best exercises for the press Women who are absolutely satisfied with their appearance, do notso much. Some are upset because of insufficiently slender legs or thighs, others - because of too plump hands or loose stomach. The negative emotions experienced by such women, looking at themselves in the mirror, can turn into something more serious: the constant discontent with the way they look, gradually kills their love for themselves. It is within easy reach of various psychological problems: inadequate reaction to criticism, refusal to communicate with other people and even depression. To prevent this from happening, it is important to remember one simple truth: everything is in our hands. Doing sports work wonders. And it is not necessary to buy season tickets to expensive gyms or to exhaust yourself with long trainings. You can study at home for half an hour a day. The main thing is to choose a good set of exercises. So, let's start with the belly, because most of the girls and women are dissatisfied with this part of their body. In this article we will describe the best exercises for the press. best press exercises

Flat tummy? It's real!

According to experts, the most effective wayreturn elasticity to the muscles of the abdominal press - this is to perform twisting (conventional, diagonal and reverse). According to recent studies conducted by an American university, such exercises can be much more effective than some simulators. They involve a whole complex of muscles and form a more taut tummy. At home, twisting exercises are performed lying on the floor 20 or 30 times. Exercises on twisting

  • Exercise for conventional twistingexercise you need to bend your legs in your lap. Hands raise to the head so that the tips of your fingers touch the temples, and spread your elbows to the sides (it is not recommended to lock the arms behind the head: when you do the exercise, they will pull your head forward). Raise yourself, so that only your shoulder blades come off the floor (keep the part of your back below the shoulder blades pressed against the floor). It is important to rise slowly, not by jerking, using the power of the press. Keep the distance between your chest and chin the size of your fist. Do not strain or stretch the neck, focus in front of you. Then just as slowly go down. A very good load on the muscles of the press gives the following version of this exercise: when you return to the starting position, you freeze in five to ten centimeters from the floor, and a new repetition of the exercise begins from this position.
  • Exercise for conventional twisting - the secondVariant Before the beginning of exercise it is necessary to bend legs in knees. Smoothly and slowly lift the hips and just lower them back. A good result can be obtained only if you carefully monitor the amplitude - it should be small, and your movements are leisurely. It is important not to tear off the shoulder blades from the floor and do not use the leg muscles: only the muscles of the press work. Remember that the way you lower your hips is just as important as the way you raise them - slowly, without jerking.
  • Diagonal twisting Bend your knees. Knee the right leg to the side so that the ankle lies on the knee left. Left arm and bend over the head. The right hand should be thrown perpendicularly to the trunk. Drag the elbow of the bent arm to that knee that is set aside (the left elbow is the right knee). Do not lower your chin. Lock the position at the highest point and gently drop to the floor. Do the exercise 20-30 times, then change your leg and arm. Do the same number of repetitions in the opposite direction (right elbow - left knee).
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