly. exercises for beautiful hands

Additional procedures

Do not focus solely ontraining. Use more loyal methods. For example, massage with anti-cellulite cream. Many women can see not only sagging skin, but also obvious manifestations of the existing cellulite - scars, whitish stretch marks, orange crust. The massage should be performed by a specialist, so contact the doctor first, and then go to the massage parlor. This is not only a pleasant procedure, but also very useful. You can use a sauna to achieve a certain goal. Yes, it's a smart opportunity to steam out the skin, give vent to toxins and toxins, carry out the peeling procedure or treat the body with scrubs. In general, a complete pleasure! And if you take advantage of the amazing properties of honey and massage using this gift of nature, then you will not only strengthen the muscles, but also return the skin to its former elasticity, velvety. If possible, buy a subscription to the sports complex. Firstly, you will undergo training under the supervision of the trainer; secondly, perhaps you need to pull up other parts of the body, and thirdly, it is much more pleasant to work with friends or colleagues than doing it alone. Another point - in sports complexes usually operates and a swimming pool, and a sauna, and a gym, and massage rooms. And getting a full range of services will be very useful not only for hands, but for the whole figure and the overall state. So, buying a subscription can be a very good investment. In return, you get a lot of pleasures and flawless forms - is not that enough? It is very good to play sports games where the hands are involved - volleyball, basketball. You can attract your friends to these entertainments, and then the boring gymnastics turn into a magnificent rest! the right exercises for beautiful hands

What not to do

If you just want to adjust the form a bithands, then do not dive headily into weight training. Dumbbells, bars and any weighting are unacceptable! Remember, you are a woman and should look elegant! Ugly looking bulging muscles, inflated shoulders, relief forms. Rather, it is the prerogative of men. Although ... to decide, of course, everything should be individually. If you have any diseases related to metabolic disorders, a malfunction in the hormonal system, you should first consult with your doctor. Chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system, pustular skin diseases, tumors and acute inflammatory processes - this is also a risk zone. Never take diet pills - they can cause irreparable harm to health. Remember, only at the cost of effort and constraint you can achieve the desired result. The fact that beauty requires sacrifice is not just a beautiful saying, but a reality, and you will see for yourself. Yes, it will be difficult and hard, but then you can not do without training, without a pool or sauna. And the body will respond with beauty and impeccability. Are you not worthy of it? We advise you to read: